What if…

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Have you ever wondered what that thing that isn’t interesting is?

‘Use’ tinder box -> Bale of hay.
Nothing interesting happens.

I should think something would happen! The bale of hay should ignite and turn into a huge bon fire.

‘Use’ tinder box -> Bale of hay.
You light a fire and the hay begins to burn.
Congratulations, you’ve just burned down half of Lumbridge!

Me: :O

Or what about…

‘Cast Flames of Zamorak’ -> King Roald.
You cast the Flames of Zamorak on King Roald of Varrock.
You hit a 30.
King Roald only had 10 hitpoints.
You just killed him three times!
Congratulations, you’re now the King of Varrock!
Congratulations, you’ve just advanced a royalty level!
Your royalty level is now 5.

This is one aspect of the game which is lacking: You can’t do anything out of the ordinary.

In one game I play you can shoot spells at the scenery. It doesn’t actually hurt the scenery but it does look neat. In another you can hurt your allies or your own men if you miss-fire. And in one more you can literally destroy the scenery (Blowing down trees with cannons is fun!).

Jagex could quite easily allow players to do anything (Ex. Cast Flames of Zamorak on bales of hay). They wouldn’t be able to actually hurt the scenery, they could only waste their time and runes.

Or, if Jagex really wanted to get into it, they could create a special mini-game where you were allowed to ruin the scenery (Ex. Freezing the water so that you could walk on it for a few minutes). This could actually be an interesting mini-game…

Destroy your Enemy!

The new interactive mini-game for RuneScape which allows players to actually destroy the terrain around them!


The primary objective of Destroy your Enemy! is to not only kill all of your opponents, but also destroy their castle. In order for their castle to be declared ‘destroyed’ you must drop their torch on the ground for atleast 30 seconds. Though this may prove easier said than done…


To begin a game of Destroy your Enemy! you must enter the waiting room. After looking over your team you can then bet. If you don’t want to play on this team then you can leave and join the other team. You must place a bet of at least 10 coins before the 1 minute timer starts. You may bet up to one million if you think you’re that good. All that is required, however, is a 10 coin entry fee.

Reaching your enemy

Going through the middle of the battlefield is a wide river. There is one sure way of crossing this river.

The Bridge
For those who wish to get straight to business there is a bridge. Mind you, however, that your enemies will also be on this bridge. In order to cross the bridge there must not be any of your enemy on the bridge. This means that if there is one player from each team on the bridge then they must fight to death in order to cross to their opponent’s side.

The River
Among other choices, there is the river. Many spots of this river are shallow enough to walk across. All spots of the river can be walked across, but certain spots have a chance of sweeping you downstream to the rapids, if your strength isn’t high enough.

You can also freeze the river by either casting the Ancient Ice spells or by using a certain number of Slayer Ice Coolers. You will need 10 Ice coolers per foot of depth. You can freeze any part of the river, however how long it stays frozen will depend on how thoroughly you have frozen it.

If you freeze a 10 foot deep area of the river 4 feet deep then it will last for around 2 minutes. After that period, it will begin to melt and drift down stream for a further minute.

If you freeze a 4 foot deep area of the river 4 feet deep then it will stay frozen for around 10 minutes. After that period, it will begin to melt and drift down stream for a further 5 minutes.

You can also chop or blast a tree down to fall across the river to create a bridge. You will need high agility to cross this log bridge.

There are also stepping stones near each end of the river. You can try your luck on these slippery stones but beware! Animals lurk in these parts of the river and the stones are extremely slippery. You will have to be extremely agile in order to cross without slipping.

The last (currently known) way of crossing is by dumping buckets of sand into the river continuously to dam it up or to make that area shallower, allowing you to cross more safely. If you completely dam up the river then the rest of the river downstream can be crossed easily by walking through the dry river bed.

Seiging your enemy

Now that you’ve crossed the river you’ll want to get into the enemy’s castle.

The Front Gate
The seemingly easiest entrance, the gate’s strength depends on how much money the opposing team has bet on the game. The base gate is a 2-inch thick wooden gate. This gate can be destroyed by either burning it, breaking it, or any other ways you can think of. Remember, you can do anything your imagination can think of!

The Walls
The walls, what is a castle without them? The walls are normally 6-inch thick stone walls but strengthen depended on how much the team has bet on the game. You can dig under them, climb them, or even smash them down!

The Secret Back door
Each castle has a back door out onto the battlefield. The tricky part about these is that they’re always in a different spot each game. In order to enter an enemy’s secret back door you must dig around on their side of the river. If you find it while digging then you will temporarily see a trapdoor. Only you can see this trapdoor so your teammates will need shovels too.

If you’re wishing to enter your back door then you can simply enter the trapdoor you’ll see on the ground.

Destroy your Enemy’s Castle!

Now that you’re into your enemy’s castle you can destroy it. Becareful though, your enemies will be swarming around this area.

In order to be called the conqueror you must make your enemy’s torch be on the ground for atleast 30 seconds. The Torch is always on the top floor (the fourth floor) or on the bottom-most floor (the fourth level below the ground) depending on how much the team has bet on the game. Higher bets will give the castle more floors until the bets are high enough to put it below ground. The highest bet possible will put the torch four levels below ground.

You can go anywhere in your opponent’s castle but you can’t touch their torch. This means that you can’t pull it off the stand. You’re also not allowed to directly harm the torch. You must destroy the obelisk inwhich it stands on. You cannot touch the obelisk either.

Since there’s so many ways to drop the torch to the ground we won’t name them off – it would ruin the game if we did!

Any of your opponents can run to the torch and pick it up before the counter reaches 30. If they do then it resets, as the torch is now safe.

If you kill all your opponents then you must still destroy the obelisk on which their torch stands. Then the counter must reach 30.

The Torch Counter

Whenever either torch falls to the ground a counter will show up in the left or right hand corner of the screen. A counter for your torch shows up on the right side and a counter for your opponent’s torch shows up on the left side.

30 Seconds remaining
The counter will be white, signalling you’ve got a few seconds to think and then react. An arrow will point to where the torch lays.

20 Seconds remaining
The counter will be flashing orange, signalling that you must act now. An arrow will point to where the torch lays and all members of the torch’s team will be teleported half-way to the torch.

10 Seconds remaining
The counter will flash red, signalling that you must must pick the torch now or you’ll lose. An arrow will point to the exact spot where the torch lays and all members of the torch’s team will be teleported near it.

End game

The game ends when one team’s torch has been laying on the ground for 30 seconds or more and there are no more team members on that team.

The team who is still standing and is still holding their torch will be declared the winner!


All the money bet by both teams is split up. The winning team gets 80% and the losing team gets 20%. That 80% is then split up between all the members of the winning team. Likewise the 20% is split up between the losing team.

If there isn’t enough money to be split up evenly then some will be added so that each player gets an even amount.

In addition to the spoils of war you will also receive DP, or ‘Destruction Points’. These are a currency like object which is stackable. The quicker you destroy your opponent the more DP you get. The minimum amount of DP you can get for winning a game is 10. The losing team will receive one tenth of the amount of DP the winning team receives.

So whether you win or lose, you’ll always get atleast one Destruction Point!


Well that was a bit more then what I had originally thought to write, I hope you liked it. I just thought it would be interesting if Jagex added this extra aspect to the game, even if it was in the form of another mini-game.

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