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Usually I would write about the first subject in the title first, but since the title is not ordered properly (I thought this ordering would sound better) I’ll talk about the Bank Update first.

Bank Changes

Yes, they’ve updated the banking system of RuneScape, unfortunately it’s not what some of us expected…

They updated the bank?! Woot more bank space!

Umm, no.

Rather than adding more bank space they rebuilt the bank interface, making it seem larger. Each line now holds 10 items instead of the old 8. Aside from making the lines longer, they added two tabs right above the bank inventory. The first of these is “All”, this shows every item in your bank. The second of these is a tab with a “+” (plus sign), if you drag any item in your bank inventory onto this and drop it a new tab will be built. Whichever item is the first (is in the top left-hand corner of the tab, in the little square) will show up on the tab in the top bar with the other tabs. So if you dragged your coins onto the “+” tab it would create a new tab and show your coins on the top bar next to the “All” tab.

What’s the point of tabs?

This is probably a very common question among some people. Many RuneScapers have disorganized banks (some are extremely disorganized), these tabs allow a player to organize their items in up to 8 different categories. You could have a Food tab, Weapons tab, Armor tab, Magic & Runes tab, Ranged-Fletching & Woodcutting tab, Herblore & Farming tab, Mining-Smithing & Crafting, and a Treasure Trails & Quest items tab.

But what if I want to view my items the old way, or see them all at once?

You don’t have to use the tabs, you can leave your bank the way it has always been. If you want to see all your items even when they’re in separate tabs just go to the “All” tab (left most). This tab will list your items starting with uncategorized going on down through tab 8.

If I can only have 8 tabs, why does it show 9 in the top-bar?

It shows 9 including the “All” tab, which can be used as a categorization tab. The “All” tab is actually tab 1, not tab 0. Your first custom tab is actually tab 2. I’m not sure why this is, probably a coding issue Jagex hasn’t addressed. You can use tab 1 (the “All” tab) to store your miscellaneous junk or most used items.

Aside from 10 items a row and the tabs, what else is new?

You may have noticed the buttons in the center of the bottom of the Bank. These are “Swap-Insert mode”, “Note-Regular Mode”, “Dump BoB(Beast of Burden)”, and “Search Bank”.

Swap-Insert Mode
This is just like the old version. Normally (when this button has not been de-pressed) it will swap places with an item if you drag an item on another item. If this button has been de-pressed, then when you drag an item onto another item it will put the new item where the old one was and move the old one to the right one space.

Note-Regular Mode
Unlike the old version, this will stay de-pressed when you close and reopen the bank interface, allowing you to withdraw notes quickly. When this button is not de-pressed you will withdraw items in a usable form (Wear, rub, wield, etc). When de-pressed it will withdraw the item as a bank note (sometimes referred to as certs but best known as ‘notes’). A bank note weighs nothing and cannot be worn, rubbed, or wielded, it can only be traded and dropped (and examined of course).

Dump BoB
No, this won’t let you dump that annoying noob Bob1522 into the nearest river. This allows you to move all the items your summoned Beast of Burden (BoB) is carrying straight into the bank, with only one click. This button has not changed since its release with summoning.

Search Bank
Ever tried to find a needle in your bank full of 496 items? That can be pretty hard. With this feature, all you have to do is type in part of the word and it will search the names of every item in your bank for a match. Typing “sword” would return a Rune sword (short sword), a Dragon Longsword, a Saradomin Sword, and a Godsword. It would return any items with the word “sword” in their name – including swordfish!

That’s all for the Bank update except for one thing.

You heard me say “bank full of 496 items”, right? How do I know you can have a max of 496 items in your bank? Easy.


Ok, so you didn’t buy that, not many would.

In the top right-hand corner of the Bank interface there is a counter in fraction form. This tells you how many items you currently have in the bank (top number) and how many the bank can hold (lower number).


Unfortunately, I don’t think this lowers to the max for F2P. So you Free-to-Plays will always be wondering why it shows more then it allows.


What’s left? Nothing really. Go organize your bank!

Item Lending

Yes, it’s the long awaited Lending system!

Unfortunately Jagex has not built this the best way, yet. Hopefully they’ll make it better with time, feedback, and suggestions.

WOOT! Can I borrow your Ags and Fury please?

Sorry, aside from not having either of those you are only allowed to borrow or lend one item at a time. You can, however, borrow an item from someone and lend an item to someone at the same time, you just can’t borrow two or lend two at one time.

Ok, so how exactly does this work?

