The Godwars Dungeon

posted by on 31st October 2007, at 3:30pm

Late? Yes it is. But the reason is because I wanted to experience it myself. And I’m sure all who came enjoyed that event, did you not? 😉 Shane especially.

This update was huge. It came with a gargantuan dungeon with legions of swarming enemies to kill. Monsters depicting distinct characteristics of the gods Saradomin, Armadyl, Bandos, and Zamorak. These monsters ranged from a mere level 7 to a formidable level 149. New items such as the godsword, Dragon boots, new armors for ranged and mêléers, and new Slayer monsters.

Each god has its own monsters. Each god also has its own section of the dungeon. And each god also has a boss monster. In order to get into Zamorak’s boss, you will need to get a kill count of 40 Zamorakian monsters (imps, vampires, hellhounds, spiritual mages, etc.). Once you’ve achieved this kill count, you can proceed into the boss room of the Zamorakian portion of the dungeon.

K’ril Tsutsaroth is the boss for Zamorak. He is a massive demon at level 650. His predominant attack style is melee, and if you don’t pray against it, it’ll crush you like you’re nothing. He can hit upwards towards 50. He also uses magic attacks occasionally, so melee prayer won’t save you all the time. This guy drops (most notably) all three godsword shards, the Zamorakian hilt, and the Zamorakian spear.

Armadyl’s boss isn’t one of the ones people like to go after. Most think the armor looks stupid (I think it looks fine). After getting a kill count of 40 Armadyll followers, you may enter the boss monster’s lair. Kree’arra is the boss here. At level 580, he may not look as intimidating as K’ril Tsutsaroth, but if you run in there not knowing how to handle him, you will be massacred. Kree’arra uses ranged based attacks, and he can hit nearly 70. He also uses magic as a second attack style so again, you can’t say you’re fully safe. Kree’arra’s notable drops are all three godsword shards and the Armadyl armor set.

Commander Zilyana, the boss of the Saradomin section, is the only boss that even looks remotely similar to a human. She is level 596 and uses magic and melee based attacks. She hits near 30. She may be one of the harder bosses to reach, since the skill requirement is 70 agility to get in. After you’ve gotten your 40 Saradomin kill count (and 70 agility) you may enter her chamber. You will want to melee her, and pray against magic—but remember, she has melee as a type of attack also. Even though she is possibly the harder boss to reach, she hits the least out of them all. Her most sought after drops are those of all three godsword shards, the Saradomin sword, and the Saradomin godsword hilt.

The last boss I’m going to mention is the one we took upon ourselves to pay a visit to on an RSB&B event—General Graardor. He is the boss of the Bandos section of the dungeon, and requires a hammer to beat down his door, as well as the 40 Bandos kills. Graardor is a giant level 624 ogre-type thing. He can hit up to 60 (as Shane learned the hard way). If you’re being targeted by Graardor, you will need to pray melee; otherwise, pray ranged. His minions use ranged AND mage attacks, so you will nearly always take damage if you’re being attacked. Fighting him is pretty straightforward and easy to do if you are in a large group. His drops are all three godsword shards, the Bandos hilt, and the full set of Bandos armor.

The new Slayer monsters mentioned drop things such as the Dragon boots, and other dragon items. The mages that drop Dragon boots require 83 Slayer to attack.

This update was by far the best one in recent times. The graphics of the area are fantastic (for RuneScape*) and the new items are awesome (but insanely expensive*). If you’re lucky enough to get a good drop there, you’ll have a nice chunk of change sitting in your bank later on. Not only was this update good in many aspects, it’s also fun. And, dare I say, easy if you have enough people cooperating. So if you haven’t headed down there to get a glimpse of this place, I recommend you do; it’s pretty cool. If you plan on fighting the bosses, please don’t try it alone your first few times. The bosses can be soloed, but it’s not as easy or fun as with a group. So yeah, go check it out. 😛

(For pictures of these monsters go here: and check out each area’s info)

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