The Day in the Life of a Farmer

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“Congratulations on achieving 99 Farming”, I think as I run from the Falador teleport spot to the Falador tree patch where the great farmers Shane and Chief  Snake both got level 99 farming at. The cheering, the congratulations from many people to those two great farmers inspired me to get 99 Farming. So, as I run to the Grand Exchange to buy more seeds, I look around a see a fair amount of people with Farming capes, trimmed and untrimmed. They have gone the long distance, kept the dream in their mind, and from that dream they have gotten the best cape with the best color in the game, the Farming cape! So now I will help you get closer to that dream that I know you have always had of getting the Farming Cape!

The Wood Trees

I usually start my day with this run.

Tree Inventory Picture
(Those are Willow Saplings)

Your inventory should have five sapling of whatever kind of tree you want, the payment for each sapling, a spade, and teleports to Falador, Lumbridge, your Player-Owned-House (if it is located in Taverly), and Varrock. You also need 1 000 coins (1 120 if you are going to do the Fruit tree run after the tree run), an axe to chop down the tree in case you have a glitched up tree that the farmer won’t cut down for you, and Spirit terrorbird pouch and scrolls. Now, depending on the type of tree you can plant, you can normally get in around three runs a day. One can be around when you wake up, try to do it before school, one after you get back from school and one around the time you go to bed. When doing the run I try to start at the Tree Gnome Stronghold patch. I check the health of the tree then ask Prissy Scilla to chop it down. Unless there is a bug she will chop it down for 200gp. After she cuts it down, plant your sapling in the tree patch then go back to Prissy and have her look after your tree so it won’t get diseased. Once you have finished talking to her, you can summon your Spirit terrorbird to make your run stay up so you don’t walk at any point. I’m going to show you a run if you house were in Taverly so run teleport to Falador. Run to the park and check the health of your tree then talk to Heskel to cut down your tree, plant your tree then asking her to look after it. Teleport to Lumbridge and run around to the back of the castle and follow the steps from the last two trees. Do the same things for the Taverly patch next and the Varrock patch last but, after you have done the Varrock patch, you are all done so run to the spirit tree for the Fruit trees.

The Fruit Trees

Fruit trees give you the most experience out of all the runs you do. It is worth planting them unless you don’t want to spend the money it takes to buy the seeds. Now, while the fruit isn’t worth it, it can still be used for other payments and for supercomposts which you can use to get some money back.

Fruit Tree Inventory Picture

(There are five Pineapple Saplings and one Calquat Sapling)

Your inventory should be set up like this. Start off with whatever sapling you are going to use. If you are going to add in a calquat tree into the run then add a Calquat sapling and eight noted poison ivy berries for the payment, a spade, teleports to Camelot and a teleport crystal to Lletya. 120gp, a ring of charos (a) (this will lower the cost of the charter), an axe, and spirit terrorbird scrolls and pouch. Start off at the tree gnome stronghold patch. Check the health of whatever tree you have there, pick off all the fruit so you can cut it down. Dig up the patch and plant your sapling. Talk to Bolongo and have him look after your sapling, after you are done that then run over to the spirit tree and whisk yourself over to the Tree Gnome Village and run to the gap in the gate and squeeze through it, follow Elkoy through the maze and run south till you see the fruit tree patch. Follow the steps from the last tree but talk to Gelith and she will look after your sapling for the payment needed. Now that you are done there, teleport to Camelot and run down to the bank and bank there. Run over to the patch beside the White Wolf Mountain and follow the steps from the last two patches. Now run over to the charter boat and charter a ride to Brimhaven. Run down to the patch and follow the steps from the last three patches for the patch here and in Lletya. If you have the farming level for planting a calquat tree, run south to the patch and check health, pick fruit, dig up the patch and replant with a new Calquat tree, these trees are normally done with the fruit trees seeing you will be down in the area and they take quite a long time to grow. After you are done at the calquat tree or fruit tree patch, use the teleport crystal and go to Lletya and check the last tree. Now you are done the Fruit tree run.

The Herbs

The Herbs are the money maker. With certain herbs you can make upwards of seven million gp per month!

Herb Inventory Picture

(Those are Kwuarm seeds and Marigold seeds)

For your inventory you need five herb seeds (unless you can’t get to trollhiem then four), four flower seeds, a spade and seed dibber, three supercomposts to start off with, spirit terrorbird scrolls and pouch, and teleports to Trollhiem (if you can get there) and Camelot. You also need the Explorer Ring 3 and Ectophial to get to the other patches. Teleport to Trollheim and run down the mountain till you enter the area with the trolls, run up the hill to the stronghold and enter, run to the troll general area and go up the ladder. Now run north till you see the herb patch and pick the herbs, supercompost the patch, replant a new seed then teleport to Camelot. Once you get to Camelot, go directly east to the Catherby patch. For the flower patch, pluck the flower, supercompost the patch, plant a new seed then move over to the herb patch, pluck the herb, supercompost the patch, and plant a new seed. Now, run down south and bank, take out six supercomposts this time. Now, run towards the temple of Ikov, the patch is directly south of it. Once you get to the patch, follow the steps from the other patches. Now use your ectophial to get to north of Port Phasmatys. Fill up your ectophial vial then run west to the next patch. Follow the steps for this patch then use your Explorer ring 3 to get to the last patch. Follow the steps with this patch and then you are done with the herbs. Run down to draynor bank and then you’re done the bushes.

The Bushes
This is a really simple run. All you need is the four bush seeds, spade and seed dibber, Explorer Ring 3, Lunar/Damen Staff, and one teleport to Ardounge and two to Varrock. If you can’t plant Poison Ivy then you need the payments for the seeds you are using.

Bush Inventory Picture

(Those are Poison Ivy Seeds)

Start off this run by teleporting to Ardounge then running south towards the monastery directly south. Check the health, pick the berries, dig up the patch, plant a new seed, and pay the farmer (if you need them to look after your bush). Now run east to the fairy ring that will allow you to get to the Etceterian. Input C-I-P into the fairy ring and you are now at Miscellania. Run over to Etceterian and you will see the bush patch south of the bridge. Once you have checked the health, picked the berries, planted a new seed then paid the farmer, use your Explorer Ring 3 to get to the cabbage patch then run towards Rimmington. Follow the steps from the other two patches and then teleport to Varrock and run south towards the Champion’s guild. Follow the steps for this patch then teleport back to Varrock. There, you are all done.

Now, use this knowledge to get 99 Farming. It is a long run but you can make a lot of money from it. Even though it costs a lot to get 99, you will easily make the money back. I know that if follow this guide, then you too can join Shane and Chiefy in having one of the best capes there is in Runescape, the Farming Cape!

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