Dream Mentor

posted by on 31st May 2007, at 9:52pm

Finally, a follow-up to Lunar Diplomacy. Even though this one isn’t as long or hard as Lunar Diplomacy, it’s definitely worth doing for the new Lunar spells.

Basically what you’re doing in this quest is helping a man you find in a cave to get over his fear of combat, and he grants you the ability of new spells. Let’s get started, shall we?

To start this one up, head to Lunar Isle and go down the mines on the northern part of the island. You’ll see a quest symbol on the map nearby and there’s a tunnel you can crawl through right there. Go in that, and talk to the man lying on the ground to start.

After you get him up and in a somewhat stable condition, he will ask you to go to the bank and get him an outfit for him to wear into combat. After you get the outfit he is happy with and give it to him back at the cave, he will tell you to meet him at the Oneiromancer.

She will get you to make another dream potion so you can go into Cyrisus’ dream with him; you’re going to be helping him get over his fear of combat. Grab your armor and food, light up the brazier, and enter the dreamworld.

You’ll fight round after round of pretty high level monsters (Level 343, then 274, then 223, and finally 108). After you get the 108 almost dead, Cyrisus will kill it with his foot and be over his fear of combat. Once back in the real world, go to the Oneiromancer and you have completed the Dream Mentor quest.

Some screenshots from this quest:
Dream Potion
The Inadequacy


The Everlasting

The Untouchable

The Illusive

The Rewards

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