Alex 43’s Guide to A Player’s Everyday Fitness

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Alex 43’s Guide to A Player’s Everyday Fitness


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Getting Started
In-chair workouts
Cooling down
Healthy Diet
Instant 10-minute Workout



Q: Huh? Cardio? Stretching? How do you do that in Runescape? Do you mean by emotes or fighting monsters?
A: HECK NO! I said the “player”, dude! Not the “character”!

This is what I look like when I do some deep thinking.

Let’s face it. Maybe 70% of you who are sitting in front of the computer reading this right now are overweight (don’t try to cheat and print this on paper instead just to get out of it; I KNOW you’re there). In fact, you’re probably so overweight that instead of being a consumer of the shade, you’re a producer.

Now now, I’m not trying to discourage anyone out there from continuing to read this. I’m just saying that you should really take some attention to your bodies. I mean, they have got to last you your entire life, man, so the better you take care of them, the better they take care of you.

So OK, straight to the point. This is a guide for Runescape players on how to play Runescape and achieve a higher physical status (and, in general, computer or video game players too). That’s right, you can play the game we all love so much and STILL be as fit as those stunt doubles you see on TV. Take it from me; I’m skinny, but “out-of-shape” rather then obese. So I started taking a martial arts class and learned a whole ton of fitness secrets from my teacher, who actually graduated from a Chinese temple of martial arts.

I figured; if this can help the most of you out there, then I will. I’m here to change the world, not be changed by it. If you do not want to follow this curriculum and get fit, then that’s fine by me. You can close out of this and play more Runescape. However, if you’re really interested in the magic of Alex 43 and how he makes things happen (and my cool Truespace 3D pictures), then continue on ahead!



You’re still reading this? I’m proud of you! You’ve taken an interest into something that could change your life for the better!

Ok, before I get into the tough stuff, I’m going to give you a number of dos and don’ts on getting more physically in shape. I learn a number of these through experience, so if you’re going to negatively criticize me, then you can do it to my little friend right here.

It looks pointy, but it will burn more then stab.

Ok. Before you get started, some of these exercises are going to involve you actually moving your body around. I suggest you clean up your room or at least clear a radius that you can make snow angels in without touching anything (in your room or house, of course; not in the snow). In fact, while you’re at it, clear a pathway to your doorway if you don’t already have one, because you want to invite friends over to see how fit you’re getting by playing Runescape.

Speaking of which, you want to get fit and still keep playing Runescape, don’t you? Ok, here’s the trick. Get into a skill that involve automatic working – namely woodcutting and fishing. You can click on a tree or a fishing spot and your character will proceed to work his butt off for a few minutes while you read a book or browse the forums.

Stop right there. Let your character mine, but don’t minimize your Runescape window. Instead, get out of your chair and start working out! This way, both character and player get something out of this!

You do not have to do this every single time your character is fishing. Once or twice an hour is best, since we don’t want you to over-exert yourself and still have fun doing it.

Keep your screen on and sound running so you’ll know if the tree is chopped or a river troll takes a liking to your face so you can instantly take 5 seconds to react appropriately. If you must, log out. You’re going to be fairly distracted.
Play some high-paced music while you do this. It will stimulate your brain into wanting to make your body move more. I find techno-trance is some of the best music for this.

Lastly, don’t force yourself to do something that you obviously can’t do. If you can’t do a push-up, then don’t try yet until you’re more fit to. I’ll try to keep this easy by limiting it to things that I can do without breaking a sweat.



Let’s start things off with cardio. Cardio is the all-time best way to lose weight in the fastest time possible. If you really want to get thinner, then I prescribe these. Do as many of them as you can, and remember to ALWAYS KEEP MOVING, even when you’re resting. It makes the next one all that much easier to perform.

Here’s a list of exercises even the obese can do:

– Jogging
– Jumping Jacks
– BAF jumps
– Ankle Slaps
– Knee Slaps
– Squats

FITNESS SECRET: Cardio before stretches is better because it gets your heart pumping, and with the blood fueling your muscles, you will be more adept to stretch since your muscles are more loose and relaxed.

