Sev’s Monthly Questions #2!

posted by on 30th April 2007, at 10:04pm

Thanks to the people who asked questions this month. I really didn’t get a lot but the ones I did get where great questions. So yet again let’s get going with this months questions!

This months first question is from Cowboyofdeath (interesting name to write…).

Question: If you could go back in time and prevent ANY ONE (note ONE) event from happening (It could be ANYTHING) what would it be?
Answer: Well an embarrassing one is that I’m a tall kid, and in the 4th grade (the seats were really close to each other mind you), I stood up and I farted right in this girls face. To add to that we REALLY had bean burritos for lunch that day. I felt so bad after that.

Our next 2 questions come from our snowy friend, Snowfox.

Question 1: If you could have any car, what would it be?
Answer 1: A Ferrari, I’m not sure if I could fit in it (I’m 6 feet tall and still growing). I just love he way how sleek they look and how shiny they are in the sun.

Question 2: If Kelsey lit a fire from a Magic Log, how long would it stay lit while she had 100 Firemaking? (Operating the Firemaking Skill cape)
Answer 2: I asked a couple of friends and don’t believe it is based upon level, it’s based upon the log. I don’t believe people would like a A level 99 burning a regular log for about 5 minutes and a level 1 burning a Magic log for the same time (if it was possible). That doesn’t seem fair to me. So it’s not based upon the level, but the log.

Next question is from our dear friend with the really cool 3D avatars, Alex 43.

Question: Do you think Jagex will ever come out with pet dogs on Runescape? Why / why not?
Answer: Yes. with cats getting boring I’m sure they will add them sooner or later. People are suggest them time, after time again in the forums so I’m pretty sure they will, in a quest at least.

Our last, and final 2 questions are from Jasonmrc.

Question 1: Whats your favorite mini-game? Why?
Answer 1: Castle Wars no doubt! I love it. It’s fun and simple, slaughter your enemies and get the enemy flag. I love it on world 6, I mean there’s so many people, it’s hard not to get killed or even get the flag!

Question 2:
Do you think Jagex should make dragon hide require equivalent defense to the required range lvl?
Answer 2: No, defense is really related to melee in my opinion so I don’t thing it should relate to range at all. That and it would have to be pretty strong to stand up against melee to require such a defense level.

Well thanks for your questions guys and be sure to watch out for next month’s topic in Content Generation. Thanks!

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