Kennith’s Concerns

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This quest take us back to Witchhaven, that little town to the east of Ardougne and to the south of the Legends Guild.

Kennith, Kent and Caroline’s son, whom you rescued from the Sea Slugs, has a suspicion that the villagers of Witchhaven are doing something under the town. He asks you to go investigate the caves in the dungeon to the west of Witchhaven (the caves you had to go into to do the Family Crest quest).

Some of you might still be familiar with the Sea Slug quests; Sea Slug and Slug Menace. If so it’s probably because you’ve just finished one of them or like that quest line (the former is more probable).

The next continuation of this quest line is Kennith’s Concerns. In this quest you are asked to investigate Witchhaven villager activity in the caves underneath the ruins to the west (the ruins which weren’t there before Witchhaven was built). You find that the villagers have been (and are currently) digging a tunnel underneath Witchhaven. When you ask the two Female guards if you can come in they do not allow you to. When turning to leave, as you hop over some rubble, the caves collapse a little bit just in front of you, luckily missing you.

(If you want to see something interesting then go south of where the two villagers are standing, through the imposing doors, and down that tunnel. You’ll come to a fairly large room with a dark red floor. This is where Mother Mallum was in the Slug Menace; interesting to know that she’s no longer living here isn’t it?)

Anyway, when you return back in Witchhaven and speak to Kennith, he seems to care more about his parents than his suspicions about something going on underneath Witchhaven. Kennith asks you to go find his parents. They’re walking just about to the south of the fishing store. When you speak to them, Caroline seems to be hooked on that fact that Kennith is such a ‘wonderful’ child, Kent, however, needs to talk to you but cannot say so in the public, so he hands you a note and runs away. The note tells you that he’s waiting in front of the Legend’s Guild for you.

When you reach him you find that he’s concerned about Kennith’s friend Kimberly, who’s living alone in her house to the north of Witchhaven. Go back down to Witchhaven and speak to her. When you speak with her she’ll tell you that she’s worried about her parents because they’ve been missing for awhile now. She asks you to go with her to ask Kennith if he knows where her parents are. You agree and then a cut-scene occurs.

In the cut-scene, four female villagers are banging on the doors, windows, and walls and want Kimberly to ‘Come out and play’ and ‘Have some fun’ with them (interesting, or at least I thought it was). Kimberly says she won’t move an inch until you bring the villagers into the church of Saradomin in the center of Witchhaven (“Oh Sure! No problem! I’ll just use myself as Live bait!”).

Well you really have nothing to fear since the villagers can’t even try to attack you; they just follow you around saying you’re not wanted and they’ll get you. Get all four of their attentions and bring them to the church. Once they’re all inside, lock the door and return to Kimberly. She’ll now start walking to Kennith’s house.

She’ll ask him if he’s seen her parents and he’ll say no and call her a wimp for being scared. He’ll mention that his parents are ‘indisposed’ but he’s not crying over it. He’ll call her a wimp various times throughout the conversation. During the conversation a cut-scene will play and four more female villagers will come and hit on the walls, windows, and doors like before. Kimberly will again ask you to bring them into the church and Kennith will call her a wimp for not doing it herself. You’ll then tell her not to mind what he says and agree to do it.

Once they’re in the church go talk to Kimberly again and she’ll ask you to follow her to Ezekial Lovecraft (he’s the owner of the fishing shop). She’ll ask him if he’s seen her parents and he’ll say no. You and Ezekial will talk about the cave to the west and he’ll tell you that he can get you in. He’ll tell you to meet him in the caves after you’ve gotten Kimberly situated. You’ll ask her if she’ll be ‘OK’ in Ezekial’s shop alone and she says she will be.

Head to the caves to the west and down to where the digging was and you’ll find Ezekial standing by the guards. Talk to the guards and he’ll help you in by changing your meanings.

Guard: “His skin is not as waxen as ours.”
Ezekial: “An unfortunate deformation.”
You: “Perhaps if I see the work it will make my pain more bearable.”
Guard: “It is wonderful work.”

Once you’re inside you’ll ask Ezekial how to get through the next door. He’ll tell you that you’ll have to hide behind carts and walls in order to not let yourself be seen by the workers or guards while trying to get to the right (western I believe) side to prospect the wooden patches so that you can see which is weak and minable. You can do that or just prospect and mine the center boards.

