The Dragonfire Shield!!!

posted by on 30th June 2007, at 9:02pm

Not only was there a happy day for rangers, it was a happy day for the high-level warriors! Their happiness was created in the form of a shield “upgrade”.

The Dragonbreath shield we all know and love not only got a better look (which I haven’t identified yet) but it also can be upgraded to the dastardly awesome Dragonfire shield.

To make this shield (which doubles as a weapon if used right), you will need an ordinary Dragonbreath shield and a Draconic Visage. Yes, you know what a Dragonbreath shield is (I hope). But.. what about the Visage?

It’s a new drop from only adult Black Dragons, the King Black Dragon, Iron and Steel Dragons, and Skeletal Wyverns. Any other dragon is literally pointless to fight unless you want fast Dragon Bones instead of the awesome-looking Visage. (That means you people who flood the Taverly Dungeon!)

The Dragonfire shield, in terms of actually making it, is sort of like the Dragon Square shield. You get one piece from a shop or person. And get the other in a rare drop from certain monsters. The only difference is the smithing level and the fact that the Dragonfire shield pieces can be brought to Oziach (who lives in Edgeville) so he can make it.

If you don’t want to spend 1,250,000 coins on making an awesome shield which is totally worth it, then just try spending that 1.25 million on materials to get 90 smithing. It’s pretty surprising how pathetic 1.25 mil really is these days… Anyway, that was how to make the Dragonfire shield.

Yay! You have a Dragonfire shield. Lets hold a parade! Of course, you can’t have a parade. You don’t even know how to use it yet… Unless you read the article in the Runescape Knowledge base… This shield is really unique. If you actually want to use it as a weapon that you CAN use, you need to fight some dragons with it. As you get hit with their dragon breath (equip Tic Tac just in case) your shield receives a charge. You can store up to 50 charges.

What makes the shield even more unique is that with more charges, your shield becomes stronger. At first it has those sissy stats that a Rune Kiteshield could easily outdo. But with the 50 charges, you have a wicked awesome shield.

Once you have a charge, go to the equipment menu, right-click the shield, and select “operate”. Your shield, with the cool-looking face it has, shoots a blast of Dragonbreath. I witness this myself, and the guy who used it held the shield up, the fireball engulfed the enemy, and yet it only did 25 damage… Well, at least Jagex didn’t make it so cheap.

And by not making it as cheap, Jagex made it so that if you use a charge, you have to wait for the shield to cool down in order to use another charge. Awesome, eh?


Requirements time, yay:

To make the Dragonfire shield:

-Level 90 smithing
-1,250,000 coins and knowledge of the location of Oziach

To wield the Dragonfire shield:

-75 Defense
-Knowledge on how to use it (only recommended, but if you want a stronger shield, required.)


In other news, many, many people have flooded the dens of the Blue Dragons thinking that they drop the Visage. Bear with me that they don’t drop the visages. And if you ditched the Dragon Bones to save on room, you have wasted perfectly good prayer xp or possibly a whole lot of cash. No insurance for you.

In other, other news, the making of the Dragonfire shield via smithing gives a measly 2000 xp. Think about how much cannon ammunition you can make to get that much xp… Not much. Oh well, not like I’m suffering anything.

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