Legacy of Seergaze – The fourth in an epic struggle for survival in the Eastern lands

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The Vyrewatch continue to draw blood tithes from the citizens of Meiyerditch, while the Saradominist powers of Misthalin seem unable to break Drakan’s stranglehold over the dread land of Morytania. The two forces are bound by Guthixian Edicts, preventing any confrontation that would start another war between the gods.
Mercenaries trickle into Morytania through Paterdomus and are guided down to the frontline in Burgh de Rott, but they are not enough. In Meiyerditch, the little blood that remains in the veins of the townsfolk continues to flow. With such organised evil and so few allies, what new efforts can the Myreque make?A new rumour has been heard among the assembled mercenaries near Paterdomus. One of their number saw something suspicious in the temple and believes you should investigate it.Farther south, word comes that Safalaan has tasks for an enthusiastic, young and just-promoted private of the Myreque. Your part in the tale is about to get more involved…

What new secrets are to be discovered in Paterdomus? Can the Myreque strike back against the Vyrewatch? What has the mysterious Safalaan got in store for you? Cross the border, once again, into Morytania and these questions may well be answered.

Where to start Legacy of Seergaze:

Talk to the Mercenary Adventurer at the Burgh de Rott Ramble start point, east of Paterdomus.

Darkness of Hallowvale
Level 20 Construction
Level 29 Agility
Level 31 Slayer
Level 35 Mining
Level 40 Firemaking
Level 47 Crafting
Level 49 Magic
Access to:

A new hazard for Temple Trekkers and Burgh de Rott Ramblers to overcome
Updated/improved Slayer creatures
An update to Runecrafting

In other news…

The recently added Treasure Trail items, along with the Trouble Brewing clothing, can now be stored in your player-owned house. We know that these item sets can take up valuable bank space, so you can now store them safely away in your costume room!

We’ve made some core changes that will benefit the prices of items that appear stuck or stationary. Items traded between players or via the Grand Exchange will now change price more frequently.

Various icefiends have had a graphical rework. These ice-cool little creatures will melt your heart when you see them in their glacial glory!

The entrance to Morytania has been re-vamped graphically, to make it look even more fang-tastic. Stop and have a peek on your way to the Legacy of Seergaze quest.


Despite the graphics not being exactly “fang-tastic”, they are still pretty awesome. I suggest you take 5 minutes to go check it out. Go ahead, I’ll wait for you.

A new quest, proving to be nice, long, and challenging in its own strange way. A continuation of a storyline that in itself is challenging in its own strange way. Who could ask for more? Honestly?

A few events are occurring, leading up to something mysterious. Saradominists and Zamorakians are working together, there’s this big giant room under Paterdomas, the vyrewach

To make life easier, here’s your very own A43-made Guide to the quest itself! If you like a challenge, I suggest you skip ahead to the next part.

Ok, here we go:

Items needed:

3 air runes
1 cosmic rune
Some prayer potion would be good as protection
A bow and arrows, or a form of attack other then melee
Some energy potion can prove invaluable.
Pyre logs higher maple or higher (yeah, that’s right, PYRE logs …)
Everything else, you’ll most likely find along the way.

You start off minding your own business and COINCIDENTALLY decide it would be fun to talk to the local mercenaries near Paterdomas. Easy enough, but then you find a super-handsome-type warrior in full runite and capes and whatnot standing there.

After chatting, he’s gonna tell you that there’s something suspicious at Paterdomas and you should talk to Drezel.

After talking to him, he’ll say to go check it out. Because they are nosey trespassers, I suggest you bring a bow and arrows just in case you have to do some shooting, and then head upstairs.

It’s a bunch of Saradominists and Zamorakians! And they’re … allies? What are they talking about? Something about destroying the Guthixian Edicts? Two of them will attack while the others teleport, and they even use prayer?

Well, only every 10+ damage. Keep switching attack styles, or equip/unequip your bow until you defeat them, and they too will teleport. Report this to Drezel, and then back to the handsome guy with the awesome cape.

You’ll need to do a quick Trek to Burge de Rott with this guy now, so just choose level 1 so you can evade everything and get there without any effort or danger (or equipment!). Once you make it, the handsome guy with the awesome cape will reward you.

… and then remove his helmet.

IVAN? That guy you escorted back to Paterdomas tricked you into bringing him back. Ah well. Talk to Veliaf and he’ll give you a crate of EPIC FREE STUFF!

