Defender of Varrock

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‘Captain Rovin of the Varrock guard has received word from one of his scouts that a large army is being assembled in the wilderness, and he wants a willing Adventurer to see if this report is true.’

‘Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to brave the evils of the Wilderness and infiltrate the enemy’s base, if you can find it. This mission will take all your wits and kebbit kunning to track down. Be warned, though, that this is not a mission for the faint of heart and ill-prepared. Do you accept?’

Small chance of success, high chance of death…What are we waiting for?

‘Oh yea, this Gnome cocktail will self destruct in 3, 2-‘


Tosses the cocktail off the balcony.


Now that we have our little Mission Impossible-LOTR start out of the way we can get down to business.

Rovin, the Captain of the Varrock guards, has recently received word from one of his scouts that there have been large amounts of zombies in the wilderness. Now that’s not very disturbing (if you like the walking corpse type) since there are always zombies in the wilderness. The oddly peculiar thing about this report is that they’re ARMOURED! And I thought normal zombies were bad enough…

Atleast zombie armies aren’t anything new, or so he says. Unfortunately he can’t send the VSP out to the wilderness to investigate it, so he sends you (who cares if some random Adventurer dies trying to save Varrock).

During your chat with Captain Rovin he’ll call the scout who saw the army.

Due to security code 80952-22A, section X, paragraph Y, line 29Z, I was not allowed to show pictures of the scout in Varrock castle. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.

The scout’s name is Hartwin, hopefully that’s not a pun meaning he’s trying to win someone’s heart. At the end of your chat with the Captain and Hartwin, Hartwin will ask if you’re ready to start exploring the wilderness. If you don’t have any food and preferably some form of run energy enhancement (weight reduction or run energy buff items) then you should say ‘No’, and return to a bank to prepare yourself for wilderness travel.

When you’re ready to brave the wilderness, return to Captain Rovin and tell Hartwin that you’re ready.

Note: Hartwin can do some teleports, but if he thinks you’re going in the wrong direction he’ll return to Captain Rovin.

Your destination is the Graveyard of Shadows.

As you can see, teleporting to Bounty Hunter could prove a good use of a Games Necklace charge.

Once inside the crude fences which are supposed to contain the contents of the cemetery, talk to Hartwin. A little cut scene will ensue with Hartwin reaching to the ground and hundreds of zombie footprints appearing.

Due to complications with walking dead, my pictures of this scene have somehow disappeared from my custody. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.

Now you must use the skills you’ve learned from, well, skills.

If you’ve ever done even the slightest bit of Hunting you can probably recollect how to track kebbits. Zombies, to noone’s great surprise, leave tracks much like Kebbits do (meaning Kebbits have no brain, or Zombies have a brain which works about as well as a Kebbit’s).

To track the Zombie army you’ll have to inspect every inspectable object nearby. Usually inspecting the closest one to the end of the tracks will work. You may find that the tracks split up into multiple paths. This is because zombies, though possibly armoured, still don’t have very good brains and thus usually walk in circles. All you need to do is keep on the trail of one set of tracks. If you find a trail which leads back to another trail then return to where one of those two trails branched off from the main trail and start inspecting the objects around the area again. You’ll probably find a set of tracks leading off in some other direction.

During your tracking you’ll find a ‘Grubby key’, hold onto this as you will need it shortly.

Not too long after finding the key you should find that the tracks stop at the Chaos Temple (where else would Zombies raise chaos?). Look around the area visually, you should find a trapdoor behind the altar. Try to open the trapdoor (due to a knock on the head by a zombie, I am unable to recollect if the trapdoor automatically unlocks or if you have to use the key on it), once it opens you’ll get a message saying the key is stuck (we don’t need it again anyways).

If you have some form of protective device (armour or a protect prayer) and a weapon (I believe crushing would work best) and still have some food left over (you’ll want atleast lobs, preferably monks or sharks, unless you’re using prayer) then you can descend through the trapdoor into the cave below.

Chances are that as soon as you climb down the ladder you’ll be attacked by a level 85 Armoured Zombie. You can kill this one, but I don’t suggest it (as you will not really benefit from it).

Run down this passageway to the corner and you’ll see a balcony over-looking a few figures. If you look over this a cut scene will play.

Ahh hah! There’s the culprit! Zemouregal (the one on the left) is the one who killed Arrav in the Legend of Arrav (which can be found here). He’s been planning another attack on Varrock (that’s Avarrocka, in the Legend) since the day his army was defeated in the Legend.

Unfortunately, like Legend says, he has Arrav.

He’s much bigger in person.

Arrav has been resurrected as an Undead. I’m not sure if he would be called a Zombie or not, as he is still mentally conscious.