The best thing to do in order to warm yourself up is very basic: JOGGING!

See Alex 43 run. See big giant demon behind him. RUN, ALEX 43, RUN!

Note that I said “jogging”, and not “running”. It’s more important then you think.

You don’t even need to go outside for this. If you have a large area or a multi-way hallway, then you can just jog from room to room, turn around, and return. If you have one of those kitchens that have 2 passageways to the living room, then you can even take laps there! However, if you’ve got a very small house, just jog on the spot.

Be sure to lift your knees up and try to touch your chest with them. It makes the jogging more cardio-effective.

Do this for 30 seconds non-stop (you may set an alarm) and take a 15 second break by walking. Yes, WALKING. Don’t sit down, don’t lie down, don’t just stand there. Walk or lightly jump on the spot. Once your heart is pumping, you don’t want to suddenly relax and start up again. Keep moving, and swing your arms as much as you can as well!

Repeat this 3 more times so 3 minutes will have passed. That was actually quite fast, wasn’t it?

Next up are jumping jacks!

Ok, YOU try wearing a full armor mail and doing jumping jacks in it.

Don’t look at me like that. You can do them. Do 30 of them (count as you do them) and take a 15 second walking-on-the-spot break. Repeat this 2 more times for a total of 90 jumping jacks.

A good jumping jack involves you actually clapping your hands over your head while keeping your arms straight when jumping. You also spread out your legs mid-jump, land fairly more then shoulder-width apart, then on the returning jump, put your hands back to your side and feet back together. Doing both of these and returning to the position you started counts as 1 jumping jack.

This is good for loosening your legs and arms as well as really getting your blood flowing. If your side starts hurting, extend your walking breaks. Again, don’t stop moving.

Another good jumping exercise is the back-and-forth jumps (BAF).

Keep your balance when doing this jump.

This involves you having one foot in front and one behind. Bending your legs is optional, but if you can, keep your front one bent with the back one straight. Every time you jump, swing your legs to switch their positions, so the leg that was in back is not in front, and vice versa. Returning to how you started counts as 1 BAF.

Same as the jumping jacks, do 30 of them for 3 sets with a 15 second walking break in between each.

Time for yet another jumping exercise – Ankle Slaps!

Don't worry, you won't look as silly.

Heel slaps are easier then they look. Alternating, you jump and bend one knee so it goes back towards your bum. Have your corresponding arm go back and slap your ankle once it comes in range. Repeat for the other leg without pausing. Doing a left and a right is considered one ankle slap.

It’s the same as the other jumps; 30 of them for 3 rounds with 15-second walks in between.

This is the last jumping exercise. Really! It’s the Knee Slap.

Try not to do these in a public place.

It’s very similar to the Ankle Slap. With your arms outstretched in front, jump. Raise one of your knees to your chest while in midair and slap it with the corresponding hand once it comes close enough. Repeat for the other knee. Doing it once for both sides is considered one knee slap.

This method is a little different. Do 30 of them, but only for 2 sessions with 15-second walking breaks. Then lift your knees out to as far to the side as you can and slap. Do this for another 2 sessions with 15-second walking breaks.

The final cardio exercise is this: Squats!

Just go down as far as you can, and if you can't continue, take a break. The more you do these, the more you CAN do these.

I don’t expect you to be able to do this one perfectly right off the bat because it IS tough. Just keep at it until your body tells you that you just can’t do anymore, then stop at any time.

Anyways, to do this, cross your arms in front of your upper-chest, and practically try to sit down on your heels. Bend your legs in front of you while your feet are shoulder-width, go as far down as you can in barely less then a second, then stand straight up.

For beginners, you can space your feet out at 45-degree angles to your body and have them spaced further apart for an easier squatting.

Please note that when doing this, you DON’T bend your back (or try not to). Only your legs, namely your knees, move. If you must, bend your waist forward to maintain balance.

Try to do this 20 times with 15-second walking breaks for 3 rounds. Again, if you can’t do it that much, you may stop. Make it a goal you can set for next time!

And with that, you’re done the hard part!



If you feel the pull, you're stretching!