To borrow an item you must first ask the player if they would mind letting you borrow the item. You do not have to be friends to borrow/lend items. Once the player you’ve requested to borrow from says they will lend you the requested item they will use it on you and set a time period for the loan, then you must accept in order to get the item. You must have Accept Aid on in order to borrow an item.

You said they would set a time period, what did you mean?

“Loan terms” is a more accurate title actually. They can choose to lend it to you for a set amount of time ranging from 1 to 24 hours (60-1440 minutes). If they choose this, then the item is yours until that time has elapsed, and then it’s immediately theirs again.

They could also choose to lend it until one of you log out. In this case it’s yours until either you have to log out (or lag out) or they have to log out (or lag out). With this option you can also demand the item be returned from you. This option is most useful when you’re lending an item to someone you don’t know, or when they want it for only a few minutes (say for a screenie). The borrower can also “use” the item on the lender to give it back to them.

There are a few mean things you can do with this lend option, please don’t do them to anyone.

Is it ‘safe’?

Yes, there is absolutely no way to be scammed or lose your item, unless the system bugs (which it hasn’t, as of the writing of this article). The borrower is not allowed to sell your item on the GE or trade it, though they may drop it. In the case that they drop it (or die and don’t keep it) you can still retrieve the item whenever you want.

Wait a minute, how do I retrieve my items?

“Talk” to any banker in RuneScape (or “use” the bank both) and they will tell you when you have an item in your “Returned Items box”. If you continue the dialog you will come to a menu where you can choose to view your returned items box.

By “demanding” an item which was lent on set-time-terms you can see how much time is left.

Everything sounds good, now can you lend me your Chompy hat?

Umm, no. I wouldn’t part with it for a hundred million (though I have a second, hehe). Non-tradeable items are also non-lendable. Here is a list of items which you can lend or borrow (thank you Jagex for supplying this list).

Abyssal whip
Ancient Staff
Composite bows – maple, yew and magic
Dark bow
Dragon axe, battleaxe, dagger (including poisoned versions), halberd, longsword, mace, scimitar and two-handed sword
Godsword (all types)
Granite maul
Longbows – maple, yew and magic
Rune axe, battleaxe, longsword, pickaxe, scimitar and warhammer
Runite crossbow
Saradomin sword
Shortbows – maple, yew and magic
Zamorak spear

Armour & Jewelry:
Amulet of fury
Archer helm
Archer ring
Armadyl helmet, chestplate and plateskirt
Bandos chestplate, boots and tasset
Berserker helm
Berserker ring
Dragon boots, chainbody, full helm, medium helm, platelegs, plateskirt and square shield
Dragonhide – green, blue, red and black dragonhide body, chaps or vambraces
Farseer helm
Mage boots
Mystic boots, gloves, hat, robe bottom, robe top (including dark and light variants)
Obsidian cape
Ranger boots
Robin Hood hat
Rockshell helm, platebody, legs, gloves and boots
Rune full helm, kiteshield, longsword, platebody, platelegs and plateskirt,
Seers’ ring
Skeletal boots, bottom, gloves, helm and top
Spined body, boots, chaps, gloves and helm
Splitbark body, boots, gauntlets, helm and legs
Third Age helmet, kiteshield, platebody and platelegs
Third Age mage hat, amulet, robe top and robe
Third Age ranger coif, top, legs and vambraces
Warrior helm
Warrior ring

Santa hat
Party hat (all colours)
Halloween mask (all colours)

Hey, you didn’t tell me I couldn’t bring borrow items into certain Mini-games.

Heh, yea, sorry about that. It slipped my mind (Probably because I’ve never played those games). And actually, plural is incorrect. Bounty Hunter is the only Mini-game in which you cannot bring a borrow item. However there are four places where you cannot lend items. These would be:

Duel Arena and Duel Tournaments
Chamber of Koschei the Deathless, beneath Rellekka (The Fremmenik Trials quest)
Barbarian Assault
Tears of Guthix

I do believe that you can wear borrow items in these areas, you just can’t barrow a new item.


The end. Hmm, what am I missing? I don’t think I missed anything.

Here’s a few things to consider:

“With the new Lending system the price of many commonly bought weapons and armor may diminish, due to people borrowing them from friends rather than buying them.”

“If you’re going somewhere where you think you may die, then barrow a weapon or piece of armor from your friend, even if you have it. If you die with your friend’s then they will not lose it, if you die with yours you may lose it.”

“Lending allows players to test weapons before buying them. Be considerate when someone asks to borrow an item, if you don’t need it at the time you could lend it to them on ‘When we logout’ terms, then you could demand it back when they’re done or when you want it.”

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