The Tower of Life

posted by on 28th February 2007, at 6:46pm

Before I start this article, I must warn you that it does contain spoilers and this is a quick overview of the quest and it’s rewards and so one, not a detailed discussion. Now, onto the article.

First off, I thought this was of the easiest quests for Members ever made, with very few items and skills required this was quite easy. If you want to know where to start this quest go southeast of Ardy. This quests many twists and dialog may confuse your mind, it did mine. I’m still confused on what they used to create the ghost thing, seen below.

The cinematics in this quest were quite good too. They went quite well with the story lines and such.Now, if your wondering about the rewards, they’re quite good. Down in the basement is a Creature Creation Station as I call it. It allows you to mix to create many creature such as a Unicow (Unicorn + Cow) and a Jubster (Lobster + Jubbly). The drops from these homemade creatures are good. The Unicow drops 3 unicorn hors instead of one. I find this quite good for the Herblorist.

The other reward is that you get to keep the Construction outfit. It doesn’t provide many uses except that you can whistle with the Beckon emote while wearing at least one piece of the outfit, I found this quite funny.

Now, this quest might not be the best but you can sure get a kick out of it. I hope you had doing this quest and reading my article. Please have fun with your lives and read the other great articles.

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