What Lies Below?

posted by on 31st March 2007, at 9:25pm

What Lies Below? Lets find out. 😮

Rat, a .. “trader” ..just south of Varrock is in need of your help. You have to kill some bandits and retrieve five stolen documents of his and place them in a folder.

The requirements for this quest are level 35 Runecrafting and the completion of the “Rune Mysteries” quest.

He will have a letter for you to deliver to Surok, some wizard hanging out in Varrock’s library. Once there Surok will tell you that he knows how to turn clay into gold bars! But in order for him to reveal the secret you have to help him with a little something..

Head over to the Chaos Altar with the wand he gave you and 15 chaos runes. Use the wand on the Altar to embed the power of chaos into the wand. Head back to Surok with the items. He will then give you a letter to give to Rat.

When you get back to Rat with the letter, Rat will reveal that he is actually a secret agent for Varrock. Surok Magis is planning to take over the city and .. only you can stop him. Head on up to Zaff in the Staff shop and get the Beacon Ring along with instructions on how to use it and arrest Surok.

Back at the library, try to arrest Surok. He will get a hypnotised King Roald to fight you. You cannot kill him, so you have to use the Beacon Ring on him when he is almost dead. Zaff will appear and heal him.

Cool, you’re done. Head back to Rat and he’ll reward you with…

1 Quest Point

2k Defense XP

8k RuneCrafting XP

Beacon Ring (+2 Mage bonus)

And the Chaos Altar Shortcut.

Chaos Altar shortcut

To access the Chaos Altar shortcut, go to the Saradomin statue just south of the Lumberyard. Speak with the lady sitting on the bench to get a bronze pickaxe and collapse the statue. Enter the hole you made and the portal to the Altar is at the end of the long tunnel.

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