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Stuck on a different plane, parallel to the Wilderness, itself a long walk from any RuneScape city or town, one family has gone a long time without even seeing a human being. That doesn’t mean they don’t need your help, however, as the time has come to leave the homestead and move to pastures new.

This magical story calls for you to befriend a loving family, find some essentials for their journey and reunite the daughter with some misplaced possessions. You’ll be able to explore a previously unexplored realm and even take a glimpse into the imagination of a little girl.

Needless to say, some hurdles will need overcoming if you and the family are to reach the destination and claim your reward. Some family members are less than communicative with outsiders and their only neighbour is understandably unhappy about them leaving. It shouldn’t be a problem for an adventurer with your experience…right?


Where to start Spirit of Summer:

Seek out the young girl outside of the ruins, east of Bounty Hunter and north of Varrock.

Requirements to complete Spirit of Summer:

Level 40 Construction
Level 26 Farming
Level 35 Prayer
Level 19 Summoning
The Restless Ghost
Ability to survive in the Wilderness

Access to:

A new realm for you to explore
New areas for Combat and Woodcutting


If PKing was still out there in the wilderness, guaranteed this quest would not have been possible for the majority. Now that it’s a thing of the past, though, they’ve got a whole new realm to make stories of! Not necessarily Zamorakian stories, but spiritual ones, because that appears to now be the theme of the wilderness altogether. A place of death, of destruction, of old, and of spiritual existence. Don’t believe me? Tell that to the revenant dragon behind you!

The quest itself is mildly confusing, but then again, what good quest isn’t? You start off by seeking out a little girl’s ghost in the ruined farm nearby the Bounty Hunter arena, in mid-20 wilderness. Before you actually begin, you might want to stock up with a number of things before you do this quest:

– Ghostspeak amulet
– Fooooooooood (please watch the RSF series)
– Enchanted sapphire necklaces
– Spirit wolf pouches
– Spirit desert wyrm pouches
– Spirit scorpion pouches
– (Super) Energy potions
– Beer (actually, not really, but it helped my cousin a lot with this quest somehow, so I recommend it for no real reason)

You start off by finding the girl’s spirit. She, named Summer, will vanish when you come close, and then reappear elsewhere. Just keep walking on top of her until you wind up into the portal nearby.

She will bring you to this realm of ghosts, where she will deliberately get herself encapsulated by what appears to be her father (it is, just play along). In order to release her, you need to interact with the ghost using nothing but emotes.

How I did it was by natural reaction. Should he do something, you follow it up by how one would naturally react. If he cheers for you, take a bow. It’s courteous. If he shakes his head ‘no’, you get angry with him. He’s rejecting, and that should be disciplined. If he nods yes, you can cheer for him. That sort of thing. If you don’t know what to do with a given emote, just copy it (do the same emote he did) and wait for another one you know how to react to. Eventually, you’ll figure it out, and the girl will be released.

She’ll begin to say random words (chaos elemental disciple?), and you will have to meet her at the small village to the western end of the wilderness. Running there takes a while, so I recommend you hit the portal to the south to the level 27 portal near the chaos dwarf cliffside and just run southwest.

You’ll find her in another portal, and speaking to her will bring you to another section of spiritual realm. Here, she will have you do a number of tasks so that she may regain the strength to actually converse with you. However, since you can’t do anything in the spiritual realm as of yet, you’ll have to do it all in the real realm.

HOWEVER, what you do in the realm of reality oppositely affects what happens in the spiritual realm. For example: Using a bucket to empty a barrel in the reality realm fills the barrel in the spiritual realm.

Picking mushrooms in reality makes them grow in the spiritual.

Fixing a wardrobe will break one.

Growing a limpwurt plant (it won’t disease) will remove one.

You will do all these things in the given order after speaking to the girl. Fortunately, there will be supplies all over the village; in crates, or on the ground. Search “everywhere”. Otherwise, you can walk somewhere else, say Falador, to lazily find and make these items:

– Bucket
– Hammer
– 2 planks (normal)
– 4 steel nails
– Rake
– Seed Dibber
– Limpwurt seed (Where does the flower go? Seriously.)

After you do all that, she will be able to directly speak with you, and so now you will learn her name is actually Summer and return to the farm (time to teleport to Bounty Hunte- oh, never mind, she teleports you!) and do what she requests. She and her family are being held in the spiritual world by the Spiritual Beast, as presented:

(Level 717, of course)

It must be vanquished for them to be released. To do that, you both devise a plan to overwhelm it with freshly discharged spirit familiar powers by a special magical disc that you will have appear.

In other words, use 5 bones and a skull on the large altar underground the trapdoor she shows you, and the discs will appear. The face upon the disc will show you what kind of familiar you dismiss on it. To hit the Beast, you must dismiss a given familiar (shoo it off) while it (the familiar) is standing on a disc and the Beast (King Black’s grand-daddy) is very close. It starts off with a spirit wolf.

Now, this is the harder part. There are 3 things you have to watch:

1 – Your familiar MUST be on top of the disc.
2 – The Beast MUST be on the disc or nearby as well.
3 – You must dismiss your familiar quickly, or the Beast will consume it and waste you a pouch.

