The Cutting Edgeville

posted by on 31st October 2007, at 3:30pm

“As part of our continuing effort to improve the looks of the ‘older’ places of RuneScape, our Graphics team have been busy enriching and enhancing above-ground Edgeville. Townsfolk, buildings, bridges and even Oziach’s hut have all been revisited and spruced, including the entire surrounding area. From Edgeville Dungeon entrance and eerie graveyard to the Wilderness Ditch; from the bridge over the river to Oziach’s hut; the whole area has been given an exciting, and some might say ‘edgy’, new look!

Whether you need a place to meet before a Wilderness campaign or you’ve just come back to recover from your adventures in far-off places, stop by and take a look – you might find yourself on the ‘edge’ of your seat when examining the effort put in to improving this eccentric town!” ( )
Oh, certainly. Graphics updates are nice. Edgeville was one of the more used towns that was lacking in graphical quality ever since most of the major cities had been updated (though they keep doing F2P spots, making the F2Pers think this is what members look like when really most of P2P is still “old”).

A furnace has been added to this city, now; it’s very close to the bank. They’ve also added another door to the bank right in front of the furnace. There’s a catch, though—you need to complete the Varrock achievement diary in order to get in. The whole feel of the town is less vibrant than it was before, but it’s not as drastic of a change as Varrock was. After that update it looked like the city was full of smog.

The stones on the buildings have been enlarged, and windows have been added to most of the buildings. The NPC’s also look much more detailed than before. And, like always, the guards look unique to the city. The pretty little bridge over the River Lum has also been updated. Various other changes have been made, like the way the ground looks and where the paved path goes exactly, but those aren’t nearly as big of a deal as the others mentioned. They do make the update seem more complete, though. The coffins in the building south of the bank also look nicer, and that stupid random pair of gloves is still there.

05.PNG 04.PNG 03.PNG 02.PNG 01.PNG

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