Barbarian Training and Mithril Dragons!!

posted by on 31st July 2007, at 9:41pm

Barbarian Training

This was a pretty big update, but all that really stood out was the Mithril Dragons. The other additions are nice to have, but aren’t extremely useful.

To start off Barbarian Training, speak to Otto located at the Baxtorian Falls. He will teach you the Barbarian ways in the skills of firemaking, herblore, fishing, and smithing. When you speak with him he will give you a book for you to keep track of your progress and to keep Otto’s advice in.

The firemaking part is probably the easiest out of them all. All you have to do is get an oak log and use a strung bow with it. Your character will rub the logs together using the bow to create a fire without a tinderbox. The minimum firemaking level in order to burn an oak log without a tinderbox is 35.

The second part of the firemaking training is lighting a pyre ship. Go down into the Ancient Cavern and kill the skeletons until you get chewed bones, not mangled bones. If you use mangled bones on a pyre site you’ll have to fight the ghost of the barbarian you were trying to set free. When you light the pyre ship, you’ll get a reward (on rare occasions, a Dragon Full Helmet) and whatever bones you bury after that will give you extra XP. Depending on what type of log you burned for the ship, you will get more bones with extra XP. Regular logs only make one set of bones give extra, but magic logs give you extra XP for 5 bones.

Fishing..this addition is kind of pointless in my opinion, since the release of the Hunter skill and the barb-tailed harpoons that you can wield. But, who knows, you may like doing this better. To start this off speak with Otto about the barbarian way of fishing. Grab the rod from under his bed and use fishing bait to catch some fish from the lake next to Otto’s cabin. Use a knife on these fish to get roe/caviar and fish parts. Keep these for use later. More into this section of barbarian training, we head off to catch some tuna with our bare hands (this is the thing I was talking about that I think is useless). Click “harpoon spot” without a harpoon in your inventory/weapon position and your character will stick its arm into the water and pull fish out with its bare hands. You get fishing as well as strength experience for this. But honestly, barb-tailed harpoons are the way to go.

The barbarian ways of Herblore aren’t that different than the normal ways. Of course you still need a two dose potion made the normal way, but after you add some roe or caviar to it, it heals hitpoints as well as giving a special effect. There’s not really much more I can say without giving you the list of the potions, so here it is!

The final skill Otto is going to teach you about is smithing. You will need to get a bar of metal and some wood equal to the quality of that metal (i.e. regular wood goes with a bronze bar, magic logs go with rune bars). You need to make a spear before Otto will show you how to make the barbarian weapon known as a hasta, so get wood equal to the metal of the type of spear you want to make, and smith a spear on the anvil outside of Otto’s house (for a list of wood and metal pairs, click here: ). After you make the spear, he will tell you how to make a hasta. They are made the same way as a spear, and only require one hand to wield and can be poisoned just like a regular spear.

Now that we’ve done the training, let’s check out what’s new inside that Ancient Cavern. The first thing you may notice when you go down there are the hordes of level 227 Brutal Green Dragons. That should be a hint that this cavern is serious business, so if you don’t think you’ll be able to survive, don’t go down. To exit, you’ll have to jump aboard a log in the river on the bottom floor, where all the ranging waterfiends are. Of course, teleporting is much more safer and easier should you wind up in a pinch.

The main attraction here is the Mithril Dragon, that, when killed, drops the Dragon Full Helmet. These dragons have a melee attack, a magic attack, AND that dragon breath, so there’s no way to be 100% protected while fighting them. Dragon Fulls and Draconic Visages are rare drops, so only the best of the best should be fighting mass amounts of these bad boys.

With all that being said, hope you enjoyed your read, have fun doing the barbarian training and if you’re up to fighting the Mithril Dragons, get a Dragon Full helm!!

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