Alex’s Analysis – While Guthix Sleeps

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Movario licked his dry, cracked lips, not taking his eyes off the ancient book in front of him. His hand, acting almost like a separate entity, scratched spidery notes onto parchment. He knew who V was, but the references to the stone intrigued him. Fragmentary thoughts were gathering, forming up together into something important – but something was missing, some key detail. With trembling fingers he turned the yellowed page.

“The stone was clearly not of this world…”

A triumphant scratch of Movario’s quill tore through the parchment. That was it! After all this time his research was finally bearing fruit!

The antiquated surroundings of the temple afforded little warmth, and the only luxury was the lone, guttering candle by which he read. The chill still reached inside, but it did not register for Movario as his unyielding research ground on through the days.

Mod Tytn
Lead Developer – RuneScape


Where to start While Guthix Sleeps
Speak to Radimus Erkle at the Legends’ Guild

Requirements to start While Guthix Sleeps

Level 23 Summoning
Level 55 Hunter
Level 60 Thieving
Level 65 Defence
Level 65 Farming
Level 65 Herblore
Level 75 Magic

Defender of Varrock
Dream Mentor
Hand in the Sand
King’s Ransom
Legends’ Quest
Mourning’s Ends Part II (The Temple of Light)
Path of Glouphrie
Recipe for Disaster
Summer’s End
Swan Song
Tears of Guthix
Zogre Flesh Eaters
(And all their quest requirements …)

Be eligible for entry to the Warriors’ Guild
Have defeated Bork in the Chaos Tunnels
270 Quest Points (yes, that’s all of the points currently available!)
And no, I don’t know why Jagex listed all those quests to be done regardless …

In other news…

The Quick Chat menu wasn’t showing some of the minigames available to play when trying to organize a group. This issue has been resolved.

You will now find that entering the chaos portal in the Dagon’Hai caves works with an omni-talisman. The omni-staff and -tiara were fine, but this one was missed and has now been added accordingly.

The abyssal parasite familiar will now prevent your Prayer from being drained when teleporting into the abyss, exactly as it’s supposed to.

Free players who had started the recent Hallowe’en quest, Swept Away, but managed to misplace their broom couldn’t chat to Maggie to get another. Rest assured, Wendy is now ready to send you to Maggie who will replace your broom should you lose it again.


The word “awesome” is clearly an understatement for this project that Jagex has been working on for so long. Not only is the quest long and hardly ever boring, with specially-done tasks to have you running about, new little useful aspects like being able to catch Broavs and super-charge your snapdragon seeds (woo), new characters to meet, new faces to familiarize yourself with, and most importantly of all – new enemies to fight!

You’ve got the elite Khazard guards – adequate drops for enemies of their caliber. You’ve got the elite black knights and their allies – dark knights, rangers, and mages, all of whom know how to prayer for a minute and require constant switching between attack styles to conquer – very good drops like coins by the thousands and, rarely if you haven’t gotten it already, pieces of the elite black knights and dagon’hai robes. There are the undead trolls that require you to be wearing dagon’hai robes just to get to without being decimated – I haven’t tried fighting them yet, but no doubt the salve amulet will make this a worthwhile training target. Lastly, and certainly not least, you’ve got the Tormented Demons – Lucien’s own “elites”, that look tougher then they really are – they drop the pieces to the fabled (OMG I CANT BELIEV I SAYIN DIS!) DRAGON PLATE MAIL BODY!!!!!

To all you master smiths out there (Southrend), here’s a bit of advice: You can’t get an assist for making dragon plates – you MUST be level 99 yourself to make it. I recommend you do the quest up to the point you get the two key-pieces, get yourself a dragon plate, and then you can profit yourself by trading the plate itself for the three shards (and money for the hammer) and building it for yourself at the dragon forge (information of that later).

This quest is deserving of the title “grand-master”, because it involves several incredibly challenging puzzles that even I needed to collaborate a little bit to get through (I am squandering free-time nowadays, and had to get it done for this article), no end of deadliness (you try killing 3 elite black knights in a sea of praying mages and rangers in adamantite and a spear!), and a great many shocking revelations and losses (Some of your every-day themed NPC favorites die in this quest. They DIE!). And, of course, once it’s over, it’s far from over – a regular Jagex theme of never wanting to say “and that was it”. There will be another part – maybe in the next few years, but there will be!

