Riot in Falador Square Draws out Jagex Mod

posted by on 28th February 2007, at 6:45pm

On Feb 24, the Saturday that the Fight Pit event occurred, a massive riot plagued Falador on World 28.

The riot, driven by the concerns of mutes and bans, was split into 2 massive groups, each of them standing either for the removal of permanent bans and/or mutes, and those that didn’t think that Jagex was using them enough.

Several player moderators attempted to quell the argument and try to get the crowd to disperse, but there was no luck and they ultimately gave up and called for a Jagex Moderator to quell the fighting.

At 1:15, their reinforcement arrived – the Jagex Moderator Mod Jon H himself appeared in the middle of Falador (I set up a cannon near him to mark his location) and answered a number of questions and complaints that had arisen by the riot.

At first, when he appeared and called for attention, the crowd grew silent, but upon telling them that nothing will be changed, the arguments started up again, including an number of protesters asking specific requests of Mod Jon H.

Such requests included getting a screenshot of him, having him wear a skill cape and showing it off, giving away free stuff, unbanning characters, and saying stuff.

Mod Jon Replied to all of them simply by saying that he will now take any individual requests, as there was too many.

Trust me. There were.

It was difficult for Mod Jon to reach everyone’s attention, as the number of posts and complaints regarding unimportant and rather particular things (Save the whales?!?) flooded the crowd of protesters, and Mod Jon H occasionally had to tell everyone to be quiet with the help of his fellow player mods.

Soon enough, Mod Jon got to most of the players, and he logged out at 1:45, leaving the player mods to mop up the rest. It was then that I left to go join the events crew at the fight pits.

Here is a number of screenshots depicting the event from the order in which it happened, starting from when I got there to after Mod Jon left.

By the looks of things, the riot continued on from there, but the outcome was the same.

All heck broken loose.

All heck broken loose.

All heck broken loose.

All right! Mod Jon H arrived!.

Mod Jon didn't do too well to make everyone shut up.

He then left, and everyone got sad.

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