A tip: Get in between the Beast and your familiar. That will delay the Beast’s consuming it. Also, dismiss your familiar when the beast is just on the edge of the disc. You might not get it the first time, so make sure you’ve got lots of summoning points (teleport to Edgeville to recharge and come right back if needed) and plenty of pouches to avoid having to go make more. If you have extra … sell them!

You will know it works when the disc lights up with electric light, the Beast takes a hit, and another disc appears with another spiritual summon on it.

After you do this with three familiars, the other 3 ghosts in the realm will have regained their strength enough to encapsulate the Beast temporarily and tell you exactly what’s been going on.

It appears that all you have done was make things worse for everyone (for details, do quest), and with that, you should immediately leave them to their harsher fate (thanks a lot …).

However, Summer still believes in you (who wouldn’t?), and gives you a nice wilderness ring as a reward before the Beast breaks out and sends you back into the realm of reality with a nice load of experience and a lovely new ring.



Nowadays, Jagex is all into “after-quest” events. These are secret events that one can perform after a quest is complete that hasn’t been mentioned anywhere during the quest itself. In this case, you can use the ring to locate portals all around the wilderness (6 have been found altogether) and enter the spiritual realm with the promise of a free load of experience points.

Not only do each have their own specific use, but the ones you can enter are also considered safe-spots which you can hide from revenants, heal, and even teleport from within as teleblocks will be removed upon entry. Definitely worth using should you have to. Here’s a list of portal locations:

1: The portal you used in the abandoned town with the magic tree. You will get 10 000 farming experience from that portal as well as the ability to use the flower patch and chop the magic tree. Even though this magic tree is a considerable distance from any bank, there is still something worthwhile about it. Chopping a magic tree down in one realm will spawn it in the other, so you don’t have to wait a few minutes for it to come back. Chopping the tree in the spiritual realm will give you cursed magic logs, but returning to the realm of reality will change them all to normal.

2: The graveyard north of the village mentioned above. Head 5 levels up to that western graveyard, and you will come across another portal and a set of coffins inside a small house. You can’t open them up, because they’re sealed (or if they are open, just close them). Enter the spiritual realm, get your well-deserved 10 000 prayer experience, and close the coffins up, and when you return, the coffins will be opened. You will also be presented with four level 79 ghost knights that, even though they give no experience, they drop things like prayer potion (3), runes, and other lovely things. Closing the coffins up again and re-closing them (?) in the spiritual realm will respawn them, so you can just continue to fight them and fill your inventory of prayer potions.

3: Near the axe hut in level 56 wilderness. Entering this portal will give you 7500 attack experience and teleport you to the spiritual realm, but instead of a hut filled with axes with no men, there will be a hut filled with men with no axes. Only level 42, kill them off for dozens of chaos, cosmic, mind, and even soul runes as well as steel plates and legs, coins, and a few other lovely drops with little consequence. Bring your Guthans and high-alchs to last longer in there.

4: The portal in the farm. you can’t enter it due to some strong force. My guess is that it’s the Beast’s force, but for now, you can just ignore this one.

5: The Zamorak Temple in Eastern wilderness is playing host to a portal now. However, it’s in a weakened status, and you unfortunately can’t enter it.

6: to the north-eastern most point of non-member’s wilderness, there’s what looked like was once a castle, but is now a bunch of ruined walls. In the corner is another portal, but like the chaos temple, this one too is inaccessible.

Lastly, to the north of the abandoned farm, there’s a large entrance that leads to a mysteriously large, empty chamber. Proceeding through it will lead you through a dampened fire-pit area that you can’t light fires in, a place with several patches of soft soil, perhaps to grow something with, and finally, the 5 graves of the family you’re trying to save. … wait, there were only 4 spirits, but a fifth grave; the grave of Summer’s mother, stands tall over the rest. There’s also an altar there to recharge prayer, and this place, like the active portals, is also safe-spot one can teleport in or quell a teleblock.

Now, if only that ring subbed a ghostspeak amulet as well …

Unfortunately, that’s all there is to it. Should someone decide to explore these places a bit more and try to pull something off from within, be my guest. If you do find anything more to what I’ve found, however, let me know, and I’ll give you a trophy or something.


Talk about false advertisement. This quest has got NOTHING to do with vacationing. I know Jagex wanted it to sound like a holiday quest just to make it sound interesting, but it’s anything but. More than anything, it’s misleading, and thereby more people would rather not do it than if they actually said it was about trying to banish the Tz-Tok Jad’s father-in-law to save a spiritual family. Perhaps Jagex were in the Spiritual Realm (rumored to be ScapeRune) when they wrote the thing, and when they came out, it turned into this …

Anyways, for their first wilderness quest, it was actually not that bad. It had a knack for creepiness (upon first viewing of the Beast before knowing it was there), surprise (fixing a wardrobe breaks another? I’ve been building them by the thousands!), and curiosity (must … find … portals!). With all these added landmarks like the big empty chambers, the inaccessible portals, and the Beast breaking loose, there is no doubt going to be a sequel to this otherwise well-made quest.

Can’t say it’s perfect, though. I had to take 6 trips out of the wilderness to regain spirit pouches just to figure out how to slay the beast. It doesn’t necessarily have to be ON the platform, but next to it. That shouldn’t happen with ANY quest.

Made me want to fight revenants a lot more, though. Every clue scroll I do now, no more running. I’m getting pure revenge on those creeps and taking them down hard! Who knows, I might get something good eventually from them!

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