A Reinterpretation of Uncommon Items

posted by on 23rd March 2009, at 8:40pm

When was the last time you actually used an uncommon item? Well, I guess that is a fairly obvious answer to that. However, over the years, I have collected a few items that were uncommon and find that they need a second chance. I don’t plan to do anything like a rock from the rock elementals as they really have no use. These are actually prizes or useful.

Fixed Device
To start off, is the fixed device, also known as a bazooka. This item was actually only used in a small step in Mourning’s End Part I. After its early releases, it was used as a ‘fun toy’ like the toy horsey and the spinning plate.

But enough with the history. So what is this uncommon item used for? Well, it may be useful for fan sites. In fact, I used this for an interface screenshot some time ago on a RuneScape fansite I made. What you can do is get on a second floor building (if you do not want any screenshot with people in it) and when you close the interface, it will actually have a zoomed version of some scenery for a split second. During this time, anybody can use the Print Screen button and have a decent zoomed-in picture like the one below.


So what kind of people would actually use this if they weren’t part of a fan site? Well maybe you want a nice close-up picture your friend can send you of you doing your skill cape.

Next is about one of the coolest toys I have collected in RuneScape. For me, I picked the staff over the tiara as I am a guy. (No offense to any guys that have tiaras)
This came out  when The Great Orb Project mini-game was released. When all of the talismans are merged together, it makes a funky looking combo-talisman. The only problem with this is that you need the talismans to merge them into the omni-talisman. In which case, most people I know have tiaras.

While most people use the abyss or other forms of transportation, some people like me use the actual way of getting to the altar. So while I am doing it, I have a nice looking staff, and it saves bank space from all of those tiaras/talismans people keep in their bank. (Except if you need combined runes for a quest.)

Maggie’s Broom
I can’t have forgotten the legend of Maggie and the Halloween of 2008. While this is just a holiday item, it is more than a playful artifact to go into your costume room. If you have finished Swept Away, you can talk to the Sorceress’s apprentice just north east of Shantay Pass to get a teleport to the mini-game, Sorceress’s Garden.
So again we ask: What is so special about this item? If you are headed off to the fire rune or dueling aisle, this item is not for you. Many years before I received the broomstick, I always used a Ring of Dueling to go back to whatever desert quest. Now, I use the broomstick that has infinitely many charges so I can get there faster, and I don’t have to buy several rings.
On the other hand, if you have any level above 33 magic, you are allowed to go to a witch like Ali the Hag(level 33), the Old Crone(level 53), and Baba Yaga(level 73) for a small magic experience bonus. If you don’t have any level close to these, there is no real point in having a goal just to get the bounuses.

Early-Released Tradable Quest Items
Now, I am going to change things around a bit. The past 3 items may have been useful. Now The next two will be about not-so-useful. Starting with the tradable quest items. Most things like those one bats from the Al Kharid quest are junk now, but quest items that have come out recently are really useful for merchants. For example, if a new pirate costume came out today, I could sell them for quite a bit of money; at least five times more than what they cost me to buy them.
One time, I had a gilded maul from the Burgh de Rott quest that I traded for a dragon scimitar. Now those mauls were only 3k a piece! So when a quest comes out that has a tradable item unknown to people, I recommend doing it quick to get some extra money. Of course, you can’t get a deal like I did with the scimitar due the trade limit, but it is still a fair bit amount of money if you have the quest points to do it.

Chompy Hats

Lastly is the chompy hats of the southern tribe ogres. If you have forgotten since this quest, chompy hats are a prize award for how many chompy birds you can kill. Keep in mind the top one is the coolest, and the most kills required.
Contrary to the previous section, this one has no actual usefulness. However, some people may want to show-off their prizes by wearing them. Like many wear the skill capes, nobody has worn these chompy hats. I think they deserve to be rewarded because the hats take a fair bit of time retrieving; just like the skill capes. And so nobody is left out, everybody can have a chompy hat from 1-4,000 kills.

To sum up, just because items are uncommon, doesn’t mean that it isn’t useful. I am sure I haven’t covered even the surface of uncommon items. Some may be merchanting items, some may be transportational uses, but all in all they aren’t junk. If you don’t believe me in that these are useful, I dare you to get the best chompy hat there is.

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  • Kenny Says:
    24th March 2009, at 10:08am

    Nice article. It’s always nice to read the general articles about Runescape for a little update on what’s going on.

  • Jasonmrc Says:
    26th March 2009, at 2:42pm

    Chompy Crowns! I’m glad to see them mentioned. Whenever I’m not in combat I almost always wear my five feather one.

    Good Article, Kirby, I love the picture with the Fixed Device. That could be very useful for a number of images…*ponders*

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