Perils of Ice Mountain

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The dwarves of the Dwarven Mine are an industrious bunch and get through a lot of pickaxes. Nurmof, the pickaxe sales-dwarf, has always had trouble keeping up with demand and, as RuneScape shops have limitless stock, he can’t possibly make enough pickaxes on his own.

Being a dwarf, Nurmof has solved his problem the dwarven way: through automation! His cave in the Dwarven Mine is now home to a machine that churns out pickaxes night and day. Powering it has become something of a problem, so Nurmof has commissioned a power station on the surface, near the mine.

Projects of this scale are rarely without their problems: a hapless dwarf has lost part of a delivery to the power station, and an adventurer is needed to recover it. As is customary on RuneScape, this may not be the end of that adventurer’s involvement…


Where to start Perils of Ice Mountain:

Speak to the Delivery Dwarf on the road south of Ice Mountain.

Requirements to complete Perils of Ice Mountain

Level 10 Construction
Level 10 Farming
Level 10 Hunter
Level 11 Thieving

Access to:

An addition to your Smithing skill

In other news…

Those who complete Perils of Ice Mountain will find a set of dwarven blueprints. To get a closer look at them, look at the wallpaper, in the Download section of our website.

What’s new pussycat? Well, along with the reworked Gertrude’s Cat quest, we’ve updated the cats and kittens throughout RuneScape. All cat and kitten variants have been looked over by the Makeover Mage and are more adorable than ever. Miaow!

The Monastery and monks east of Ice Mountain have also undergone a graphical update. Check out the fresh robes and the surrounding area – we think you’ll be ‘thoroug-holy’ surprised by their new looks.

We’ve implemented a fairy ring logbook to assist you in your travels. Using the Zanaris fairy ring will display your log, so you can easily find the code combinations for your chosen destination. Your log will only display code combinations from this week onwards, however. Additionally, the rings can turn in two directions, which should speed up your selection.

You should find that it’s easier and quicker to recharge your essence pouches in the Abyss. The Dark Mage now has a quick option and he’ll repair your degraded pouches with less hassle.

The Bone Grinder has been improved, so that grinding silver bars to dust has been made faster. Stop by the Ectofuntus Temple to give it a go!

Bogrog, the ogre in the north of Gu’Tanoth, is offering a special service to summoners. If you trade-in your Summoning pouches, he will give you some spirit shards back. The number is equal to 70% of the spirit shards required to create the pouch. Bogrog will demand that you have a Summoning level above the requirement of the pouch – but this won’t apply to level 99 familiars, of course.

Other small fixes:

* The red boater hat is no longer listed twice in your player-owned house treasure chest.
* Crossbow bolts purchasable after Death to the Dorgeshuun can now be bought and sold on the Grand Exchange in larger quantities.


The only moral I can decipher from this quest is that global warming is coming, and Jagex wish to make it known that its all our fault. Basically, this is the epitome of the enslaving of living creatures, the pollution of the planet, and the unconcerned and unknown destruction of the environment due to the result of the overwhelming greed and desire for more by the higher powers.

Basically, what we have here is another “one small favor” quest (yes!) where you must correct a number of unbalanced events caused by a new dwarven power-station. Hardly any skill is involved; only a lot of items.

In a nutshell, you save a delivery dwarf by locating a missing crate in a nearby bush, only to find there was a dragon egg in it. After delivering it, this dragon-powered machine (those !!!) the dwarves made is up and running. Then you take a letter to a holy dwarf (uh?) and break his vow of silence.

Right about here, all heck breaks loose. The flowers are dying, the icefiends are melting, and the Oracle’s tent fell in a mountain-side avalanche. All because of the rise of temperature! What could be going on?

Then the Oracle has a vision. Global warming! It’s GOT to be the new power-station, because everything has only started ever since you delivered that egg. Have a chat with the foreman, Drorkar.

Naturally, he’ll tell you to have a chat with Nurmof, the pickaxe seller, just to get you off his case. Before you go, pick Drorkar’s pocket because … you can. Maybe you’ll get his hat!

Nope, just a key. Ah well. Chat with Nurmof, and he’ll say that there was actually a competition of power sources between the greedy Drorkar and the holy Bordiss, but Bordiss never turned his in. In fact, he had left never to be seen again for some reason.

Return to the monastery and chat with Bordiss. After some long, awkward pauses, he’ll burst out and confess that he couldn’t present his plans because his key went missing. After showing off what you stole from Drorkar, he’ll suddenly redeem his guilt and tell you to grab the plans from the chest in Drogo’s shop. Show them to him, then show them to Nurmof to save those poor dragons.

As a reward for saving the world (… yeah), you get to learn how to actually SMITH PICKAXES! About time!


Well, it was an alright quest. It was quick and easy, with a fair reward that everyone has been waiting for for a long time – smithable pickaxes. Otherwise, all you really get is a “shortcut” to the Keldagrim cart and pickaxe repair in the dwarven mines and a grateful monk. If we could actually raise an icefiend baby, that would’ve been cool. Otherwise, it’s an alright quest with a message to the public and a little extra experience all around.

If you ask me, though, the only real worth-while updates are the “Other news”. Best of the bunch is the Zanaris Fairy Ring journal and the update to its adjusting, which makes me think it will be used a whole lot more now.

Next amazing update is the pouches for shards trade by the ogre Bogrog, where you trade in summoning pouches for 70% of the shards back, which cheapens level 99 summoning by far. Heck, it cheapens ANY level if you use a lot of shards. Me thinks we have to update our cost-calculators now.

Of course, there’s also the silver-grinding bone-grinder for making Guthix Balance potions. Maybe people will actually use it now.

There’s also been a few more “quick-makes”, like the renewing of pouches. I really don’t think that needed any quick-making, since it’s only done once in a blue moon.

Lastly, the cats have all become fox-hybrids. Seriously, what happened?

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