Oh, and to those who hate spoilers, there are the rewards. Skip ahead if you don’t want anything revealed. Your reward is 100 000 experience each in 4 level 65 skills (breaking a Runescape record by at least 4 times and giving you almost a guaranteed level [or 5]). You also get one piece to the dragon plate which sells easily for at least 10 million coins (10 million coins reward for getting the quest-cape – NOW it’s useful …). 5 more quest points means extra time in the Tears of Guthix. And, of course, you’ll get 5000 coins payment directly (CHEAP!).

Awesome quest. Never gets boring. If fighting’s not your style, at least do the quest to check out the impressive artwork and architecture that Jagex poured several months work into doing. There’s fighting, then puzzling, then running around, then fighting, then puzzling, and so on and so on – never a dull moment!

Easily a 5 out of 5! Jagex, you’ve finally achieved the impossible!


For such an amazingly epic, high-tensed, humanely difficult quest, it felt like a crime to write a guide. A huge crime. Gosh darn it, I really REALLY hope nobody read this, and tries the quest on their own in their own time. It’s FUN! It’s SO MUCH FUN! It’s tough, yes, and almost impossible for those without patience, but gosh darn it, it’s still fun! And that’s what a game is all about, isn’t it?

All right, all right, even if you DID get your 270 quest points with an ounce of effort, now is the time to put your own analysis skills to the test. I really … REALLY don’t want you to have to guide your way through this quest. So I’m going to make this guide as difficult to figure out as the quest is.

… are you calling me lazy? Too lazy to make a proper guide? Look who’s reading this! Look who can’t do a quest without a guide! If I can do any and all quests without a guide and write a guide while doing so, so can you. So do it! Last chance! Close all browser windows, open Runescape, and do that quest with naught else but some epic music and a package of salted crackers.

… still here? … thank you for your patience, I just had to get that out of my system. The guide system is horrible, but I still contribute to it nevertheless. I hate myself for what I’m about to do …

OK, OK. To start this quest, you need to talk to Radimus, the head of the Legends Guild. What better guy to talk to in order to start Jagex’s current Grand Master of all Quests to come?

Ask for a quest. He’ll give you one. The druids are organizing a bit of a pilgrimage to the Karamjan Jungles to set up a new site to worship Guthix. Since it’s in the jungle, what better place for a nature-loving altar to be set up? Sounds like fun. To actually begin the quest, you need to talk to Ivy in Taverly and relay a message to her. No need to remember it, you don’t really have to discern it from any other choices as you speak to her aside from one that sounds so much more ridiculous.

Go to Taverly by whatever means necessary (teleport to your Taverly house?) and chat with Ivy, who will be found nearby the Crystal Chest. Relay the message, and head upstairs to meet your “contact”.

Turns out there was no intent for a pilgrimage after all. Meet your new best friend, Thaerisk.

After a long, informative conversation (with a side order of fight), you will be ordered to seek out a guy named Movario (Pokemon reference, anyone? … nah, must’ve dreamt it). Anybody with a MOV in their name HAS to be somebody bad, right? (Is slapped by MOTV).

Your only lead as to his whereabouts is Reldo, who sees him come in every so often. Visit the Varrock library for an uninteresting, but informative result.

You will learn three things. Movario likes puzzles and traps. Sounds to me there will be a little of the gray matter involved in this quest. Movario also lives near the Khazardian area. Although it is a comparatively small community, bursting through every citizens door with (in my case) spear drawn shouting the name out most likely will have more consequence than result. Also, we don’t even know if he still lives there.

The third thing you learn is of a tracking creature with such an inept sense of smell that it can locate literally anything and anyone anywhere. Unfortunately, only an expert of the jungle will have heard of and know how to catch such a creature. Hmm …

Grab your Lunar staff (I know you have one; you can’t start this quest without having all the others done), jump into the fairy ring, and head to AKR. Travel south and have a chat with Kelsey and Connor’s favorite NPC: the hunting expert!

… … says you.

