The New Player Kit (Player not included yet.)

posted by on 31st August 2007, at 10:55pm

Are you tired of having the lamest hairdo in the universe? Then you’re in luck! If you’re not tired of having the lamest hairdo in the universe… then make it lamer.

The new Player Kit has been released as a pitiful way for Jagex to place a filler in the way for their God Wars Dungeon. Most likely because they were slacking off in the creating of it. I’m one to talk though, since it’s already out by the time this Informer Issue is out… Unless Jagex delays it for next month…

Basically, the Player Kit allows you to change even more stuff on your Runescape Character in terms of default clothing, hairstyles, and even those gray armband things you were always annoyed by.

You can change your clothing to a wide variety of new stuff by going to Thessalia’s Clothing Shop to the West of the Varrock General Store. You can change your hairstyles and possibly facials (for men) at the Hairdresser in West Falador. You can change the gray armband thingies at a new shop place in North-East Keldagrim. It comes with a new minimap icon too, so you can’t miss it.

Facial Hair designs include actual names for the old beards, as well as a beard that makes you look like Wolverine from the X-Men comics, along with an oversized mustache from the surrealist painter, Salvador Dali. There’s even a Vizier facial design most noted for being the facial hairstyle for a Persian monarch. Hairstyles for men include Wind Braids, Curtains (long and short) and… Not much else. Hairstyles for women include tonnes of things, including a ponytail, four ponytails, and creepy emo hair! I never got the time to check the names for myself, but suffice to say that women DO have a wider fashion sense than men.

Clothing designs for men include some kind of nobleman outfit… or something. Women include tonnes of new stuff, Including ! … Lucky stiffs…

For the first week of the update, costs for changing were free. But by the time this Informer Issue is out, the free stuff is over. Costs for changing your clothes are 500 coins. Costs for changing your hairstyles are 2000 coins for both men and women. (It used to be 1000 for men, 2000 for women, but there seemed to be last-minute changes.) The cost for armband replacements is 500 coins.

Note: The Shoe changing store in Rellekka didn’t change whatsoever. Too bad.

Altogether, although Jagex made some sweet hairstyles (like the Samurai one), they most likely used this as filler to buy them time to make the God Wars Dungeon, which we all will love… Hopefully.

…Yeah, that’s about it. Go read another report now.

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