Varrock Achievement Diary

posted by on 30th September 2007, at 4:18pm

Yep, they’ve released another chapter to the Achievement diary. (I hope you’ve finished the last one.)

This chapter is for Varrock and if anyone remembers back in May Jagex did a Guaranteed Content poll about which chapter players wanted next. 31%(38,486) of 124,792 people voted for Varrock and that way outdid Camelot/Seers which came in second with 21%(26626) votes. (No, I’m not going to say what each option got, just telling you why Varrock was chosen.) I hope you voted in that poll.

Anyways, like I said above Jagex has released another chapter of the Achievement diary. And like the last one there is three levels of tasks. First of all to start you must speak to Rat Burgiss (on the road south of Varrock going to Lumbridge), Reldo (in Varrock Library) or Vannaka (the slayer master in Edgeville Dungeon) to begin. Once you’ve started the diary you’ll find that by doing everyday things around Varrock you complete tasks. Now some of these tasks aren’t so normal or easy, a few of them require you to have rather high skill levels like 73 smithing or 70 Farming, or others which require you to do quests like Desert Treasure.

Easy Tasks

These involve very easy tasks requiring only 1 quest and skill levels below 30. The easiest of these is “Give a stray dog a bone”, the hardest of these is “Venture through the cobwebbed corridor in Varrock Sewers”, and the one which costs the most is “Move your player-owned house portal to a different location using the Varrock estate agent’s”.

Medium Tasks

Not too hard but not easy by any means, these tasks require you to do 13 quests aswell as completing the Stronghold of security and have moderate skill levels. The easiest of these tasks is “Use the Teleport to Varrock spell”, the hardest is “Get a full complement of rats on your rat pole”, and the one which costs the most is “Buy twenty mahogany planks from the Sawmill Operator in one transaction”, yes that’s right, one transaction.

Hard Tasks

These live up to there name requiring you to complete over 20 quests and have over level 40 in alot of skills. The easiest of these is “Use the pipe shortcut in Varrock Sewers, near the moss giants”, the hardest is “Craft an air battlestaff”, and the one which costs the most is “Give your player-owned house a fancy stone or tropical wood finish at the Varrock estate agent’s” though some say that smithing an adamant medium helm costs more because of the level it requires.

As you can see, the average player could complete the Easy tasks and most or all of the Medium, but it takes a higher and more experienced player to do all the tasks. Those who do complete every task in a category have a pretty good reward in store, if you’re a smith that is.

The reward is a piece of body armor which, when worn, grants access to the smithy in Edgeville (which wasn’t there before this update). This forge has the ability to smelt two bars at the same time thus speeding up smithing a fair bit. There is one catch to this though, the Easy reward armor can only dual-smelt up to steel, when you get the Medium upgrade it can dual-smelt up to Mithryl, and with the Hard Upgrade it dual-smelt up to adamant. Also, when wearing the armor while mining you have a chance of mining two ores at the same time! But, like with smelting, there is a limit on the type of ores this applies to, this is the same limit that is with dual-smelting, Easy is up to coal, Medium is up to Mithryl, and Hard is up to Adamant.

This armor also grants access to the cooking guild in place of a chef’s hat or Cooking cape, though why doing stuff in Varrock gives a reward in the cooking guild is beyond me, none of the tasks you do even involve the cooking guild! Aside from dual-smelting, dual-mining, and granting access to the Cooks guild this armor also grants access to a bank in the cooking guild, thus making it more inviting to the experienced player.

Not a Cook or a Smith? Never fear! Jagex has the usual 16k experience reward also. Like in the Karamja diary, part of the Easy reward is a lamp granting 1k experience in any skill, part of the Medium reward is a lamp granting 5k experience in any skill, and part of the Hard reward is a lamp granting 10k experience in any skill.

With dual-smelting, dual-mining, accessing the Chef’s guild by wearing special armor, access to a bank in the Chef’s guild, AND 16k experience on top of that I don’t see how many people wouldn’t want to finished this chapter in their Achievement Diary.

I think that’s about all of this update, I hope I didn’t forget anything. Oh, another part of this update, though it has nothing to do with the Achievement diary, is a graphical change to Pirates and Children. (Kind of a scary combination there don’t you think?) Pirates have received new clothing that should make them look more piratey, and The Mothers of RuneScape finally got so annoyed at their Children not changing their clothes that they had Jagex change them. Though annoyed at having to be in “Hard” and “itchy” (as Wilough and Shilop said) they do seem to like the new colors, though they won’t admit it.

Well what are you standing around for? Go do some of the tasks in the Varrock chapter of the Achievement diary or admire the Children’s and Pirates’ new clothes! (Or you could go read another article)

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