Once the cut scene is over, run down the rest of the passageway and collect three bottles. Once you have them you’ll need to kill three Armoured Zombies. After you kill each zombie you’ll see a Red Mist appear. This mist is completely harmless to you, and in a away beneficial. Use a bottle on this cloud of mist each time until you have three bottles of mist. Then pass through the next door.

Cut scene time!

Arrav?! What’s he doing here?! I’m not ready to fight a level 180 Undead Hero!

Thankfully he’s not here to fight us. Remember when I said he still had mental consciousness? That means that he can think for himself, however his body is controlled by Zemouregal.

He warns you and tells you to leave. Being the stubborn adventurers that we are, we will not heed his action one bit (that is if you want to finish this quest). You’re not leaving? Good! Go fight three more Armoured Zombies and collect three more bottles of mist, this will allow you to pass through the next door. Why so many doors if there’s only supposed to be undead in this secret cave? Beats me.

Once through this last door, run down to the balcony and look over it like before. A cut scene will play as you spy on Zemouregal.

Due to complications with even MORE walking dead, my pictures of this cut scene have somehow disappeared from my custody. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.

Hartwin urges you and him (I think he may be a little scared) to return to Captain Rovin. He gives you a Varrock teletablet to return to Varrock quickly. Even though I just teleported, I assume that you could walk out and thus gain a free Varrock Teletablet.

During your chat with the Captain, you’ll both conclude that the Shield of Arrav is the only way to protect Varrock. The reason being because of some great power imbued within the shield (A power, I might add, which never existed before the Legend of Arrav. Before those legends, the shield was merely a historical artifact).

Rovin will state that only an Imcando dwarf will be able to tell you how to unlock the power within the shield. The only problem is that he doesn’t think any exist anymore. Luckily for you, you ran into one during your quest to rebuild a lost sword.

Take out a pickaxe, some food, a light source, a spade, and Coordinates gear (that is, Sextant, Watch, and Chart) and head over to Rimmington, Thurgo’s cliff to be precise.

During your conversation with the smith, he’ll tell you about the city of the Imcando Dwarves, which used to be located under Ice Mountain, he’ll also mention a great furnace there which the dwarven sages used to look in. He’ll also give you a piece of paper containing how to get there.

The paper contains:

’10 degrees, 31 minutes north
17 degrees, 48 minutes east’

But don’t go running off yet! Go down the cave up on the cliff and run to the part of the dungeon with snow. Look for a rock with a sky blue vein in it. Once found, mine it. Now you can leave.

For your convenience I present you with this

You can either use our coordinate locator or your sextant to figure the exact spot which you need to dig. I believe it’s on the east side of the white tree.

Once you’ve dug up the snow you’ll have to mine through the rubble. Doing so will create a hole, inwhich you can (and must) go into.

And yes, you will need to always have a light source lit. I brought both my goblin helm and a bullseye lantern, though either should be fine.

Whilst exploring this cavern you’ll find a dwarf with a bandanna covering his eyes. If you talk to him about himself and the destroyed dwarven city then he’ll give you a small history. I’ll let you find that information out for yourself as it does not directly influence this quest.

He’ll tell you that he can allow you to see into the furnace if you respect the earth, Smithing. Put that blurite ore that you mined into the furnace and then talk to the Dwarven sage again. A cut scene will ensue with him dancing (or so it seems, he’s really chanting something in dwarven) and then you’ll look into the furnace.

You might not see what you expected…

…or you might see what you never wanted to see (or hear of) again…

…Or you may see that which you least expect…

…and then there’s always the possibility of seeing those you hate with a passion…

…yes, I hate the (un)Wise Old Man.

If you can stand watching your mind’s images that long, the images will tell you that only a descendant of the bloodline of one of the founding Elders of Avarrocka can unlock the power of the Shield of Arrav.

During the image’s explanation about the shield, the one you’re working against will show up.

How? Don’t ask, Skyrate is off on a Treasure trail and I haven’t been around long enough.

Zemouregal thinks you ought to know that you’re too late and that he’s already started invading Varrock.

With the knowledge of how to unlock the shield’s power, you can (and should ASAP) head off to Varrock. If you were smart and brought a teleport device then you can just teleport away. If you were absent minded like me then you can…

Exit, stage left.

When you enter Varrock everything will look normal, that is until you enter the walls of the Palace.

Due to the massive amount of undead in the palace, I was unable to bring you a picture of the massacre. I’m not sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused because the scene was rather gruesome.

Run back up to Captain Rovin, dodging Armoured Zombies as you go, and tell him of your adventures in the Imcando mines. After a brief discussion, you and Captain Rovin will conclude that you must find the descendant of a founding Elder and he’ll give you the shield of Arrav.