You’ll learn of some odd little creature called a Broav. It’s a type of boar that can be trained by … none other than her to track people. There’s this small pitfall trap to the far west (just go straight west and look for a single-tiled hole), nearby the coastline. You’ll need a hatchet and knife to construct it (a quick trip to Oo’glog bank will most likely supply you with these), as well as a Mort Myre Fungi as bait (the expert will turn one over for you). Of course, one more creature for you guys to train the annoyingly boring skill on.

Do what needs to be done, and just wait. Automatically, you’ll suddenly see this fat boar-like creature (they did promise boars in the near future) walk over, fall in, and go out cold. Dismantle the trap, obtaining said unconscious boar, and hand it over to the Hunting Expert.

Viola. A new pet. Yay you.

The expert will explain that, in order to track someone, it will need to get a good whiff of the person’s scent. The only way you’ll be able to get that is by something of Movario’s. We know he originates in the Khazardian area, so perhaps one of the friendly locals can return a favor or two.

A word of warning. The Broav only eats Mort Myre Fungi. I suggest stocking up on a few in case it gets hungry, because … it’s a pig. It will …

Talk to pretty well anybody. The locals, the guards, even the bartender. All of them will only know one this: he gets his laundry done at the north-eastern laundromat. A chat with the launderer will turn up fruitless, since he values confidentiality in these tough times.

Secrets can not escape the power of the Ring of Charos. Have a chat with him once again to receive some dirty clothes. This’ll do for your new little pet. Use them on the Broav, and watch him go.

If it stops and starts spinning around, it’s forgotten the scent. Use the shirt on it again to proceed.

Eventually, it will lead you inside this building in the Khazard battlefield, and bring you to this table. Search it once it squeals, and enter.

Rampage through the guards and down these stairs to a teleport-less area. Search the door you see to find this message.

A riddle. The door needs some sort of key to open. Don’t those symbols look familiar, though?

Yes, that’s right. They look like representations of the 5 basic runes: air, earth, fire, water, and mind. Insert one of them on the door, pick the lock, and enter.

Welcome to the Puzzle Room! Like the Temple Knights quest, you have to find a way to open said electrically static door. How? Well, try it yourself for a while.

Give up? This is how I did it. Very simply …

– Search the painting a couple of times to move it aside.

– Check the drawers for some notes.

– Check the thermometer. It will be identical to what you weigh in kilograms once you set foot inside.

– The notes will say that if you hold nothing except for 17 coal (including armor), you will weigh 38 tickits. Runite platebodies are 9, mithril crossbows are 5, and fire battlestaffs are 2. Of course, these are just examples, but you get the idea. In a nutshell, all you do with this is figure out that “tickits” are the same as “kilograms”.

– Look closely on the ground for the slightly illuminated wirings. Follow it to the corresponding bookcase and search it to pull a lever.

– Repeat this process, activating the middle bookcases to redivert the current, and then activating the side-bookcases to dispel it.

– The gate’s current will shut off and become openable, but your entrance will seal up! You’re trapped!

Only one way to go now. Time to climb those stairs-

AACK! Spears! How humiliating! This trap needs disarming, but how do we do it? … search the stairs. There’s a mechanism on it. Apparently, if you endure a little bit of pain, they’re disarmed after one activation. No worries. One way or the other, head upstairs.

Room number 2. Don’t worry about stepping on any of those circular floor tiles, just stay away from that treasure (yes, that IS a dragon sword)! Trust me when I say it’s fake, because it is (50 damage if you try to take it). Find the waste paper basket, grab it, and search it for a key. Search the desk itself for some notes.

See that door to the side? If you try opening it 3 times until the counter hits 0, you will leave the area. The traps won’t reset, but you’ll be stripped of keys and notes, gassed, beaten, and tossed in a cell. At least you can teleport out of there again, though.

Search the bookcase, and use the key on it. Some stairs will appear. Climb up.

Room number 3. Beware of pain. Search the bed to find a chest. Use the key on the chest, but DON’T OPEN IT YET! Instead, search it and disarm the obvious trap. You will get more notes and 2 key halves.

There’s nothing left here. Return to the second room.

