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PvP worlds have arrived! Are you ready to pit your combat skills against other players in the halls of the White Knights’ Castle? Are you prepared to fight to the death in the fields of Lumbridge? Well, now is your chance.

To get started, load up the game like normal (click here to read about the changes to the log-in system we’ve also released today), and then choose ‘World Select’ on the title screen. Then pick a world which has a tick in the ‘skull’ column to choose a PvP world. To avoid nasty accidents, if you let the game choose a world for you automatically it will never select a PvP world. Also note that you require a Combat level of at least 20 (not including Summoning) to get into a PvP world.

Before you are logged in, you will be warned that you are entering a PvP world which is a dangerous place: you will lose your items on death and you will not get a gravestone. Upon entering the world for the first time, you’ll be teleported to Lumbridge and given a manual to explain the finer points of PvP worlds.

Here’s a quick run-down of the features:

* Fight players (within your level range) anywhere on the map, except in a few safe areas.
* Safe areas include banks, respawn points and some guilds.
* Level ranges are 10% of your Combat level, plus 5 levels. If you are fighting inside the Wilderness, the Wilderness level is added to this total. Your current attack range is shown on your screen at all times. (The 10% is measured from the higher of the two combatants’ levels.)
* Skulling is back – same rules apply. If you initiate combat, you are skulled and on death you will lose all items, with the Protect Item prayer saving one item as normal.
* Teleport Block is back in the normal spellbook.
* Some minigames are available to play, others are not – please see the Game Guide for more details.
* Death drops are back – new rules apply. Drops will be a mixture of items from the defeated opponent’s inventory and items from drop tables specific to PvP worlds. See below for details.

The quality of the drops you get when you PK someone depends on several different factors:

* To get a reward from a kill, you also have to risk some items yourself!
* To accumulate a possible reward, you have to risk a minimum of 75k of items on a members’ world, or a minimum of 25k of items on a free world.
* Note that your three most valuable items won’t count as being risked unless you’ve been skulled, as you wouldn’t lose them.
* The longer you spend on a PvP world (outside a safe area) with the required amount of items at risk, the better your possible rewards might become, to reward you for your risk.
* The possible reward increases even faster and goes to a higher maximum if you go into a ‘hot zone’.
* Note, however, that risking more than the minimum won’t improve your rewards faster, so it’s a good idea to take relatively cheap and useful items that won’t cost you too much to replace if you die.

When you get a successful kill, the exact reward you can claim depends on a number of other factors, including the level difference between you and the value of the items lost by the dying player. Any unclaimed loot is saved for the next kills, so you don’t have to worry about it being lost if you kill a low level player.

Don’t despair if you are dying a lot and losing a lot of items. The game will detect this and improve your chance of getting decent rewards when you do eventually get a good kill.

The above is a simplified description of how it all works. To prevent cheating there are various other factors taken into account. We’ve calculated the rewards and rates very carefully, so that a successful PKer should be able to get a good income, and PKers who get lucky might find themselves with a good drop. Higher level players may also get higher rewards to reflect their increased earning ability when not PKing, such that PKing is still worthwhile for them. The aim is to make PKing a fun alternative (albeit very high risk) way of earning money in the game.

Included in the PvP-specific drop tables is a wide range of new combat equipment and XP-boosting gloves. Members will get access to level 78 items for all three corners of the combat triangle, including armour as well as weapons, and a new set of Ancient Magick spells. Non-members will get access to corrupt dragon equipment. To find out more about these items, please visit the Game Guide.

Have fun PKing!

Mod Benny

RuneScape Content Developer

In other news…

We’ve changed the way your Combat level is calculated, so that PKers aren’t discouraged from levelling Summoning. It seemed a bit unfair that Summoning increased your Combat level everywhere but couldn’t actually be used everywhere. Therefore, your Summoning is now only counted into your Combat level if you have recently summoned a creature or held a Summoning pouch. When you log in, you will see that your Combat level has been split into two numbers (e.g. ’75+6′). The first number is your base Combat level, and the second is the potential extra available from Summoning. If you’re holding a Summoning pouch or have a familiar, this potential will be added on taking you to your full level.