… no, none for you, you greedy slob. Take it to the Myreque in Myreditch.

Here’s a little trick that involves a good pick axe. To get to them without the hassle of navigating the maze, let a Vyrewatch catch you and send you to the mines. After mining 15 ores, they’ll release you at the other end of the town. From there, it’s a simple walk south until you reach this building:

To which you walk through and climb the ladder in the building ahead. Jump to the east, and you’re in.

After a chat for a while, you’ll be charged with the task of getting a furnace running again. Easy enough, except you can’t access it due to the building being locked.

So, instead, you are given a hammer and nails. Use the nails on this pillar in the building here, as shown.

Then jump on the roof and perform an action-hero leap of faith into this wall.

Then climb up to the roof here, and discover that the furnace, in fact, has fallen. Quite literally, unfortunately.

Search the room and grab anything and everything you can, including coal, tinderbox, and pickaxe (if you don’t already have one). Head to the first floor and excavate, then add coal, light, and gaze.

SHE LIVES! … you think I make these up?

Return to base, and get your next task.

You’ll be told to make some silvthril chain, which is basically mithril mixed with silver to create this alloy. Search this crate here to get a mould, and loot the stores for mithril and silver bars, as well as some construction tools. You’ll need them later.

Return to the furnace and use the silver (or mithril) on it. Create a chain … or two, if you wish, and bring them back. Hand them over to Flaygan, “the team thinker” (yeah right …) and he’ll tell you now to have a chat with Safalaan.

It’s time to return to the laboratory and look more into it. Safalaan and two bodyguards will meet you at the laboratory just north of your current position, in this area here.

… or so you thought …

Ha! Gotcha!

Annoying pests. That was so annoying! Doesn’t it make you just wanna chop away that wooden door? Yes, take that saw, and burn some steam by slicing a hole in the door to the right. There, much better.

… now, what we were doing again?- … oh, oh yeah. Trying to get through the door … right.

Go through, and they said they’ll meet you up ahead. After a long walk, you’ll pass some rather unusual monsters …

… and make it to this large, strange room.

At the other end, there is a rock with … familiar energy. Almost runic, if you ask me. Could this be the legendary blood altar spoke of in legends?

Maybe I’m just dreaming. Chat with Safalaan to keep moving.

AMBUSH! ARGH! The vyrewatches attack, and you lose an ally. The other one just runs, and you and Safalaan duke it out for a while. Don’t worry about food or anything, they won’t kill you. But Safalaan … he can’t take any more …

… he’s magical? Look at him glow!

SHA-POW! Pure ownage! Get his pitiful hide back to camp, why don’t you?

Anyways, disregarding that strange, cataclysmic event, you will be given four items to work with: a Rod of Ivandis, a blessed sickle, some of that chain, and an emerald. Chisel that emerald into the sickle, and then enchant it with level 2 enchant. If you forgot a cosmic rune, they are frequent drops by the undead hands in the lab. Then use the chain on the rod, and viola! Super stick!

It works the same way a Rod of Ivandis does, except it can also work as the blessed sickle. Also, it’s more power, and holds 30 charges to kill juvinates. The charges can also stun Vyrewatches for an easier kill, or just give them Guthix Balance. You can also auto-cast with it. What’s more, you can use it to kill the Vyrewatches now! At last, revenge! Oh, and guess what else rocks? You don’t need to waste a charge on the Vyrewatches, so they can last forever!

Why don’t you run outside and do it now? Oh, and grab the corpse so you’ll have some tea-bagging material for later. … just kidding. Maybe …

Now it’s time to walk a lot. Return to Burgh de Rott and chat with Valiaf. Then take the first newbie citizen down to Paterdomas, route 1, and chat with Drezel. It’s time to make a funeral pyre.

Use the pyre logs on the pyre and add the body. Light it for a spiritual show.

Now you have a key. I wonder what it’s for. Better ask Drezel. But first, do I see something shining over there? Go check it out quickly.

Is it? … can it be? Only one way to find out! Use your key on that recess.


Drezel will appear, hit you with some sort of blessing spell for no reason, and then leave you to admire your nice little toy. Return to Veliaf in Burgh de Rott for your long-deserved reward.



