The 24 Carat Update!

posted by on 31st May 2007, at 9:51pm

The 24 Carat Update!

The Crafting Interface

With this update comes new jewelry to craft—bracelets. There is a regular gold bracelet and a bracelet for each regular gem. After you craft the bracelet, you will need to enchant it, like rings or amulets. The enchanted bracelet is denoted by a hyphen before the explanation.

  • Gold bracelets – Require level 7 crafting and give you 25 experience.
  • Sapphire bracelets – Require level 23 crafting and give you 60 experience.
    • Enchants into Bracelet of Clay (mine 28 pieces of soft clay before it breaks)
  • Emerald bracelets – Require level 30 crafting and give you 65 experience.
    • Castlewars bracelet (bandages heal 50% more, and wearer will deal 20% more damage to the flag holder. 3 charges, and can be taken off once entered into the game)
  • Ruby bracelets – Require level 42 crafting and give you 80 experience.
    • Bracelet of inoculation (protects the wearer from disease damage)
  • Diamond bracelet – Requires level 58 crafting and gives you 95 experience.
    • Abyssal bracelet (prevents wearer from being skulled upon entering the Abyss, has 5 charges)
  • Dragonstone bracelet – Requires level 74 crafting and gives you 110 experience
    • Bracelet of combat (teleports to ranging guild, Legend’s guild, Champion’s guild, Warrior’s guild, and the monastery. Updates the slayer task every tenth kill as well. Has 4 charges. Recharges at the totem in the Legend’s guild)
  • Onyx bracelet – Requires level 84 crafting and gives you 125 experience.
    • Bracelet of regeneration (doubles the natural hitpoints recovery rate)

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