Themed Worlds for all themed World Searchers.

posted by on 31st August 2007, at 10:55pm

Attention Minigame lovers who can never find populated worlds for your favorite games: Your wildest dreams have come true. No, the prizes have not become free. But you’ll still like what the J-Team has done.

Themed Worlds have been made in order to help players find people who enjoy their favorite minigames. People gather around in the specialized worlds to play their minigames instead of begging for helpers in the Forums and then get instantly cast down by either a random flame war or a Player Mod trying to get on good terms with the J-dudes again by doing their mini-jobs for them.

Altogether, you can play minigames with people much more easily now. But the free prizes idea is something I’d really like as well.

Compiled here is a list of the worlds that are currently themed, just in case you’re too lazy to check the Knowledge Base this information was based from.

Pest Control: Obviously the greatest minigame for combat training requiring at least 5 players or at most 25 players. You find this minigame at the Void Knight Outpost, accessed from Port Sarim
-World 53
-World 115
-World 144

Trouble Brewing: Brewing Trouble and earning Naval stuff requiring at least three players on each team. You find this minigame on Mos Le Harmless.
-World 104

Barbarian Assault: Strategy-based Teamwork game requiring only Five Players.
-World 6
-World 71

Castlewars: Team game of Capture the Flag. Utter mayhem if there’s tonnes of people.
-World 24

Blast Furnace: The ultimate furnace in coal-related smelting. Cuts coal usage by half per bar.
-World 58

Burthrops Games Room: You play board games with other players. It’s updated.
-World 45

Duel Arena: You fight to the death against someone. Beware of low-levelers that use ancients.
-World 12 – Fun Duels
-World 83 – Staking

Falador Party Room: PARTAAYYYY!
World 102 – Free World Partying
World 103 – Member World partying.

House Parties: You build a house, invite people to party, This world is where you find guests and host parties.
-World 31

Fishing Trawler: The only way to get Sea Turtles and Manta Rays. Now you can get them en masse!
-World 116

Group Questing: For those who like doing quests with groups of other players. (I can’t though, because I already did all of them!)
-World 100

Rat Pits: Pits filled with rats. A really good way to raise your cats while gambling a little money and possibly your shirt like that one guy…
-World 138

Role-Playing: Like the term says, you make a role in a story and you play it out with other people. Some conditions may apply, judging by the host’s mental capacity.
-World 42

Shades of Mort’ton: Ever wanted to get yourself some splitbark armor, but can’t because the temple is being overrun all the time? There’s loads of people to help in this world!
-World 131

Tzhaar Fight Pits: You fight in volcanic pits. Last man standing is either a food-user or someone who hides. Very occasionally, someone actually DOES stand up victorious and actually earned it.
-World 79

Rune Running: The following list is compiled by rune types.
AIR RUNES: running like the wind.
-World 16
LAW RUNES: running under the law.
-World 66
-World 99
NATURE RUNES: it’s natural to run.
-World 36

Trade: Self-explanatory. A place where you trade your hard-earned, useful items for cash to buy cheap useless, yet rare stuff. The markets are randomly placed but are most likely at Varrock, Seer’s Village bank, or Falador Park and/or banks.
FREE PLAYER WORLDS: Trade for Free players
-World 1
-World 3
-World 4
-World 5
-World 105
MEMBER WORLDS: Trade for the real life rich guys who get the luxuries.
-World 2
-World 26
-World 27

Pkayer-Killing Worlds:
FREE PLAYER WORLDS: Killing free players with the lame-looking armor.
-World 17
-World 68
MEMBER WORLDS: Killing people trying to get their God Spells trained… Or just killing people with snazzy armor sets.
-World 18
-World 69

If reading this whole thing took you two minutes to read, then you either didn’t read the report or you’re a superhuman like they advertised in the commercial breaks on TV. Anyways, go read another report now.

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