Put the number of weights onto the statue equal to what the thermometer says. Now, search that strange machine next to the stairs. A cavern will appear. Enter it.

Room number 4. Wow, jackpot! Runes, coal, and magic logs galore! Go ahead and help yourself to the fires and deaths. May as well keep them, since the furnace there can’t be fixed. How many trips, though, are you willing to make back and forth between the areas to collect it all? No matter, it doesn’t matter if you leave them or not. Come back after the quest and help yourself to the free goods.

Now, I spent 2 hours there, trying all sorts of things. Apparently, you can’t do anything else, so just get out of there and report back. Unfortunately, you can’t do that either due to a gas attack trap. But no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get out any other way …

Check your weight. Make sure it precisely matches the thermometer. If you’re too heavy and can’t lose anything afford to, add the difference from your weight to the thermometer to the statue. For example, if I weigh 50kg now and I came in here at 34kg, I need to add 16 kg to the statue. You’ll know it works when the dial doesn’t go down and the door opens automatically.

You’re out! Teleport outta there and head to Taverly. Chat with Thaerisk again, and get your next assignment: have a chat with the Guardians of Armadyl. Head to McGrubbor’s wood’s house.

It’s an ambush! Protect the Guardians of Armadyl! After the fight, chat with the wounded guardian for a bit of a riddle. Head to the front of the wood, where the gate is, and talk with the forester. Foresters Arms inn, doh. Then head inside the Seers Village bar and head upstairs to find your contact.

Devise a plan of attack now. You know Lucien’s in the north, but there’s nowhere to go from there. Everybody’s going to meet up in Falador – you will chat with Sir Tiffy Cashien in the part, and afterwards everyone meets in the White Knight Castle for further debriefing. Your mission now, however, is to capture a spy in Draynor Village. Start by talking to Sir Tiffy. He’ll tell you to meet in the White Knight Castle. It won’t be too hard to find, everyone’s already there.

Have a meeting. Afterwards, you’ll receive a special type of Comorb and a free teleport to Draynor. Once inside, find a guy, preferably one in white robes, and plant the orb on him. Return to Falador and the White Knight Castle to begin the “interrogation”.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the … easy parts …

From there on, it only gets harder. This will be your base of operations from now on.

Bah, the spy didn’t want the potion. It’s gone now, so there will need to be a new potion made.

You’ll need a snapdragon seed to make the potion. You can buy one from Akrisae, but it’ll cost you the low-price of the GE. No worries, what’s another 30 000 coins, more or less? Once you have it, let him teleport you, and talk to Betty.

You need to use the rose-tinted lens once again on the seed. Get yourself a bullseye lens, buy some pink dye, apply, and viola. Get a truth serum form Betty and add the seed.

Hmm. If this works with all snapdragon seeds, this would be an interesting addition to farming and herblore. You should do this with all the snapdragon seeds you get for extra herbs …

Once you have the enriched seed and serum, return to Falador Castle.

Now you just need to plant it. There’s a special patch on the top of the main stairs area on the castle. Bring your seed dibber, and don’t worry about compost.

… I know, this is also an easy part. Wait for it …

Now you need to recruit a party of four heroes: Turael, Hazelmere, Duradel, and Mazchna! 3 slayer masters and an old gnome! Awesome! This is gonna be one epic battle! Get to these four guys by whatever means necessary. I suggest you start with Turael, as he’s close by.

A few hints. 3 of them being slayer masters, you can reqruit them by Lunar spells. Otherwise, the majority hang around nearby Fairy Rings, especially Hazelmere (CLS). Recruit, regroups, and return to Falador castle … again … for the record, the Explorers Ring 3 provides a comparatively free method to return there.

Talk to Idria again. Time to make that potion! Harvest your fantastic herb and apply it to the truth serum you got from Betty.

Talk to Idria again. Time to APPLY that potion. Threaten with your own capabilities. He’ll chug it. Must taste good …

I know what you’re thinking. “Come on! I wanna fight something!” … I’m sorry, but there’s more running around stuff … you’ll need some charcoal and papyrus to sketch up a drawing of the guy: Dark Squall. If you have Karamja Gloves 3, use them to get charcoal and papyrus from Shilo Village shop.