For example, if you are level 55, this might be shown as follows:

* Without a familiar, a Summoning pouch, or having dropped a pouch recently: level 50+5
* With a familiar, a Summoning pouch, or having dropped a pouch recently: level 55

Players in the same clan chat channel will now appear as purple dots on the minimap. This is the second highest priority after friends (green) and before other players wearing the same team capes (blue). Note: Being in the same clan won’t remove the default attack option in the same fashion as a team cape!

Bogrog has expanded his enterprises even further and will now convert your spare Summoning spell scrolls to shards in a similar way to his already popular pouches to shards service.

The beacons scattered throughout the wilderness will now remember how many logs you’ve stored at each even after an emergency has arisen (quite literally).

The reward gloves from Fist of Guthix can now be used to pick nettles without injury. Also the Fishing gloves will now give the bonus experience for swordfish in Piscatoris.

Don’t get your feathered headdresses all ruffled. You can now craft these useful bits of headwear using the Assist System in addition to the traditional way.

The Corporeal beast has become wise to your tricks and has gained a stomp attack that hurts players standing underneath him. Watch out!


… yeah, unfortunately, I don’t PK. It’s just not in me to risk it all to make others lose it all. That, and I’m horrible at it. Honestly, I don’t like gambling all that much, even if there’s untold riches and benefits from it.

So instead, I’m going to turn you all over for a better in-depth analysis by someone who does it to blow some steam off and make heads roll (strangely enough he’d rather keep them then the drops …): Dex!

Z z z z … z z z z …

… Dex? DEX!

Z z- ug … yeah, what?

Um … write the article about the new PKing worlds?

You woke me up for THAT?!? Geez! Wake me in September, will ya?

… please? You’ve been there! You know what it is all about!

Seriously, what’s to even WRITE about? It’s nothing new, just a reminiscence of the past revived from the public demand to satisfy all.

Well, write about that, then!

… … you owe me a good dinner. Something with chicken, and lots of it. And no garlic.

Deal. … wait, no “garlic”?

Just make sure there’s meat …


All right, then. What’s happening here? Well, basically, Jagex STOLE a bunch of clan home-worlds (nyeah nyeah) and turned them into a darker, twisted version where once you log in, you have a couple of minutes to get yourself into position, be it at a bank or a food store, and then all heck breaks loose upon you. Anybody whose combat level is not colored white can (and most likely will) attack you, so make sure you set your spawn to Camelot or Falador if you want to save yourself from having to travel a lot. In a nutshell, it is just like how Runescape was back in the old days, except you no longer have a limited number of times to change between PK and non-PK.

Of course, to help compensate for RWT (Really Wimpy Trying), Jagex have utilized a system that, rather then directly getting the drops of the opponent, you get an equivalent of the drops price in either your opponent’s items, or randomly spawned items that appear to come out of nowhere. These include a series of new armors, similar to the barrows armors with superior stats, good special attacks, and even an expansion to the Ancient Magics Spellbook (bah, who needs such primitive methods). There are two versions: the ‘trial’ version for the lower-level players, and the full versions. However, and again just like Barrows armor, they fall apart after a short time of combat in them. The full version only lasts an hour, which is really only about half a Bandos trip, while the ‘trial’ versions only last 15 minutes – a single castle-wars game worth of combat! Fortunately, they warn you before they completely fall apart, and they are tradable, so you can purchase and use them on non-PVP worlds (though it’s not really a good use of money).

What’s more, is that the non-members now have cursed dragon armor that, like the new members armor, also falls apart after a length of time in combat. Makes them wanna become members. Good on you, Jagex. But other then new armors, a few new spells, and a couple of other extras … yeah, the name says it all. PVP worlds.


OK. I took the liberty of trying these worlds out by making a new Runescape character (so as not to scare anybody off) and jumping in. The result …

Inferior beings ... if only they knew ...

