Sev’s List of Scams

posted by on 31st March 2007, at 9:25pm

Hello and welcome to Sev’s list of scams. These are scams which you need to watch out for to save your money and items. Please don’t attempt the scams either, you may get banned! So if your ready for some anti-scam guides let’s continue on.

Ctrl + F4/F5

“If you want to duplicate your items drop them on the ground and press Ctrl + F5/F4!”

You unknowingly do this and your browser closes if you press F4 and the page refreshes if you press F5. This leaves your items unguarded for the scammer to take. Don’t press those button combinations.


“If you want free items follow me!” Following him/her to eager to get your items he leads you into the deep wild and kills you with your items on. If you decide to follow him just make sure to not bring any valuables and you’ll be fine.

The other variation of this scam is if your selling something and your buyer is in the wild chopping logs or something. He uses a holding spell on you and you can’t move and then your done. Dead and you lost your items. Just say that your not going into the wild when selling something.


The scammer wants to sell you some unids and he says that they are Tarromin. You accept them only to find out they are guams! You payed more for something that’s way cheaper! The way to avoid this fill your inventory completely with something like logs and the noted unids your want. Since different unids take up different slots, the scammer won’t be able to sell you a different type of herb because you won’t have enough room to receive anything but the herbs you want. If he sells you the real ones then they well be added to your noted ones.

Armor Trimming

“Free armor trimming!” This is impossible, you can only get trimmed armor from Treasure Trails. Don’t fall for it.

2 person scamming

In a bank or any buying and trading place 2 scammers will stand opposite sides, one will be selling an item that isn’t well known, such as charcoal for 100k. On the other side someone will be buying charcoal for 200k, the idea is somebody notices this and quickly buys the charcoal for 100k, runs over to the other person buying it for 200k and attempt to sell it. Its a trick and they will both be in on it, nobody will buy it and you would have been scammed.

Fake Mods

A fake mod asks you for you password and says he’ll give you some good items and money. You give him your pass and you log out and you get all your items taken away. Mods won’t ask you for your password because they don’t need to. They’re not mods unless they have the Gold or Silver crown so don’t be fooled even if they have the word Mod in their name. If they try this, immediately report them for mod impersonation.

These are some items that you should watch out for that people claim as rare. They are not rare you can get them really easily. Ask someone else nearby about them for clarification.

  • Lit Arrows – gotten during the Uinderground Pass quest and are only useful during that quest.
  • Charcoal – Can be out in Tai Bwo Wannai Stire and found in the wilderness.
  • Shade Robes – Can be obtained during the Shade Random Event and don’t give any big bonuses.
  • Paramaya Inn Ticket – Has no use in RuneScape. In RuneScape Classic you could use it to sleep in the Paramaya Inn
  • Muddy Key – Dropped by Chaos Dwarves and is only used only in the wilderness to gain access to the chest in the Lava Maze.
  • Ying Yang Symbol – Can be obtained at the Makeover mage and has no use except for looks.

If you don’t fall for any of the above scams and watch out for sites that have key loggers you won’t get hacked or scammed and you’ll have a fine RuneScape Career. I hope you enjoyed the article.


Sev of RSBandB

If you have any questions about the article feel free to PM me on RSBandB.

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