The Dark Bow!!!

posted by on 30th June 2007, at 9:01pm

A happy day for high-level Rangers and Slayers came at last! Not only was the Ranger’s desire for better and cooler-looking ranger stuff satisfied, but the Dark Beasts were given a more unique purpose.

The Dark Bow, requiring level 60 ranged to wield, is dropped by the Dark Beasts, is currently… or now… the most powerful bow in the game (That doesn’t degrade like the crystal bow). Giving a +95 ranged bonus. They are tradeable, and said to be priced at 4.9 to 5 million on the market. I haven’t been to World 2 yet, so it’s hard to confirm what the most accurate price is. But it’s still a heck of a lot of dough.

One other awesome thing about the Dark Bow, apart from it being able to fire TWO arrows at once, is also the only bow that can shoot Dragon Arrows. Dragon Arrows being one of the two dragon-ey rewards from Impetuous Impulses. More information on that mini-game is in the Impetuous Impulses report. It’s in that list that you looked through to find this report too.

The Dark bow is slow, however. But even with the fact that it shoots two arrows at once, it needs a cool special attack. The text regarding the Special Attack for the Dark Bow was taken from the Runescape Website.
Dark bow (Special Attack)

-Descent of Darkness
Inflicts up to 30% more damage.
Minimum 5 damage per arrow.

-Descent of Dragons
Dragon arrows only. Inflicts up to 50% more damage.
Minimum 8 damage per arrow.

**Both attacks will always hit.



Another thing I’d like to comment on is the artwork put into the bow. It’s pinkish near the hand grip, but as it moves towards the decorative claws on each end, it turns a form of brownish-black. A bit of symbolism that only a hardcore English teacher would notice. Either that or I just watched too many symbolic movies.


The Requirements for the Dark Bow, as a summary of getting it to wielding it are as follows:

Requirements to use the dark bow

-Level 60 Ranged

Requirements to kill dark beasts

-Started Mourning’s Ends Part II
-Level 90 Slayer



In other news, the Dark Beast population was increased, when a new cave in the Light Temple cave was dug out via a game update. It is now inhabited by eight more dark beasts. That gives us eight more victims to the Dark Bow entrepreneurs.

My advice is this: Go get one now. Then walk to the wilderness, and try not to expect me to kill you for it. I’m joking! Get one and rule the world.

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