Alex’s Analysis – The Diary of a Kree’Arra Freelancer

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Alex’s Analysis – The DIary of a Kree’Arra Freelancer.


Leachers. That’s the term given to those that try to take from another clan’s efforts when they have pulled together to cooperate for major riches by letting the clan take the blunt of the force to allow ideal conditions for the leacher to do his own work. They come in all varieties, from the solo newbie to a small crashing clan, each one just as intent as the original clan on getting the big prize. The clan has devoted trust, time, and friendship in themselves to come together to pull such an event off, so why should these strangers, whom they have never met before, thrive off of it? It’s unjust!

The God Wars dungeon is one of the more popular places leachers are found. They usually come alone, get their 40 kills, and when there’s a clan fighting a God Wars boss already, he jumps inside and starts killing off the minions, or enters their clan chat and joins their lootshare. They take kills, and if there’s a good drop, they grab their share and leave with it without further supporting the clan.

That’s the best I can define a leacher.

I am not one of those leachers. I am a freelancer. Though the difference between the two isn’t as clear as a white dragon scale, I simply don’t feel I deserve such an unjust status. I’ve got lots more respect for other clans then that. They’re working hard, and devoting money and time for a chance at success and the potential of that hilt drop.

However, there are a few differences. First off, I always ask before I act. Should a clan be fighting a boss, I call out if they need my assistance because they might be running a few members short to effectively kill the boss. If I’m rejected, no matter. I switch worlds.

The only time I join lootshare is when a clan invites me to because they need another member because either they lost someone or are not confident enough that they can pull off a successful trip. Usually it’s when a clan is being crashed, and needs more support to get more of the drops. That’s how I got the term “freelancer” to begin with, because this is something I actually made up myself.

General Graardor of Bandos is one of the more easier bosses to get into this, especially if you dress to take damage. A good defence level, Verac helmet, Torag body and legs, granite shield, dragon boots, and lots of food and provisions will earn you the title of “team tank” and help the clan make a few extra kills.

The other way to be a freelancer is to help distract the annoying mage minion by attacking it for your own kill. You have a small chance at your own fortune, and most clans won’t mind too much. Heck, if you’re fast enough, you could even kill it before the boss dies and get it to spawn for another free kill.

That’s what I do. I’m no leacher, I’m a freelancer. I earn my kills and help clans get rich. This is my diary. The diary of a God-Wars Freelancer.


It started out simply enough. The big day was finally here, and the RSBANDB community was gathering up for a trip to the Armadyl boss, Kree’Arra. The excitement was there along with the consequence, but with high risk coms the possibility of a high reward. The potential of enough money for each of us to buy a Saradomin sword! Grabbing my supplies and double-checking inventory and equipment, I dashed down there and shot away at the avainsies for a quick 40 kill count in preparation, sacrificing 28 adamantite bars to carry my extra load of Saradomin brews and super restores. I was ready.

But then, great horrors. I was told to grab my jacket and do some laborious work, and 3 hours after the event was over I had returned to see Connor and Warren split a hilt drop between themselves. I couldn’t believe it. The event was over, and there I was, stuck all alone in the God Wars dungeon. All prepared and nobody to fight it with.

Part of me wanted to attempt a soloing, but I was too afraid. Too afraid and inexperienced to pull off such a stunt. Perhaps another clan would take me in with them and allow me to fight. Heck, I’m all up for soloing Kree’Arra, but unless I actually had experience against him, I would never have the courage to jump in.

It was then that I noticed a clan gathering up. They were going against Kree’Arra, and just waiting on one last friend to get the final 40th kill. This was done in a matter of seconds, and without any further delay, they rushed in with ranged prayers on and fired away. Forgetting I was not a part of their posy, I jumped in as well and fired away at Kree’Arra myself, taking hits like everyone else.

“Hey, go away!” shouts one, “We don’t want any leachers!”

“I’m not here for kills.” I replied, “I’m here to fight and learn the hands-on basics for fighting Kree’Arra.”

In the end, they allowed me to fight, and because I was such a good sport at helping to quickly dispose of Kree’Arra, they allowed me to fire at the minions while they took on the boss. This was done, and I teleported out early, with a number of potions to spare.

I was annoyed at myself. They called me a leacher, and I’ll admit that I was one. But darn it, that was exactly what I needed in Runescape. Without missing a beat, I restocked myself, bringing ranging potions and extra supplies, and returned once again to the God Wars dungeon.

The 40 kills came faster because I had used a ranging potion to help. But this time, I was ready. Ready to be accepted as more of a handicap then an annoyance. Surprisingly, all the lootshare worlds were devoid of clans! Perhaps I had to try soloing after all!

Then appeared this clan of four. I asked if they wanted an extra man, but they told me to stay out of lootshare. However, I could shoot Wingman Skree, the mage, to help stop it from hurting everyone. I tried, but it proved difficult as Kree’Arra was always hovering nearby, and any attempt to get close resulted in Kree’Arra’s fearsome melee attack. Not only that, but I had realized I forgot a teletab, and I had grounded myself nearby the altar in case of emergencies.

Geerin, the ranger, was nearby, so I took to shooting it. I felt bad that I was becoming a leacher again, so I swigged my ranging potions, whipped on my eagle-eye prayer, and shot Geerin dead before the other four could finish Kree’Arra. Geerin dropped a lot of food, and I used my terrorbird to carry the majority.

“Everyone trade me bones!” shouted the clan leader. He was running low, and needed help. Withdrawing from my terrorbird, I handed over some manta rays and Saradomin brew to his request when his allies ignored him. Hopefully he would at least let me into Lootshare for a couple of kills, but alas, he remained adamant to his decision to keep me out, so I stuck with Geerin. It was enough for me, anyways. No matter.

Finally, I decided I had enough. I announced my dismissal and handed over the rest of my potions. I wished them my luck, and he told me right after I left that they had gotten a skirt drop. 2.3 million each, and it was all because I helped out by giving them those potions and food.

I knew from there that I didn’t take from them, but instead helped them receive riches. I was no longer a leacher, but a handicap, receiving naught for a bunch of coin drops and heavy damage but I didn’t care. The experience was all I wanted, and with each shot, I became much more confident against Kree’Arra. A few more trips, and I might even try it solo, but until then, it was personally official.

I had become a freelancer.

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