Stretches are good for maintaining your muscles so doing cardio would be so much easier and effective. Not just that, but you’ll be able to make your body do very impressive things. It’s going to take you a little while before you’ll be ready for something like break-dancing, but have faith. Keep at it, and it WILL happen.

A nice thing about stretching is that you don’t have to take walking breaks as frequently. You can do so to loosen up your leg muscles, so after every full set or 2 stretches, you can take a walking break.

Here’s a list of stretches. Take your pick:

– Splits Pushups
– Leg Lifts
– Back Arch
– Leg Twist
– One Legged Squat

FITNESS SECRET: When you’re stretching, don’t extend to the point that you feel overwhelming pain. Instead of stretching your muscle, it makes it want to contract, like an elastic band, making you stiff. Instead, extend to the point that you can feel somewhat harmless pressure. Your muscle will better atone to that and stretch a lot easier next time you do it. Keep them relaxed, not tense.


The first stretch is the splits push-ups stretch.

So long as you keep your balance and don't slip, this doesn't hurt.

You don’t need to actually be in a splits for this one. It’s called the splits stretch because it helps you build the flexibility to actually be able to do it! Pretty neat, huh?

Spread your legs out just barely less then the farthest you can. Try to keep both feet flat on the ground and maintain your balance. If you can go that far, you can let only the sides of your feet touch the ground like I’m doing. Mind you, it stretches different muscles then if you have your feet flat.

Now bend down, but try to keep your back straight. You want to be bending with your waist, not your neck. Put both hands on the ground directly parallel to your feet so both hands and feet form a line.

Now, you simply do push-ups with your upper body. If you can’t reach the floor with your hands, then cross them in front your chest and push down with your back and elbows instead. Do 20 push-ups, take a break, and do 20 more. Shake your legs out with each break.

Next stretch is the Leg Lifts.

If you keep your legs straight and heels out, this will stretch your legs AND your abs at once.

Lie down on the floor on your back for this one. Spread out your arms so they are above your shoulders a bit. Then, alternate lifting your leg up as high as you can while keeping it straight and your shoulders on the ground.

It’s a little more difficult then it sounds, but it’s really good for your abs. Do 3 sets of 20 leg lifts (unlike the jumping, lifting both legs up once counts as two, not one.) with 15 second breaks in between each set. Instead of walking, try stretching your arms over your head while lying down and slowly count to ten.

Now let’s do the back arch.

Up and down and up and down ...

Stand slightly more then shoulder width apart. Grasp your upper bum and try to look backwards as far as you can. Push your body backwards twice, then bend all the way over and do 2 splits stretch bends, trying to touch the ground behind you through your legs. Bend right back up again and repeat.

Only do this exercise 10 or 20 times before moving onto another. It helps to stretch your back, but over-doing it can cause back problems.

Here’s an easy one: the leg twist.

Must ... keep ... shoulders on floor ...

In this, you lie down and lift one leg up as high as you can. However, instead of lowering it down, you cross it over your other leg and make your foot touch the ground. In this, the conditions are that your feet are both touching the ground, your shoulders are flat on the floor, and it doesn’t cause you unforgivable pain.

Count to 20, and then switch legs. This stretch also helps your flexibility; while at the same time, stretching your chest and waist.

The last and perhaps the hardest stretch I’m going to teach you is the one-legged squat.

I'm not jumping, I'm squating. Go as low as you can, but don't fall down.

This one is very simple. While standing, hold out one leg in front of you as though you are straight-leg kicking (preferably at a 45 degree angle to your other leg – if you can, lift higher), and bend your other leg slightly while keeping your balance. Count to ten, then go lower and count another 10. Repeat this until you’ve been squatting for 30 – 40 seconds, take a 15-second walk break (or shake out your legs) and repeat with the other leg.

I recommend you do this equally to both legs rather then only one.



No, this isn't Verac's flail. This is something I found in Dex's closet a week ago.

It’s better that you work out while not sitting down. However, if you absolutely insist on sitting, then I have a few pointers and exercises you can do while actually playing Runescape.