Enough to not only wake Guthix up, but give him a migraine and self-inflicted hang-over before knocking Him right back out again. The lazy geezer …

In a nutshell, they’re the only worlds on Runescape where you actually don’t get yelled at inadvertently for turning people into cherry pies. Strange experience, mind you. Anyways, what’s happening here is that after you get your few minutes of freedom to walk around and enjoy the bloodshed, anybody within a 10% + 5 points of your combat level can fight you just about anywhere. So, for instance, Alex 43 is level 124 “most of the time”, so he will be able to fight people of a 12.4 + 5 level difference, which rounds to 12 + 5 = 17. So, he can fight anybody that is 17 levels off his; from level 107 to level 141 (you have to play a very very very long time to achieve that …). If you’re in the wilderness, the level of wilderness you’re in is added to that, so if Alex was conveniently in level 40 wilderness there at the time (may take a little ‘persuasion’), he can fight people 57 levels of him. Indeed, you can tell this would make the wilderness incredibly dangerous for those lower-level people.

Thanks to this other Summoning update where your combat level changes to account for Summoning if you’ve actually got a familiar with you, you can technically have TWO DIFFERENT COMBAT LEVELS OF YOUR CHOICE! With a high-enough Summoning level, of course. Alex is glad because he can now take down some lower level revenants in the wilderness again thanks to that. In non-members worlds, you can easily tell by this method who is P2P because of the +# at the end of the combat level.

Death really shouldn't be this laughed upon.

Of course, if you’re somebody in my range of capabilities, combat level doesn’t matter at all. I painted the Varrock streets with a few ‘volunteers’ a few minutes into trying these worlds, and I was, for a moment, impressed with the system of drop receiving. First off, if you were to die as you stand and lose 75 000 coins worth of stuff, you will get better valued stuff if you kill somebody. If you’ve been logged into the world for a long period of time (hours), you will get better stuff. If you kill people in “hotspots” designated by a flaming skull in the left corner of your screen (try the Falador garden), you will get about 4x more value. If you’re a high combat level, or your opponent is, you will get more valued stuff. If you and your opponent are risking lots of valued stuff (a given, really), you get better stuff. If you’re in the wilderness, you get better stuff. You get the idea. Harder the circumstance of the fight, better the stuff. Law of the world, y’know.

Also, if you die a lot, apparently the game itself “takes notice” (Are Jagex spending too much time on the game?) and gives you a bit of a handicap in getting drops if you lose a whole lot of items. Not too sure how that’s done without the amount of cash you gain/lose on those worlds are recorded. Would make a really good high-scores topic …

Only delaying the inevitable, guys.
With this timer in place over the safe-spot icon, you CAN be attacked here.
Never fear. When it counts down to 0, the place becomes safe once again.

Banks, Entrana, and these sorts of places are deemed “Safe-spots”, which are marked by this no-skull sign. You actually have to be “inside” the banks for them to act this way, which means inside the doors and building itself. If you go to them too frequently (within 5 minutes, usually), you will get a time penalty, which allows players to attack you there for a few seconds regardless of whether or not you’re in them. This way, you can’t just fight and then run back into the safe-spot. Thank goodness for that; now you don’t have to worry about anyone getting away from you with a tick of health remaining anymore.

“Hot-spots” … well, those are basically anywhere multi-combat that’s not a safe-zone. They are marked by a flaming skull sign. Expect to find lots of people there. Also expect to die a lot there, since there are usually lots of players. If you want to train there … if you are insane enough to train there … don’t dress up in anything fancy. That’s all I can suggest.

Anything without a skull sign or anything is … well, just-try-not-to-die zone. You will hardly find anybody out in the obscure open on these worlds since they are either too busy getting themselves killed in Lumbridge, Falador, or Seers Village where they respawn, or they are simply unable to leave those places for various reasons.