Talk to Idria AGAIN. Hey, guess what: more recruiting! You need to recruit three guys from the Warriors Guild, as well as your old buddy Cyrisus from Dream Mentor. The only way to contact him is to switch to the Lunar spellbook. Firs toff, while you’re nearby, chat with the doorguard, the guildmaster, and the guy with the big axe and strength cape at the Warriors Guild as well.

Now head to Lunar Isle, get those magics switched, and NPC contact. It doesn’t matter if you keep the spells to Lunar, so long as it’s not too inconvenient for you.

Woah woah woah, hey, what’s up with the slayer masters?!? They’re all … different! … never fear, they’re simply replacement masters while the ones you’ve recruited are on adventure.

Everybody’s in the castle, and it’s getting rather crowded. Thank goodness they’re all gonna be fighting WITH you, though.

Now you’re needed at, or rather, in the Black Knight fortress. Dark Squall has been spotted, and they’ve sent a scout there to check it out. He hasn’t returned yet. *Cue suspenseful music*. Grab your guard armor as well as an orb and enchantment spell runes for any element … because they’re fun to look at, and check it out.

There’s a strange tile downstairs in this secret area where you found King Arthur. It’s got an orb symbol. Use that orb enchantment spell on the trapdoor.

She’s open! Head inside. Get ready for one heck of a wild run!

The enemies use prayer! And all 3 attack forms! AND hit a lot! And where are you supposed to go?!? The bridge is out! All that’s left is a bunch of … guys to … fight.

Get yourself a ranged and melee weapon, and hang out near the stairs. Otherwise, there’s a lone elite black knight here. You’ll need to kill 3 of them to get some elite armor so you can impersonate them. Once you have all three, wear it, and all attacks will cease. Jump the broken bridge and proceed forth.

After a while, you’ll find 3 doors. Enter the middle one.

Search the place. You’ll get yourself some Dagon-Hai robes and a few extra provisions. Do NOT try the ladder, because they will attack you. Oh, and Dark Squal is right there. Spy on him. Also, search the walls for a key.

Enter the cell. Turn over some food. Turn over some restore potion. Turn over *gulp no!* the lovely set of Elite Black Knight armor. They won’t notice you are not wielding Saradomin sword.

Enter the room. Silif will hand you a teleorb and this will be your chance to interrogate Dark Squall himself. Plant the orb on him … amazingly somehow.

Oh my word, Dark Squall is Surok! And he’s got the awesome clothes-change spin technique too! The guards will attack – time to get the heck outta there!

Teleport to Falador. The plan is set. Done your dagon-hai robes, grab a death rune and law rune for later, and prepare for all heck broken loose.

Nice cold snowy area. A guard will tell you Lucien’s recruiting. You can observe from the top of the chapel, so head east, and north to climb atop the wall.

Jump onto the chapel. Walk to the front.

Watch as all heck breaks loose around you.

Lucien. With the Staff of Armadyl. Diablo 2 reference anyone? … no, seriously.

He knows you’re not Surok. Let’s see how long you will last, alone, and

The only thing that would’ve made this more epic would be if the King Black and Chaos Elemental jumped into the fray.

Of course, despite the epicness of the spells and stuff, you will NEED your character to stand as the referee and tell you what’s going on. Which, he will, don’t worry.

Nothing they do will have any effect on Lucien. Swords break, and Hazelmere’s attack spell- oh, by the way, he can suddenly speak English now. Plot device for the win? Anyways, Hazelmere’s attack spell will do nothing.

But Hazelmere’s your buddy! He saved your life already once before! Don’t die, man!

… I don’t know why he refers to this seed again. Apparently his time is up, now, and he lets the attack hit him.

And nothing remains but his hat. Go buy a boater in his memory, would you?

Everyone’s dead! And you’re next! … well, not quite, Lucien teleported away.

Wait! There! Mazchna and

Get out of the wilderness by jumping the ledge, and teleport away once you’re on it. If you don’t have a teleport … well, you’ve got a long walk ahead of you.

… and that was it. 8 mighty heroes.

