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ZMI Altar



A forgotten and weakened altar has been unearthed north of the Observatory. With the ability to produce any type of rune, the altar holds undeniable power, but its discovery would be so much sweeter if the Zamorakian Magical Institute (ZMI) hadn’t got there first.

The ZMI unearthed the Ourania Rune Altar near Scorpius’s grave, but their attempts to repair it have gone a wee bit awry. Regardless of the altar’s weakened state, the ZMI are guarding it fiercely to prevent any rival mages from stealing their source of runes.

This mysterious altar also seems to raise Runecrafting levels at exceptional rates – but at what cost? There seems to be something a mite unreliable about the runes the altar produces. They are all so very…random.

Whispers from the Zamorakians imply that more experienced runecrafters will receive better rewards from this chaotic altar, but there can be no predicting what it will produce next.

Will you dare risk the Zamorakian’s wrath by runecrafting at the ZMI altar?


Where to start using the ZMI Altar:

North of the Observatory, by Scorpius’s grave.

Requirements to use the ZMI Altar:


Requirements to use the lunar teleport to the ZMI Altar:

Lunar Diplomacy quest.
Level 71 Magic



Textures, fog, and shadows. That's all it takes.

Finally, a rune-crafting update that’s actually fun to do! A new altar (comes with a cool name: Ourania), a new bank, a new teleport, and a bunch of new enemies! Doesn’t get any better then that!

Here’s the scoop. Basically, Jagex added a ladder to the ever-UNpopular Zamorak base to the west of the Gnome Tree Village, straight north of the Castle Wars arena. The only reasons why someone would possibly go there would be to enchant their Zamorak symbols – something that can now be done by players with ever SOpopular Zamorak books, and to capture red salamanders.

But now, not only is there a fresh, shiny, GLITTERY new teleport option to this desolate area, but it has now become the center of attention to Runecrafters far and wide!

This altar will turn all your pure essence into RANDOM runes, including astral, blood, and soul! This means that if you bring a few pouches full of pure essence … HAS to be pure, mind you, and craft runes upon it, you’ll suddenly find yourself in possession of 1 – 5 type of nearly every runestone on Runescape, depending on your present runecrafting level.

Please not that you can not, in any way, associate combination runes with this update.



Of course you can. Even though the main path is guarded by a vast number (well, only 12, really) of level 80+ enemies that will automatically attack you (full Guthan for the win!) using all 3 forms of attack. If you’ve got good armor, you can rush the main path while switching your prayer accordingly. The place is multi-combat, so watch out. Fortunately, they don’t have many hitpoints, so swig a strength potion and bash them for some good rewards like runes and coins.

Fortunately, the local lizards (level 30+) hate Zamorak as much as you do, and sometimes they’ll even risk their lives to distract the Zamorakians while you run past. Keep in mind that if you attack them, they prioritize you over them unlike the God War dungeon, so make sure you can afford to get hit should you decide to train on them.

Even if you’re a pure or whatever, there is also the option of taking a longer, weaving path without the danger whatsoever of getting assaulted, unless you stray away from the altar upon the main path. But if you stay close to the altar itself (behind the stonework), you’ll be safe.

There is also a bank there at the entrance that requires 20 runes of any type to access. Of course, you definitely wouldn’t want to use blood runes for that, Buy yourself a trainload of mind or body runes, or even take a few trips to the barrows for a few thousand minds before you actually do this. Be sure to carry a bunch of them with you, in case you lag while banking. It’s only one inventory space, after all.

After paying the fee, you enter your Bank PIN (Get one!) and access the bank like any other, withdrawing armor, food, and pure essence, and everything else you need for some reason. Note that if you lag out or you exit the bank too quickly, you’ll have to pay the fee again.

If it so happens that you don’t have the runes, never fear. The level 19 dudes that walk around always drop some simple runes in good quantities. Mind you, you may have to kill quite a few, but it’s much better then walking all the way to Ardougne, right?

Of course, there is another quick banking method that’s even better. Read on to find out.



First, you get double the experience from normal runes. That means instead of 5 exp per air rune, you get 10 – equivalent to law runes. If you get a soul rune, that’s nearly 30 exp. So averaging it, you’ll get around 20 exp average per essence, depending on your current level, of course.

You get heaps of experience by this method (double the usual amount is called heaps to me, especially if you’re lucky to get a soul or blood rune …) as well as the runes necessary to possibly teleport back to the entrance! That’s right, if you set yourself to Lunar Magics and wield a lava staff, you’ll be able to teleport to Lunar Isle for quick and free banking, then shoot right back with the shiny (literally) new level 71 teleport spell in the Lunar Spellbook without having to worry about enemies, as well as recharge your prayer on the way down.

Only takes 4 astral runes and 2 law runes to do (cut that in half if you have a friend there that’ll use the group teleport), which you almost always will get back plus more from the altar itself. Saves you having to travel all the way back, too (well, somewhat, you still have to get back to the trapdoor). Totally worth it, if you ask me.

It’s just one of those things where you get more exp then reward. Only worthwhile if you’re training rather then just getting runes.



Personally, I’d rate this update as “right up there”. It makes Runecrafting, which I rarely do unless I need law runes, quite fun. Also, ANY new Lunar spell, especially a teleport to a place where there aren’t any is always fantastic. Well done, Jagex, you’ve done good!

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