Sharing the Loot

posted by on 31st October 2007, at 12:13pm
Are you in a clan? Go King Black Dragon hunting a lot? Tired of getting the worst loot of the group? Want to get better loot? If you answered yes to all these questions then the LootShare system is perfect for you.

What is the LootShare system exactly? Well basically it’s a system that helps you share loot with your fellow clan mates. The LootShare system is integrated into the Clan Chat system itself so theres no need for more complications. The LootShare system is represented by this symbol in the top right corner of the Clan Chat menu.

When you click on he LootShare you will be greeted by this symbol and you will have to wait a few minutes before the system takes effect.

You are able you change who gets the drops by changing the ranks of people and by editing what ranks can get the loot as shown here.

To join a LootShare system you must be on a LootShare world (shown in yellow next to a world) and you must a be a suitable rank on a suitable chat channel. Once you have done that you must click on the money bag and see the hourglass once again. Once time is up your ready to share loot again.

When a monster dies, you will be informed in friendly green letters in the chat box if you have received the drop, so you can go and collect it.

Otherwise it will directly tell you who gets the drop and what they get, so there will be no secret hogging of good rewards!
If you are unlucky to receive a small or less valuable amount of the loot then your chance of getting better or more loot will increase. This does not mean the you will get a better chance of getting a dragon chain. Everyone will get a equal share of the loot if you stick around long enough. The value of the items for the LootShare system is based upon the current market value, not the regular shop price.

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