Impetuous Impulses!

posted by on 30th June 2007, at 9:02pm

Well, I’ll start this article off by saying if you haven’t done the Lost City quest you might as well not even bother trying to catch implings because they are so rare outside of the maze designated for them in Zanaris. However, they do fly around RuneScape, so if you haven’t done Lost City (and you’re really lucky and happen to have the equipment to catch it) you might run into a good one every now and then.

The hunter level requirement is 17 (that’s for the lowest impling), but the good stuff doesn’t start coming in until level 65, level 74 and level 83, with Magpie, Ninja, and Dragon implings. The other implings will drop things that may be useful or may not, depending on what you need or use a lot. For example, Nature implings drop herbs and seeds frequently, Earth implings drop things like ores and bars, and Essence implings drop things like runes and pure essence. However, if you’re planning on getting mass amounts of any of those materials, you’re better off sticking to the normal way.

So far this game doesn’t look very useful, does it? Well, it’s not until you can catch the three highest implings, and even then, Magpies don’t give that great of rewards. The best I’ve gotten from a magpie is a regular dragon dagger. Ninja implings can drop dragon items as well; a Dragon Longsword is the best from what I’ve heard. Dragon implings are extremely rare and they run a lot when you try to catch them, so if you miss expect to run for a few more minutes (having a higher Hunter level helps this, you can also cast Bind/Snare/Entangle on them to make them stop moving). I’ve only caught three of four of the things myself and all I got were dragonstone amulets and magic seeds, but those aren’t too bad. Dragon arrowheads can also be gotten from Dragon implings and can be fletched into Dragon arrows. They sell pretty high.

Okay, now that you know pretty much everything about the game from an outside point of view, let’s look at it from the inside. To get access to the Puro Puro Maze (where the implings are amassed), you need to have done the Lost City quest. In Zanaris, there is a wheat field with a crop circle in the middle of it located between the route to the Cosmic Altar and the Slayer master. Use the crop circle’s transportation beam to get into Puro Puro.

Once you’re in the Puro Puro maze, you’ll see a blue gnome, Elnock Inquisitor, standing near the hay wall. Speak with him to get your first batch of equipment (a butterfly net used to capture the implings, and some impling jars to store them). Now there are a few things you can do. Actually, you can do anything you want. But I’m suggesting you go out and catch the implings designated for special items.

3 Gourmet implings, 2 Earth implings, and 1 Essence impling can be exchanged for a magic butterfly net from Elnock. Supposedly it works better (I’m 99 Hunter already so I didn’t much of a difference) and looks cooler anyway.

3 Essence implings, 2 Eclectic implings, and 1 Nature impling can be exchanged for a jar generator. The generator has a certain number of charges, so it doesn’t last forever. Each impling jar taken removes 3 charges from the generator.

And just to put this in here so I didn’t leave anything out, 3 Baby implings, 2 Young implings, and 1 Gourmet impling can be exchanged for Imp repellent. What the Imp repellent does is it fends off the Imp guards that patrol the maze. They are supposed to take whatever implings you have in your inventory and release them, but a higher thieving level helps stop that. I’m 71 thieving and not a single guard has bothered me to date (they updated the game to make it more challenging, I hear the imp guards are more aggressive now, so if you do get a good impling you better loot it right away, I don’t want to make you lose your stuff :p).

You can also exchange any captured impling for 3 empty impling jars, so if you ever find yourself in a bind just got catch 2 or 3 baby implings and exchange them for more jars, then work your way up to getting a generator and you’ll be good to go for a while.

Now that equipment is out of the way, let’s look at playing the game. There are hay barriers between each row. Occasionally a spot will open up in the barrier and you can just walk right through, but most of the time you’ll nrrf to right click the barrier and select “Push through.” You then walk through the hay at 1 of 3 speeds, slow, normal, and fast. I’m not sure if what you wear affects this or what, it may just be generated randomly. But if heavier equipment does affect this I suggest wearing something light.

Any impling you want can be found anywhere in the maze, but there are certain spots for the top 3 implings I found are a little better for looking. Any impling under Magpie can be found roaming anywhere and don’t really need to be mentioned here, although I found that Nature implings spawn near the corners, in the next to last row. Good for getting mid-level seeds, I guess.

For hunting Magpie, Ninja and Dragon implings, all you need to do is walk around the maze and keep a sharp eye out. But you need to be in a certain “row” in order to see everything. That’s why I’ve made this handy little map!

Map of Puro-Puro

The blue dot near the center is where Elnock is located. The dark spot in the very center is the entrance/exit, the lighter tan color is the hay barriers, and the darker tan color is where you can walk. The highlighted row will be mentioned in the following paragraph.

If what you want is the big implings, then you will need to walk around in row 5, which is kinda in the middle of the entire maze so you have a visual on every other row. You’ll have to rotate your camera some to see the implings inside and outside of the row, but generally that’s that best spot because you can see everything.

It will take time because Magpie, Ninja and Dragon implings are extremely sparse. I went 5 hours without seeing anything above Magpie once, but then in the next world I hopped to, I got 2 Ninja implings within 10 minutes of each other. I haven’t examined everything about this game deep enough yet in order to give you info that can always be true, but to be honest I don’t think anything can always be true. This game isn’t based on much skill. If you walk around long enough and get lucky enough to see one, then that was just based on luck and determination, not really skill.

Well, now that I’ve said everything I can, I’ll have to bring this article to a close. I hope you enjoyed reading it and that it was of some use, if any. If you happen to see a Dragon impling around RuneScape, call up your high Hunter friend and maybe they’ll give you the loot or share it, or be a jerk and keep it for themselves :D. Happy impling hunting!

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