First, you can easily burn off calories by buying yourself an exercise ball and sitting on that rather then a chair. Not only will it help you with your posture and balance, but also bouncing on it can serve as a light cardio.

While sitting, you can also perform ankle rotations. Not really a stretch or cardio, but it does help loosen your ankles to help you with squats and splits.

You may turn yourself around and do a few sets of 10 double-leg lifts. Try to get them to touch your stomach without bending your knees.

You can also stretch and exercise your arms while sitting. Get a strong large plastic bag and fill them with something heavy, like books, video game systems or controllers … whatever. While sitting, lift them up and lower them down using your elbow alone without resting it. Do it slowly. After every 10 lifts, take a 10 second break and start again with the other arm.

If you have enough room and/or a spin-around chair, you can do this with your knees, too!



Cooling down is the easy part. All I have here are a few tips and pointers that you MAY follow, but don’t have to.

Cooling down is as important to your body as exercising it. Instead of immediately flopping down on your couch or chair, walk around in circles or on the spot until you’re no longer gasping for breathe. When you’re relaxed and your heart rate is lower, then you can sit down.

Directly after exercising, do NOT drink cold liquids like cold water, pop, juice, or milk. Instead, you want to keep your body warmed up to “burn” those calories, so chill out on a glass of luke-warm water. Coffee, black tea, or hot chocolate are good, but I recommend green tea, since it is also healthy for you. After 15 minutes or so passes, then you can drink all the cold stuff you want.

If you have a sauna or steam room, then you can relax in it after a workout as well. In fact, take the time to do the 10-minute workout a number of times and then jump in.

Lastly, after sitting down, slowly rotate your shoulders, elbows, knees, and other joints while in the chair. It tells your body that you can now relax your muscles since you are easing off the workout rather then leaving it in … what should I call it? Standby. This way, you are relieved of stiffness and cramps.



Now, if you’re willing to go on a diet to try something new, then pay attention to these next few paragraphs. Sours, cookies, chips, and those sorts of snacks are OK to eat on this diet, just not in mass quantity. You’re allowed to have something sugary for once every 2 or 3 days, or even once a week. The basis of “dieting” is supposed to be that you don’t “suffer” it. When you do suffer, then it doesn’t work.

Limit yourself to how often you go out for fast food, and when you actually do, find something with a better nutritional value like salads or subs rather then burgers and fries. If you don’t like those, experiment with different flavors and find something healthy that you do like.

Breakfast is incredibly important to maintain energy during the day. A simple, though healthy breakfast for you is yogurt. All it involves is you pouring some yogurt from the container to a bowl and eating it. That’s even faster then toast, and it carries more energy.

Lunch is more important then dinner, believe it or not. Dinner is usually eaten because everyone is off work and could use some extra energy for some other sorts of activities, such as woodworking in a workshop. If you have a large lunch, then you don’t need very much dinner. In fact, if it’s one meal you want to skip to lose weight, let it be dinner. That’s also usually the time that people overindulge. It’s hard to sleep on an empty stomach, but it’s harder to sleep while it’s working so hard to digest, so have some fruit or yogurt an hour before you turn in each night.



This is for those who have already read all there is here and understand it. Do this workout while your character chops that annoying magic tree or fishes shark. If you need to, you can quickly move your character to the next tree during a break or even log him out if you’re uncomfortable leaving him while you lie down.

1: Start off by running on the spot for 30 seconds. Take a 15 second walk-on-the-spot break and repeat.
2: Do 90 jumping jacks – Take a 15-second walking break in between every set of 30.
3: Do 90 BAF jumps – Take a 15-second walking break in between every set of 30.
4: Do 90 ankle slaps – Take a 15-second walking break in between every set of 30.
5: Do 90 knee slaps – Take a 15-second walking break in between every set of 30.
6: Do 60 squats – Take a 15-second walking break in between every set of 10 or 20.
7: Do your choice of 3 of these stretches following the rules I’ve lain out:
– 60 splits push-ups
– 60 leg lifts
– 20 back arches
– 2 sets of 20-second leg twists
– 2 30-second one leg squats – one for each leg
8: Take a 1-minute walking break, and you’re done.

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