Clan Chat, New interfaces, and Glitch fixes

posted by on 31st August 2007, at 10:54pm

Clan Chat Channels (CCC)

With this update, Jagex released the ability to create your very own chat channel. Free players and Members can create a chat channel that them, their friends, and anyone else (if allowed) may enter and talk in, privately.

This update was mainly intended for RuneScape Clans but can and is used for many other purposes, RSBandB’s official Chat Channel for example. Not only does this allow Clans and Fansites to have an in-game chat but it also allows friends to talk together without anyone else listening. I’ve also seen a few channels dedicated to being market channels.

Setting up a channel

To setup a Channel go to the two little smiles near the friends and ignore list or hit F7. Once there you will see ‘Join Chat’ and ‘Clan Setup’. If you want to talk to someone while setting up your channel then hit Join chat and type the name of the owner. For example, to join RSBandB’s CCC type ‘mike12088’ and (unless for some strange reason he changed the settings) you will now be in RSBandB’s Channel. To talk on a Chat type “/” before your message. This will send it to everyone in the Chat.

But anyway, about setting up your CCC. Click the Clan Setup button and a screen will appear that shows 4 options on the left and your friends list to the right. These 4 Options are Clan Name, Who can enter chat, Who can talk on chat, and Who can kick on chat.

Clan Name
Clicking on this allows you to type a 12 character long name for your CCC. Special characters are not allowed in Clan Names and filtered words will still be filtered even in Clan Names, also please remember that using offensive words that do not get caught by the filter to name your CCC will result in a blackmark.

Who can enter chat?
This is like your privacy setting, use it to control who may come into your Chat. The options are as follow, Anyone, Any friends, Recruit+, Corporal+, Sergeant+, Lieutenant+, Captain+, General+, and Only me. If this is set to Recruit+ then whoever you want to enter you chat must be a Recruit or higher.

Who can talk on chat?
This controls who can talk in your chat. You might want only Lieutenant and above to talk, if so you change this setting to ‘Lieutenant+’. This has the same settings as Who can enter chat.

Who can Kick on chat?
This setting allows you to set which ranks can kick. This is usually set to ‘Lieutenant+’ or ‘Captain+’, though you can change it to whatever you want of course. This has pretty much the same settings as Who can enter/talk on chat except that Anyone, Friends, and Recruits are not on this list. That is because you must have an actual rank in the clan.

Assigning ranks

There are 6 special ranks that can be assigned to people along with “Friend” and “Channel Owner”. These ranks are as follows: Recruit, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, and General. They are listed in authority, from least to greatest.

Guests do not have any special icon near their name and can only be allowed in if the Channel owner allows it.

The Friend rank is anyone on the Channel Owner’s friends list. The have a Yellow smiley face next to their name and can be kicked by Corporals and above.

The Recruit rank is pretty much the basic rank except that it must be assigned. This is so that if a Clan Channel owner allows anyone to come in people can still tell who is actually in the clan and who is a nobody or friend. They get one “^” in front of their name in the clan chat. Recruits can be kicked by Corporals and above.

The Corporal rank would be used for signifying a certain rank in the clan. They are above Recruit but below Sergeant and up. The get two “^” in front of their name in the clan chat. Corporals can be kicked by Sergeants and above.

The Sergeant rank is like the Corporal except they are above it and below Lieutenants in rank. Also they get three “^” infront of their name. Sergeants can be kicked by Lieutenants and above.

The Lieutenant is above the Sergeant and below the Captain. Lieutenants often have the ability to ‘kick’ in channels if the Channel owner allows it. Lieutenants have a bronze star next to their name. Lieutenants can be kicked by Captains and above.

The Captain is above everything except the General and Owner. Captains usually can ‘kick’ people if allowed by the Channel owner. Captains have a silver star next to their name. Captains can only be kicked by Generals and Channel Owners.

The General is the second in command, topped only by the Channel owner. Generals almost always have the ability to ‘kick’. Generals have a gold star next to their name. Generals can only be kicked by Owners.

The Channel Owner is the top-most rank. No one can ‘kick’ him. He has a gold key next to his name. and is always allowed in his channel.


Giving someone the ability to kick is almost like giving the Modship except that it only applies when they’re in your channel.

Usually Lieutenants and above have the ability to kick anyone below them. Although not every channel is like this. The people allowed to kick is determined by the Channel owner. Only Corporals and above may have the ability to kick people.

Kicking is just what it says. When you have the ability to kick someone then you can boot or ‘expel’ them from the channel. Once you kick someone they are banned from the channel for one hour or until every in the chat leaves. But be careful! The kick option is the left-click option so if you want to add someone as a friend then you must right-click, otherwise you might find that person expelled.

New Interfaces

In addition to the Clan Chat Jagex changed how the game interfaces look. They are fancier then before and look like they have more space, though unfortunately they do not.

With the redone Interfaces they felt it was time to change how the in-game chat filters work. Their are now 6 chat filters along with Report abuse. These Filters range from letting all messages through to showing only trade and Challenge requests.

This will let you see every game message.

This will only show messages from the game, public text will still show in the game window but not in your message log.

Like before, this filters who’s public messages you see. The options haven’t changed and are still “On”, “Friends”, “Off’, and “Hide”.

Basically the same as above except you only have “On”, ‘Friends’, and “Off”. No need for a “Hide” option since your Private messages are only ever seen by you. This is more of a privacy setting.

Is basically the same thing as Private except that it applies to the clan Chat and not your private messages.

Trade / Compete
Same thing as Clan except it applies to trade and competition requests.

And then of course there is the Report abuse button. But, since we all know how that works I don’t need to go into it.

Glitch fixes

In the way of glitch fixes for previous updates we see the fix of the music in the “King’s Ransom” quest. The music played correctly but for some people it was not turning green and unlocking.

Some items around RuneScape were causing graphical glitches. I’m not off-hand which items these were but they’ve been fixed.

A few things were confusing people with the items kept on death screen, Jagex changed this so that it should now be less confusing.

The price of bolts of cloth at the Sawmill operator was fluctuating much faster then Jagex had originally planned. They have fixed this so that it will not be such a dramatic change in price.

Players were getting stuck at the end of the Fishing Trawler Minigame. Unfortunately I never experienced this so I cannot tell you exactly what was happening. But whatever was happening has been fixed and will hopefully not cause any landlubbers to be stranded.

Quite a bit in this update, the Clan Chat Channels being the main thing, of course.

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