Go down stairs and talk to Reldo the Librarian and ask about the census and if he has a list of the founding Elder of Avarrocka. He’ll say that he did have a note about the elders but it got knocked off his desk when the Zombies came through (and just how did he survive when they attacked the library?). Search the scrolls nearby the broken table and you’ll find a piece of paper.

Read the paper and then read the big census book on the north wall. Match up all the last names of the elders and the last name of current residents. You should find the following people:

Curator Haig Halen
King Roald
Sir Prysin

Go talk to each one of these people. It’s easiest to start with the King and then Aenoisig since you’re already in the castle.

For once, the king will notice something…

If he’s not the one then you might as well move on to Romeo…

If Mr. Hero isn’t the guy then you could try Horvik, the Armourer…

Eventually one of the eight people on the list will tell you that someone is actually adopted, and that they’re part of the Fitzharmon family.

You can either return to the census book or trust me to find out who the current heir of the Fitzharmon name is.

Fitzharmon, Dimintheis Fitzharmon.

The one who gave you the Family Crest Quest is also the true descendant of the Founding Elders. It makes sense, since he’s the one with a family crest and his sons all have special gloves.

When you talk to him and ask him to hold it he’ll automatically equip it, rather than just hold it (shows he has some fighting heritage).

After you get done with Dimintheis, a cut scene will start.

I’ve never known a shield to be so offensive…

Dimintheis will kill all the Zombies in Varrock with the shield of Arrav. You will briefly see a snippet with Zemouregal telling Arrav to flee.

Most likely, if Arrav hadn’t have fled, Dimintheis could’ve used the shield to cleanse Arrav and put him to rest forever. Real, true, rest.

But unfortunately that was not the case. Arrav and Zemouregal got away, but atleast Varrock is saved.

At the end of the cut scene you’ll end up next to Captain Rovin. Speak to him to finish the quest and claim your well earned reward.

My last question is: Will he say you helped test the network if you haven’t done All fired up?

In Other News:

We have a few changes in this update also, here they are.

We’ve made some changes to dangerous Clan Wars fights. In such matches, you may be able to collect some of your defeated foes’ items to replenish your supplies – food, potions, runes and other ammunition – assuming you can use them in the current battle (so you can’t pick up food if the use of food has been disabled, for instance). Any such drops will affect both your and your victim’s trade limit. Please note that due to this change, you will no longer leave a gravestone in Clan Wars so any other items will be lost. I’ve never played Clan Wars so I don’t know how this will help, but it sounds good.

We’ve expanded the range of items that you can lend to other players. These include a small amount of newer Treasure Trail items as well as some old ones, dragon spears and most rune and granite armor and weapons. To see if the item you want is lendable, check the Game Guide for more information. This is an update which we’ll probably all enjoy.

The bone grinder on the top floor of the Ectofuntus temple now works in a similar fashion to the ‘Grind-x’ mechanic. Making bonemeal should now be a little easier and stop you grinding your fingers to the bone! I’ve not ground any bones yet, but this sounds very useful.

The bracelet of regeneration has been given some combat stats to make it more attractive to use as an item. While this makes it more expensive, the bonuses should now make this a rather good choice for some types of combat. I would now be willing to use one of these. Its combat bonuses are slightly better than a Bracelet of Combat. You can view it’s stats here.


We have one last update today. A trade limit increase!

“From today we have doubled (in some cases tripled) the flexibility of the player trade system. All players will notice an increase in the amount they can trade with other players.

This means accounts with fewer than 10 quest points will be able to earn or lose up to 5,000 coins in wealth every 15 minutes from trading, free players will be able to earn a maximum of 10,000 coins every 15 minutes by completing the free quests and members will have access to a maximum of 60,000 coins per 15 minutes if they have 270 quest points. Your trade margin will increase with each quest point after 10 – for example, at 100 quest points you’ll have a margin of 24,038 coins, and at 200 quest points you’ll have a margin of 45,192 coins.

This was added to the game because we wanted to offer our players more flexibility when trading or helping friends out, without increasing the threat of real-world trading.”

A welcomed update all around I’m sure. This will allow friends to more easily lend/barrow small items (without using the lend system) and to give items.

It’s nice that now every time you gain a quest point your trade limit will increase. I’m sure we’ll see an increase in the amount of questers out there because of this.

Here’s an interesting little note:

“Note: Currently there are only 269 quest points available in the game, so no player will be able to reach the 60,000 coin margin until our next quest update, scheduled for a few weeks’ time. The trade margin does scale up to that, though, so players a few quest points short of 270 will have a trade margin only slightly below it.”

It would be nice if with this update came a progressive trade limit system which would raise the total trade cap each time they add a new quest. Oh well, maybe in a future update.

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