Noo! Cyrisus … Duradel … everyone’s dead, and Lucien’s not even fazed! (Though I did laugh at Hazelmere’s death). All of them … your friends … heroes … Runescape idols … gone … all gone …

Talk to Idria. The next step is finding out what Movario is up to. You need to go to the cavern where Juna is with a sapphire-lens lanturn and do a little “persuading” to get Movario to assist your own “research”.

Have a chat with him, directly applying the fact that you could beat the snot out of him if you really wanted. He’ll tell you that there is sufficient evidence to believe “Saradomin’s Eye” and the “Fist of Guthix” are all the same item: The Stone of Jas! What’s below the chasm may help shed some light as to what’s going on.

Use your sapphire lantern on the light creature and head into the chasm.

Search around, under rocks and in skeletons. After checking everything out, you should now be equipped with a blessed sickle, 6 druid pouches, a spade, a hammer, a chisel, and all 4 elemental orbs. Time for another puzzle!

Climb up the wall and use the water orb on the recess in the upper skull.

Enter the center skull and insert the water cube into the door lock in the floor. Take the rest of the cubes from the skull entrances by inserting the orb.

Enter the remaining two skulls and insert their appropriate keys. Examine the locks to determine which goes where.

You should now be left with the fire cube, since there was no lock for it. INsert it into the area you got the first symbol – the skull on top. Now check out the stone cube in the direct center.

Wow. What a lovely chamber! An ancient temple of Guthix! In the center, we see Guthix’s symbol. In the front … a huuuge door with Guthix on it. Eight separate chambers with different altars with bowls exist all around, like Guthix’s tendrils, and ghostly druids wander. The east-side ones depict prayer, combat, ranged, and defense. The ones in the west depict balance, agility, strength, and energy.

So … what now? Well, you got that sickle and pouch, right? You can cast bloom on the dead vines and use those to fill the pouch. Just make sure you’ve got some prayer.

But what to do with the pouch? … ah, you see those spirits in the halls? Use the pouches on them to release them. You get … potion ingredients …

So, now what? … wait a minute. Combat? Strength? Defense? Energy? These are all types of … POTIONS! That’s it! You need to fill these bowls with the corresponding potions! Or, at least the ingredients.

For fast and easy ingredients if you have no potions, just release the druid ghosts. With all the proper ingredients for the corresponding altar, you use them on the altar. With each, you’ll receive a dolmen, which when you place on the stone table, the floor in front of you will mimic the addition. The dolmens are all alike, so order matters not.

When all eight dolmens are in place, the inevitable happens:

The door opens. Yay you.

Of course, I know you’re not going to tell Movario about any of this, are you? …

Enter the inner sanctum. The tunnel is long. Eerily long … the ambience of this ground itself should tell you that you might want to prepare for combat. You’d better.

Is that … could it really be … it? The Eye of Saradomin (it looks like one)? The Fist of Guthix (same pattern)? Doesn’t it make you just want to … touch it?

… wait a minute, what’s that? What is that thing?!?

… oh shoot …

Unless you wield a Godsword and a whole inventory of tuna potatoes, you won’t be able to kill that thing by conventional means. It will shoot 5 arrows at you to start, and then resort purely to melee and magic. You can use the many obstacles all over, including the large artifact in the middle, to keep the large creature in place. Despite its magic attacks being incredibly slow, they are powerful.

Once it is complete … I’m not going to say what happens. You’ll have to do this on your own. Trust me, though, it is so very worth it.

You will return to Falador.

You will now have completed the quest.

But things are not yet over …


Well, this ancient, untouched site for any big Guthix fanatic has been transformed into a room of death now thanks to … you. Lucien’s now got the Stone of Jas, and he left behind a little souvenir to desecrate the area. A fleet of at least four of these monstrous, level 450 creatures that could solo the King Black has been summoned to keep the area secured for Lucien, reported at being the ninth strongest monster in the game (the God Wars bosses their own individual ones).

So … what are you gonna do?


Grab a clan and head down there! Or have someone cover your back will you whack away in full Verac! The only thing you need to get in is a sapphire-lens lantern – nothing else! You don’t need an anti-fire shield, you don’t need an item devoted to Saradomin, you don’t even need a reason. Just grab some good armor, at least two forms of attack, and head on down with a clan of the same!