First room

After getting through that room you’ll find yourself on a minecart track. Follow this west (I believe) and you’ll come to a door. Pull the lever directly across from this door and Ezekial will walk through. After he does that you can run back to where you came from and walk through the next door (Ezekial will follow you).

Once in this room you’ll ask him how to get through the next room. He’ll tell you that this one is going to be tricky. You’ll have to hide behind minecarts and walls while mining Rubium to put on the steam vents. When you put a chunk of Rubium on a steam vent it will ignite and turn into an ever-burning torch.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of this room so you won’t be able to see how it’s laid out until you get into it.

Remember, if you get seen by a worker or guard you’ll be thrown out and your Rubium will combust (dealing no damage thankfully) because Rubium is a very unstable ore.

Once you’ve put Rubium onto all the steam vents all the workers and guards will collapse on the floor, overtaken by the heat. (Yet you’re standing, or rather crouching, as if the room was 72°F.)

Continue on out of that room and you’ll be in a room with Kennith’s parents: Kent and Caroline. Caroline is still hooked on Kennith being such a ‘Wonderful’ child and now Kent is a bit more hooked on it. Ask Ezekial how to get through the next room and he’ll tell you that this one will be easy because there’s lots of Rubium.

Third room

…Little does he tell you that it’s all on the far side of the room guarded by three guards (two of which can’t seem to have an obsession with orbiting the two pillars the stand near). You’ve got to do the same thing in this room as you had to do in the last room – hide, mine, ignite, and watch ’em fall. Once you’ve steamed all the villagers (steamed seafood anyone?) they’ll collapse like in the last room, Then continue through the door and you’ll be in a room with two people mining a rock.

Their names are Clive and Katherine, and after a short talk with them you’ll find that they’re Kimberly’s parents who’re being controlled by voices. They’ll ask you to please go check on Kimberly whom you left in Ezekial’s fishing shop.

On your way out you’ll meet Kennith, the little ‘wonderful’ child who…

Strange little guy

…seems to have some sort of power.

His anger about his lost train has started to consume him. What train you ask? Earlier in the quest he talked about a train that Kimberly lost, and it appears this is why he is…in his current state. He’s now trapped Kimberly in a power sphere.

Ezekial will come in and ask what’s going on. After a short talk with him he’ll tell you to go upstairs to Witchhaven and look for the train. It’s placed randomly around the town and is an object rather then an item so it will not show up on the map. It’s also fairly small so it might be hard to find.

After you acquire his ‘Tiny Train’ (hardly big enough to make a fuss over), return to the cave where Kennith, Kimberly, and Ezekial are and use the train on Kennith. A cut-scene will play showing you throwing the train at Kennith. It will hit him on the head and his power will dissipate, and then he’ll start playing with the train. Kimberly will also now be free (notice how he isn’t hurt by the train hitting him – a normal kid with his anger level would be gone mad by being hit in the head with a toy train).

During your conversation with Ezekial…

How does he know that?

…Hmm, how does he know that?

After talking a bit more with Ezekial he’ll tell you to please bring him any Rubium you might come across and he’ll buy it from you (for the very (un)reasonable price of 10 gp). Afterwards the quest will complete and you’ll get your reward of 1 Quest Point, 12K Mining XP, and 5k Agility XP.

Alright, now that we’re done with that part of the quest…

How well was this storyline written?

Not very well. The only way this advanced the Sea Slug quest line was by showing that Mother Mallum has moved from her throne room, that Kennith is obviously the new Slug Prince, and that Kimberly has something to do with defeating the Sea Slugs.

Rating: 5/10 Had no good point to it.

Was it worth it?

Not for me. It might not be too bad of a reward for lower leveled characters seeing as there’s no fighting. I could get 12k Mining experience easily in the time it took me to do this quest and the 5k agility experience I could get in around 10 minutes. 1 Quest Point is 1 Quest point but it’s not like it helped my trade limit or anything.

Rating: 6/10 The reward wasn’t good enough for the time it took.

I expected a better storyline to go along with the Sea Slug and Slug Menace quests, because those two were pretty good but this makes that storyline look bad.

Overall quest rating: 3/10

Total rating: 7/15

I don’t mean to sound like a negative critic but this quest was a let down; I expected better. I hope Jagex’s next update will be much better.

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