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After Firemaking nearly a week in free world while waiting for my membership money to reach Jagex in the mail, finally on this wonderful Monday morning I am here writing about the quest Contact for you lot.

Ah, where to begin? In order to even begin this quest, you must have completed Icthlarin’s Little Helper, Gertrude’s Cat, and Prince Ali Rescue. Those quests aren’t too hard. Contact, however, is rated more difficult so a combat level of around 80 is recommended.

To begin you need to speak with the High Priest of Icthlarin. He wants to lift the quarantine that has been placed on Sophanem, but there is no way he can get word to the people staying in Menaphos that it is safe to return home. This is where you come in. You, obviously, agree to help him in his plight.

You go on learning about the Sect of Scabaras, a cult dedicated to a lesser Menaphite god. It is said they attempted to burrow under the River Elid. You head over to Jex and he brings you up to par on how to get in the temple, which wasn’t all too hard. All you had to do was open a trapdoor.

Under the temple is a destroyed bank (which you will get to use after the quest as a working bank) and another trap door. Down that trapdoor is a maze full of traps and Scarab Mages. After winding your way through, you make it to a very large cave in which you find Kaleef dead. You inform the person waiting on the other side of the gorge that Kaleef is dead. You learn that he was a person sent my Osman, the spy master of Al Kharid. The person on the other side of the gorge demands to see Osman in person. Head back up to Al Kharid and get him to meet you at the gates of Sophanem.

Once back at Sophanem, you have a little chat with Osman. He snakes in the same way you did your first time, and knocks out Jex in order to get down to the gorge. Follow suit, and when you reach the cave a cutscene will begin. Osman makes the giant scarab appear, but he doesn’t fight it. That’s for you to do. After the cutscene make your way down to where Kaleef’s body is and fight the scarab (you may have to pick off some minions while fighting). Myself being level 112, it was rather easy, but I have heard of people about level 85 doing it. I had to eat a few sharks so it’s nothing to turn a blind eye to.

Giant Scarab

After you kill it, Osman resurfaces and thanks you, then teleports away. Head back to the High Priest and claim your reward, the Keris dagger, a lamp granting you two wishes of 7000 experience, 1 quest point, 7000 thieving XP, and access to the Sophanem bank.

Contact Rewards

I have a few afterthoughts on this one. The lamp really doesn’t help much, 7k XP isn’t anything and since this was considered a high level quest, why did they give such a crappy reward? I guess that’s Jagex. The Keris is supposed to hit higher on Kalphites, but I honestly don’t see myself bringing that thing to the KQ.

Oh, well. I’m not a huge fan of quests anyway; this will soon be a distant memory. But for the time being, I can say it wasn’t a bad quest and if you care/have the time, try it out.

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