The extra-Spooky Edition

posted by on 30th September 2007, at 4:20pm

October has come and the ghost and ghouls (aka staff writers) have brought us another delightful issue of RSBANDBInformer! This month, in my opinion, is especially exciting with multiple articles that take a new perspective on Runescape and its skills. Rune Beast0, our newest addition to the staff, has written a stunning article asking the question, “If Runescape didn’t exist, what would Jagex be like?”. The new ZMI altar is discussed, and beautifully illustrated, by Alex 43 who has also written and advice column on females.

Jasonmrc and Bluebrisingr have also gone knee-deep into the basics and best strategies for Herblore, Slayer, and Defence. Last, and certainly not least, an article detailing the next ten years of computing has been written by our village techie, Matthew.

While this issue probably won’t scare the Rune Platelegs off of our readers,we’re confident that they will learn a thing or two about Runescape, technology, or even girls. This month’s Signature of the Month has been awarded to Slimppu for this sig:

Congratulations and enjoy your trophy.

Best wishes for a safe and happy Halloween,

Mushroom Queen, Shane, Brad, and the Newspaper Staff.

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