The Fremennik Isles

posted by on 28th February 2007, at 6:45pm

( I hated this quest. Not because it was a bad quest, it was okay I guess, but I died at the troll king 😳 )

Anyways, to get started on this lovely quest, speak with Mord Gunnars, who is located on the docks in northern Relekka. Once on Jatizso, The King will want you to fetch some raw tuna for his cat. Luckily there is a store on the island that sells some. King Gjuki Sorvott IV will then tell you about spying on Neitiznot. The spymaster is on that island in a jester suit, so you get a jester suit of your own and head over there.

Once on Neitiznot you meet up with the spymaster and perform as a jester for the Burgher, all the while eavesdropping important info. Afterwards you give the info to the spymaster. Now you have to get the Burgher’s confidence, so you take off the jester suit and march in the Burgher’s little hut. You need to find out about the bridge program they have going, and they make you go out and fetch the supplies for the bridges.

Once you’ve repaired the bridges, return to the Burgher. He wants to know if King Gjuki has heard of his plans.

Once back on Jatizso…and here comes the worst part of the quest…the king makes you collect taxes. First for windows, then for beards! Just from the room I am sitting in right now I owe him 2000 GP… (This quest does seem a bit farfetched, doesn’t it?)

The King wants another spy mission, so head back over the Neitiznot with your jester suit and perform in front of the Burgher again; you should know the drill by now. Pay attention to what they say while you’re making a fool of yourself! Afterwards make your report to the spymaster again, and this time you also incriminate yourself. After you confess to being a double agent, head back over to Jatizso.

The King will send you back over to Neitiznot with a war decree, which you need to deliver to Mawnis Burowgar. Then Mawnis will ask you to get the full set of yak-hide armor and a Fremennik Round shield (made from arctic pine logs), after which you will be appointed the Champion of Neitznot.

Next, you enter the troll caves to the north of Neitznot and Jatizso. You will have to kill 10 trolls before you can enter the room with the king. Prayer potions, strength potions and tuna can be gotten from the supplies people near the entrance. You can only take supplies once.

After you kill the 10 trolls, turn on magic protect (if you can) and cross the bridge in the southern part of the room. Fight the troll king, which isn’t that hard (I died once, though, so you have to be prepared really). Once it’s dead cut off its head and return to the Burgher. You will be awarded the Helm of Neitznot, access to the rune mine and some XP.

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