Of course, being level 450 creatures that can use all 3 attack styles with identical attack powers (each deal a maximum of 30 damage, and despite it being rare, you’ll still see several 20+ hits), you no doubt would want a strategy in mind. One strategy would be to keep on having at them and teleporting away when your health and prayer are diminished on a non-lootshare world because it’s free an easy (though it takes a long walk) to get to from a bank (Lumbridge cellar). But that’s no fun when you get 25 lava runes as a drop.

So, here’s my recommendations, advise, and tips based entirely off of my experience as a clan freelancer against them.

First off, fight one at a time. The place is multi-combat, so one at a time is very well all you can handle, guaranteed. Secondly, there are a few easily discernible safe-spots just in front of the area and all around, so don’t worry too much about proceeding with caution through the tunnel. Once you’re behind one of these rocks, you’re safe. Take your time to prepare yourself, then attack one, hide again until it wanders over close to you and away from the others, and then fight it.

Thirdly, I found that they like to attack in average 30-second flurries against one person at a time. They will attack one party member at a time with a barrage of a single type of attack. More then likely you’ll take a hit before able to switch prayers accordingly, so once you do, focus PRIMARILY on switching that prayer on, then focus on maintaining good health and hold your position so you don’t disrupt the pattern. I found they like to attack the last person to join the fight (a precaution against leechers?). If you’re meleeing them, it’s almost guaranteed they’ll melee you back. Otherwise, watch their type of fire. ALWAYS WATCH THEIR TYPE OF FIRE!

This is not just for the long-ranged fighters, but everybody in general: If it looks like they’re saluting and throwing spit at you, protect from ranged. If it looks like they’re shooting fireballs from their mouth, protect from mage. Despite your praying, they’ll use the attack style for a while on only one person at a time, so everybody else switch on the opposite prayer for if it decides to attack someone else. If they can no longer attack the person, be it they hide or teleport, it will automatically switch over to another person, and most likely use the same form of attack. I recommend a halberd as the melee type of attack, since it will not stray from its attack pattern.

I doubt this will last, but once you have a demon attempting to melee you, it will stick with that attack style for a long period of time. If you range it while it’s meleeing, it will continue to try to melee, and therefore not do anything. You can turn your prayer off during that, but stay alert, because they will sometimes suddenly start up with another attack style at any time (most likely when the shield returns – more on that later).

BEWARE. They have a fourth attack, where they seizure for a bit, and then unleash a fireball on nobody, but instead a spot on the floor nearby. If you’re around 4 squares away you’ll get hit by a splash mage attack. Once you see the seizure, protect from mage. However, they rarely do hit if you have good magic defense, and since they only appear every 2 minutes or so, you hardly have to concern yourself with them.

Another thing I want to note is that they are very tough to hit. Not only do they have some type of damage-resistance shield up, but they also use prayer. Yes, they use prayer, and they switch it accordingly depending on what type of attack is hitting them the most. On top of that, using mage is a bad idea because they have, ironically, a strong resistance to it. However, it may be good to have somebody mage it due to the fact it will switch its prayer to mage sometimes and everybody else can get in a fatal blow or two. Plus, you’ll only ever hit with mage if you drop their shields.

Remember: these are demons. Darklight is a MUST! A successful hit (watch that they’re not melee-praying) will destroy their shield and leave them vulnerable! Get in one successful special or regular attack against it once you start the fight and have at it from there. If the shield returns (it will in a couple of minutes), hit them again, because you would be wasting unnecessary time and resources otherwise. The shield will only fall is Darklight does damage to the demon, so make sure it’s not using melee prayer. I haven’t received any reports yet on whether or not Holy Water (from the Legends Quest) is a good idea, and am in the process of trying it myself, but by the looks of things, it isn’t. Also, the ancient mace nor the dragon scimitar does anything to their prayer, so don’t use them. Verac is an OK idea, as it works, but there are definitely better methods.

Lastly, soloing them is definitely possible with the Darklight and some type of ranged weapon. Not advised, since it can be expensive in terms of food and equipment, but easily possible nevertheless.

There. You’re done reading. Go eat some foooood now. You need fooooooooood!

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