Houses for Birds

posted by on 31st July 2007, at 9:40pm

This month Jagex has once again aroused us with some particular updates. The two I will be talking about in this article is the ”A bird in the hand…” and “POH room increase and more” updates, both released on July 9th. So lets start off with the birds shall we?

There wasn’t all the much to this one. Just that the birds of RuneScape got their well needed graphical improvements. The Jubblies look more imposing than ever and should scare the wits out you! The Terror birds no longer look like green painted flamingos, with their red eyes and dark green feathers will also scare you! And of course we can’t forget the peaceful ducks of RuneScape. They now look more.. duckier than ever. Oh, along with the birds came the mugger. He really wants to mug you now!

Now onto the POH Room increase update. The room increase wasn’t really I expected. I just expected to get 30 rooms, from level 1, but of course, Jagex makes you earn it by leveling up. It starts at level 50 where the maximum becomes 21 rooms up to 99 where you get 30 rooms. 28 room Dungeon, here I come.

Along with this update came a new button update. This button will tell what 3 (or 4) items you will keep upon death. This button can be found in your equipment tab and can be extremely useful when PKing.

And of course we have the bug fixes.

  • A problem has been fixed whereby players who were inserting or swapping items between their inventory and bank would see the item they’re dragging disappear behind the bank interface; this issue has now been rectified.
  • The rock golem’s boulder attack from one of the random events was previously being negated by Protect from Melee. This has been modified so now the boulders can only be stopped via Protect from Missiles instead. It’s best to just run away though or the rock golem might just splat you!
  • The mithril dragons’ breath attack is now more consistent with other dragons; previously, Protect from Magic was slightly reducing the damage taken by players.
  • We’ve also made a change to players entering and exiting player-owned houses. Players who enter player-owned houses may lose or gain Hitpoints whilst inside (e.g. by eating food or fighting monsters in the dungeon). Following today’s update, if you leave a house with less Hitpoints than you had when you went in, it’ll restore your Hitpoints back to the number you started with.


Player A enters a house on 20/50 Hitpoints. He eats and restores 20 Hitpoints, then leaves. He will leave with 40 Hitpoints.

Player B enters on 50/50 Hitpoints. He fights some monsters in the dungeon and takes 30 damage. He leaves the house and has his Hitpoints restored to 50/50.

Player C enters his house on 25/50 Hitpoints, he then leaves immediately. He will leave with 25 Hitpoints.

Well this is it for this article. Read up next month for more exciting articles about RuneScape!

If you have any questions about this article feel free to PM me via the PM on the RSB&B Forums.

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