Feel free to check out those caverns. Long-time farmers will be pleased to know that the ‘undead’ hands in the blood cavern drop seeds by packs of 3, including limpwurt, strawberry, and belladonna. Watch out for the mutated bloodvelds, though they are one heckuva good thing to fight for slayer if you’ve got a ranged advantage, as they have so many more hitpoints (even more then experiments!) and some cool drops like chaos runes in 20s, runite knives, and of course, charms. Take a summon! Take a CANNON! And if bloodvelds twice the level of regular ones with nearly 200 health don’t tickle your fancy, there’s an isolated cavern with regular ones in a multi-combat area that you can ‘cannonate’ for a fast task.

A fast way to get to them is the blood altar from the abyss, which I’ve taken the liberty to explore a bit.

Past the blood altar is … aside from a wicked long tunnel, an agility shortcut to the cavern below Canifis where you get the Ivandis Rod mould. A much better route to Burgh de Rott, but it’s still a long tunnel. I would suggest a couple of trips to the salt bath in Oo’glog or summon a spirit terrorbird before attempting to use it.

Now, if you actually going to do the cremation thing, here’s a few things you should know:

– You can stun Vyrewatches when they’re half-health, but this does nothing special. They still attack somehow.
– Guthix Balance only damages stunned Vyrewatches, but it still does quite a bit of damage.
– Maple pyre logs are recommended, because they’re the cheapest.
– You get 80 prayer exp and whatever firemaking exp the logs offer for each cremation.
– Rewards can range from single limpwurt seeds to runite plate legs and bars.
– One can get charms by this method.
– There’s a lectern to the south that lists how many you have cremated. What happens if you get 50?

Drops I’ve gotten from Cremating Vyrewatches:
– Charms
– Runite legs
– Runite javelins
– Adamantite full helmet
– Limpwurt seed
– Herbs up to and including torstol (herbs lower then ranarr come in bundles of 3)
– Death runes, 10-13
– Additional blood talismans
– Noted gold bars
– Steel (108) and Adamantite (27) arrows
– Herb seeds (irit)
– Adamantite ore
– Guthix Page 4 (… really)
– Charms

(Apparently, dragon items like dragon spears are comparatively common rewards)

New Creature information:

Skeleton Hand:
– Combat Level: 80
– Hitpoints: 100
– Max Hit: 8
– Counts as Crawling Hand Slayer Assignment
– Significant Drops: Seeds in bundles of 3 up to belladonna, enchanted and unenchanted bracelets up to ruby, nails (steel and black), herbs, combination runes (dust, steam), and charms.

Zombie Hand:
– Combat Level: 90
– Hitpoints: 100
– Max hit: 8
– Counts as Crawling Hand Slayer Assignment
– Significant Drops: Seeds in bundles of 3 up to belladonna, enchanted and unenchanted bracelets up to ruby, nails (steel and black), herbs (mostly above irit), combination runes (dust, steam), and charms.

Mutated Bloodveld #1:
– Combat Level: 126
– Hitpoints: 178
– Max Hit: 9
– Counts as Bloodveld Slayer Assignment
– Drops: Chaos, death, and blood runes, runite medium, black boots, mithril square, adamantite hatchet, runite arrows, super defense (3). Potential rare loot remains unknown.

Mutated Bloodveld #2:
– Combat Level: 146
– Hitpoints: 196
– Max Hit: 11
– Counts as Bloodveld Slayer Assignment

Vyrewatches (Stats are respective to each other):
– Combat Levels: 110, 120, 130, 140
– Hitpoints: 95, 105, 115, 125
– Max Hit: 15, 16, 17, 17
– Immune to poison.
– Drops Vyrewatch corpses. Save those for cremation.
– Must use Ivandis Flail to harm.
– They only melee, but the ones in Myreditch will sometimes try to tithe you if you don’t immediately start combat against them. It is suggested you try to flee at this time, as they won’t let you directly attack them. It is recommended you fight the ones to the east of Burgh de Rott to avoid this hassle.


This is a very relieving because after suffering to the vyrewatches for so long, the myreque can now finally fight back against them. Plans are set in motion, and it’s now only a matter of time before we defeat them for good. It’s one of those quests that is not only exciting during the storyline, but leaves the questeer excited at what’s going to come next. We’ve prepared the Myreque, and no doubt the next quest will involve some real fighting. I can’t wait!

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  • tobylane Says:
    2nd September 2008, at 1:55pm

    Cremating vyrewatch sounded a lot better than it was, even if you’re not weak it takes a while. They should be a slayer monster, though probably immune to black mask.

    Good quest, runes havn’t crashed too badly (ge probably did it before).