Creepy Spiders, Beastly Metal Dragons and Diaries of Achievements!

posted by on 31st May 2007, at 9:52pm

This one of Jagexs graphical updates has been updating the creatures of RuneScape. Previously Jagex update the large Spiders, so the little spiders got jealous and said they would take over RuneScape if Jagex didn’t change them. Jagex then changed the spiders from tiny, almost invisible spiders to a little bit larger group of insects. I’m sure they will strike fear into your eye.

The Kalphite Queen and her keep of large (REALLY large) group of insects have gotten a change too. They now are ferocious insects instead from their cutter, older selves. The Kalphite Queen is the scariest of them all, being the queen and all she should be.

The Kalphite Queen

Of course the the old Kalphite Queens black coloring had to go somewhere, so the scopions decided to take it. They prefer black over tan, they think it’s for scarier. They feel that if they strike fear into adventurer’s that no one will attack them. They have wives and children too.

Along with all these “scary” creatures we, last but no least, the metal dragons. The metal dragons have been hammered into shape and actually look different from normal dragons. Besides colors, the metal dragons have a different type of head, the seems like a triceratops to me. Never the less, they are as scary as ever, beware!

Bronze Dragon

Iron Dragon

Steel Dragon

Now onto the Achievement Diary. The Achievement Diary is a new alternative to quests. Well, actually to complete some the tasks in the diary you need to do some quests such as Shilo Village and other ones revolving around the Karajama area. There will be more area some time soon.

The diary can be accessed by clicking on your quest symbol in your menu. Once you are there look to the top right of your quest list and you’ll see a green star. Click that and there you have it. If you want to go back to your quest list, click the blue star where the green star once was.

Once you’ve selected your area, Karajama currently, you can find all the tasks ranging from picking 5 bananas to becoming champion of the Fight Pits. Once you have completed a task there will be a red line through it.

Once you have completed an area of the diary (Easy, Medium or Hard) a message will pop up alerting you that you’ve completed it.

Your probably saying, “0mgZ I wnt rewerds becuz I r teh most l337”. Well have some nice green gloves. The green gloves are called Karajama Gloves 1, 2 or 3, each one having it’s own unique properties and perks. The Karajama Gloves 1 lower shop prices all over Karajama, this includes the Fight Pits area too. They drop prices of Onyx stones from 300 K tokkul to 2560 K tokkul which is pretty good, but it’s still a lot. The Karajama Gloves 2 give you the perks of pair 1 but also more Agility experience from the Brimhaven Agility arena. And of course the Karajama Gloves 3 give you the perks of 1 and 2 with access a new gem mine beneath Shilo Village, operating the gloves will teleport you to the mine too.

Well that’s all. See you guys next month with more RuneScape updates. Thanks for reading!

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