Of course, despite them being PVP worlds, they’re NOT ALL ABOUT PKING! No, being able to beat people up is merely a convenience. You can still grab your hatchet and chop trees, or fish, or go on trips to the King Black Dragon (but not while I’m around, or else he’ll have a feast regardless of how many of you come). In fact, some of the drops you can get from PKs even include ‘brawling gloves’, which boost the experience you get from training the skill (in other words, doing ANYTHING that gives it experience) by 50%. If you’re hard-core and actually do your training in the wilderness in a PVP world (not quite as boring for me, really), they’ll give you a whopping 400% boost: 4 times the experience! Grab some prayer brawling gloves, bank at Bounty Hunter, and you’d be a walking ectofunctus! However, like the armor, these gloves too also fall apart after training for a limited amount of time. In other words, if you wear them all the time but never train the direct skill, they’ll last forever.

But yeah. All the PVP worlds are is just the game itself. Play it as you would always play it. The only difference between these worlds and the other worlds is that … people can beat each other up if they want (beware multi-combat areas like Falador). That, and some of the mini-games are closed. Not to mention you can’t item-lend (that would just be cheap). But some others, like the Trawler mini-game, treasure trails, and the God Wars dungeon, still exist to be played at. Imagine taking a clan to the Fishing Trawler, and with 30 seconds to go, a massive war for a winner-keep-all-the-fish while Murphy drowns! Strangely enough, the beach you end off at should you fail the Trawler is also a safe-spot, just in case you end up wandering in that general area. Also, beware the God Wars dungeon and clan events, because when another clan intends to crash, it’s going to do so in the most literal sense possible. Fun to watch, but not to participate in …

That’s all I’ve got to say about it, because that’s all it is. It’s been done already.


Well, professional PKing is back (woo), and taken to a whole new level, which is definitely what the majority of those wining newbies that don’t know how to pull off something we call “a hard day’s work” are rejoicing and taking full advantage of. But ultimately, we’re right back to day 1 in some cases. Grab a Godsword and nothing else, protect-item prayer, and just keep rushing in over and over for free, fast, and easy experience until somebody dies for lots of free stuff. Not that much, since you’re only risking 0 coins (unless you really want to turn off your protect item prayer when they’re about to die and hope to goodness you don’t), but free stuff nevertheless. Despite the combat level restriction system, the high-levels are still going to dominate these worlds; grouping in large clans and taking out anybody that shines even their belt buckle in their direction. And this being the case, this is just about all somebody can wear without being mauled down once they set foot outside the safety zone.

RWT is no longer “perfectly-impossible” anymore, but so incredibly tricky to do that it’s just not worth it, and you still will not be able to win a party hat or anything unless you wear one yourself. Also, the majority of the banks are swarming with PKers, so to those that wish to break the rules and risk characters and pride for a few real world dollars that, instead of getting, you’ll take a ban-hammer in the face and backside simultaneously courtesy of the SWC, I will say this: DON’T DO IT! This is not a suggestion, nor a recommendation, this is a COMMAND. DON’T RWT! NOW! EVER! Canada Beam and a side of fries type death on you if you do.

Another little concern I have is the new armor. Sure, now it’s 6 million coins or so per item, but you get them from other players’ drops, and they degrade after an hour or so of combat, so I highly doubt their high prices will last long, despite the low numbers of them on the open market. It’s a bit like getting clue scrolls, except people no doubt are going to team up to try and get them, risking 75 000 coins worth of quote-unquote “junk” and duking it out with each other until one or both of them strikes gold. A good reason to PK each other despite the drop restrictions, but how long will it last? Forever, you say? The human race is not to be credited for their patience, you know …

Cursed dragon armor for the F2P PKs. Genius on Jagex’s part. Make a bit of an advertisement to what they could be wearing day-in and day-out for an infinite number of basilisks if they become a member. But if you ask me, this is a bit like dangling the carrot-flavored candy in front of their faces and giving them such a disappointment when the physical laws of their own personal reality prevents them from receiving such an honor. Don’t get me wrong; they don’t have to PK nor have dragon armor to enjoy the game, but when they do, all that effort and time they put into the game only to realize there can be so much more for them is waste.

Ultimately, I will give this update (and hate me if you will) a 4 out of 5 marks, and on the richter scale. Perfection is impossible if you don’t know what it even is. Basic law of the universe. Besides, and even I will admit this: it’s fun! Sort of …

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