Sev’s Monthly Questions and Answers!

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Hello and welcome to Sev’s monthly questions! Since this my first month writing an article like this, let me explain to you how it works. Every month, people will ask me questions in a topic I make called, “Sev’s Monthly Questions! – (Month)”. You are allowed to ask me questions about RuneScape or reasonable real life questions, NO TECH, Mathew is doing that topic and I don’t think he would like me stealing his topic… Anyway, my answers will not be yes or no even if it is a “yes or no” question. I’ll try add a fact about your question to improve it’s value!

So without further a due I bring you Sev’s monthly questions!

This months first question is from Andy.

Question 1: Why play RS? EX: What joys does it bring you? / What keeps you playing?

Answer 1: Well for it’s because I have nothing else to do. I do my homework in school so I have free at home. It’s brings me joy because I get teased at school, on RuneScape I can be something I’m really not. That’s what I particualry like. The reason why I keep playing is because they update it weekly. The updates aren’t always good but most of the time they are.

Question 2: Do you think that the cost of membership is fair?

Answer 2: Well, it depends on which one. The credit card payment and the mail in payment options are reasonable. The text in one no way. I wouldn’t pay 10 dollars for a game like RuneScape, too expensive.

Our next couple of questions is from hummerwar921.

Question 1: Do you like the new notes of the Runescape music?

Answer 1: Well, it depends on which songs. On most of the songs, like “Scape Main”, I don’t like the new notes. Of course I don’t hate them they all sound fine but they sound worse. On the rest like “Scape Hunter” I think they sound great. The new notes make them sound even better.

Question 2: WHY ARE RARES’ PRICES SO UNSTABLE??!! Noob merchanting communities, huh?

Answer 2: No, not really. The unstable price of rares is determined based upon three things. 1) how actually rare it is. 2) The time of year. For example, during last Christmas the price of Santa Hats rose quite a lot. The final reason is based upon the economy, just like everything else is. The economy determines the prices of everything. If something goes down, it’s like more stuff has gone down. It depends on people buy or not. If they buy a lot, prices go up because more need to be in demand. If no one buys then the prices will go down because overstock or people want to sell their stuff badly. Less buying equals less money, more buying equals more expensive stuff. I hope that answer’s your question. I tried to answer as best as I could.

Our next questions are from my fellow Newspaper Staffs member, the guy with really cool 3-D avatars, otherwise known as Alex 43.

Question 1: Do you think we’ll ever get to fight the God Zamorak in-game?

Answer 1: Probably, but he’ll run away like the coward he is though. You won’t ever kill him because he is a major god in the game. If you killed him where would all the money go from all the Zamorak robes and Armor?

Question 2: In your opinion, is the wilderness “perfect” yet or do you think Jagex is going to take it to the next level in the next couple of months?

Answer 2: No, it’s far from perfect. I have seen multiple threads about being invisible in the wilderness though. I think that’s a grand idea. You shouldn’t always know where your enemies are. The only people you would see is your friends and people wearing a Wilderness cape with your number. Either that or Camo is going to become high n demand.

Question 3: Do you think there will ever be a wilderness-based quest?

Answer 3: I’m sure there will be. People really want one of these for the excitement and danger of the wilderness. There already is a wilderness quest if you count Treasure Trails as one.

Question 4: What do you think the next type of POH room will be if Jagex updated the player owned houses?

Answer 4: Hmm… to be honest, I don’t know. I know they won’t put in a bathroom. Maybe more architectural styles ones relating to skills like a pond for Fishing or Kebbit pen for Hunter. I’m just really sure on this one. Those are my only suggestions.

Our next two question are from Jasonmrc

Question 1: What’s your favorite skill, and why?

Answer 1: Fishing, never been a doubt in my RuneScape life. I love it because it’s nice and peaceful to be by the water, plus I can do many other things like talk to friends or do work on my computer. Plus it brings in a lot of money form my POH.

Question 2: Have you ever played a pencil and paper Role Playing Game?

Answer 2: No not really. If you mean something like a Round Robin then yes, I have. My friends and I first drew out some scenes and characters and then just went with the story line. It is quite fun and it does bring up your drawing and writing skills.

Our last and final question is from Agent Waffles.

Question: What is your view on emergent gameplay? ie taking advantage of specific aspects Jagex didn’t consider when making RuneScape eg pures and power mining.

Answer: I don’t think it’s right. I wouldn’t think a person in real life would take 1 minute to mine a piece of coal and throw it away. That could bring in some money for your family plus it could be used in many ways. I dislike pures a lot because they ruin the fun of a game and plus who really wants 5 defense? A person with the exact same stats and I higher defense could take you out with ease. Plus you get to wear crummy armor like Bronze and Iron.

Well thats it for this months monthly questions. Be sure to look out for more topics about my monthly questions and answers! Thanks for reading my article.



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