Cold War

posted by on 31st January 2007, at 11:34pm

Ah, joy; a second article for my first Informer appearance. And…both were quests. Ah, well. This quest was pretty interesting. At least there will be a sequel!

First off, head down to the Ardougne Zoo beside the penguin cage. You will find the crazed man that we will be affiliated with for the quest, Larry. Gather the supplies he needs to the bird hide, and then agree to go to the iceberg. Quest underway!

Once there you will need to build the bird hide. Larry and your character will hide inside and spy on two penguins. Take note of the secret greeting they do! You will need to do this again when you infiltrate the penguins.

Later on you will find out Larry used to work for the Ardougne Zoo, and he thinks the penguins got him fired because he knows too much. You will then make a clockwork penguin suit and Larry will shrink you down enough to where you can fit in it!

Once in the suit you will then make your way into the penguin cage, but they will not speak to you unless you do the secret greeting. Repeat what you saw the two penguins on the iceberg do. He will ask you to update him on your mission. You will say you flew in a hot air balloon, unwittingly giving the penguins more techniques for war…

You then head down to Lumbridge and confront the sheep—er, penguins. Posing as sheep. You perform the greeting, but they are not impressed. You then have to return to the Ardougne Zoo and bribe the penguin with a raw cod for the phrase. Head back to the pengu-sheep and tell them the phrase; now they talk to you.

They would like for you to investigate Farmer Fred; they think he is trying to have them assassinated. Humans keep trying to shear them! Serves them right for posing as sheep, right? You then go on and explain to the penguins that…(here is where my quest journal led me wrong, I said the sheep were working for the other side, but my journal says I told the penguins that Fred was the King of Lumbridge. Oh, well.)

The penguins then give you the password to the outpost. Head up to the iceberg again, get in your penguin suit, and investigate the avalanche. You will then be asked to show ID (oops). Return to Larry and inform him of your dilemma, then he will suggest you talk to the black market dealer, Noodle.

Fake ID

Noodle wants 5 chicken feathers and swamp tar in exchange for a fake ID; simple enough. Once you have that, proceed into the outpost for mission debriefing. Once inside the debriefing room, you will need to show an agent your mission reports and take the physical, or go once through the agility course. But just before you reach the course you see a penguin army… Tell Larry about the army and that he was right all along. You will also tell him about the well-guarded doors at the far end of the bunker.

Once you are back in the bunker/outpost/whatever you would like to call it, head to the room with the bards, Ping and Pong. You will get some bongos and a cowbell for them, and after you jam with them gets them arrested and buys you time to sneak in those doors.

Once inside, you find out the penguins are building a giant penguin monster! Just then you will get caught and thrown into a cage with the Ice Lords. Kill one and exit. Return to Larry and bring him the amazing news.

And that is all, for now…

Cold War Rewards

(Rewards are 1 Quest Point, 2000 Crafting XP, 5000 Agility XP, 1500 Construction XP, and the anxiety of waiting for the sequel.)

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