The Art of Hunting

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As many of may now the art of hunting involves many, many things. Tracking, trapping, snaring and shooting wild animals are just some of the many things that involve hunting. Well this month Jagex decided to spice up just plain killing in RuneScape with the all new skill, Hunter.

The word Hunter is defined as someone who hunts game in the dictionary. This is quite true as in both real life and RuneScape cases. Although the skill Hunter is a bit more oddly than in real life. In real life cases people don’t really wait to hunt things. They just pretty much just track and shoot it. In RuneScape cases you don’t technically “kill” the animal, you just trap and well it appears in your inventory.

Now actually to defining and showing the skill. There are 9 different types of Hunter themes.



Tracking is well tracking or finding an animal. I tried this out once. I really found sort of long and boring. I tracked one Common Kebbit for 2 minutes. I barely got any XP. I got 36 XP for 2 minutes of tracking, that’s not a lot of XP in my shoes. And what do you do exactly? You just search a hole, find some tracks, then search for more tracks and so on and so on then you’ll a bush that you think has something hiding in it. So then you kill it and you get its fur and bones. In my opinion this isn’t a very fun thing. It isn’t very good for XP either until you reach level 49. What are the spoils of tracking you ask? Well you get Kebbit fur which can be used to make camouflage. And you, of course, get some bones.

Bird Snaring


The second theme of Hunter is Bird Snaring. Bird Snaring is self explanatory. What you actually do use a bird snare trap. You lay in front via the “Lay Trap” option. And you wait, and wait some more, and some more, and maybe even some more… Is there any end to waiting!? Well back onto topic once you have snared your bird you can go check your trap. You get some delightfully colored feathers and some bones. In my opinion this one can sometimes be very quick XP or it can be a delightfully long and boring experience for yourself.

Butterfly Catching


Butterfly catching is a fun part of Hunter in my opinion. A quote from a guy said that this a girly thing although it is not even close. With a Butterfly Net weilded and a Butterfly Jar in your inventory you may go ahead and try (or tire) yourself out at swinging continuously swinging at a butterfly. This doesn’t take very long at all. Not even close. You just click and hope you get it before another person does. The rewards for this part are OK. Although it’s not that great. You get a butterfly in a jar. Which in turn you can use on another player to boost up a skill in combet (Health, Attack, Strength, Defense). This is just the same as giving another player a potion of somesort.

Deadfall Trapping


Ah deadfall, the art of squishing animals! Deadfall requires no special Hunter thingamawhats of that sort. It requires just a log and a knife. In some areas there some rather large boulders, which in turn, you can use to set up the trap. Now with the trap done and set you yet AGAIN wait some more. Eventually a curious kebbit will spot your trap and go near it. When they go knock over the sticks… BAM! It’s dead. You can get different rewards from this, such as the Barb-tail Harpoon which can be used as a normal Harpoon to catch fish. Although you can wield this one and it does make fishing faster.

Net Trapping


Oh what’s that? Eww, it’s a slimy, yet satisfying, salamander! Net trapping as might already know, is used to catch salamanders. With a rope and net in your inventory, you can set up this trap by clicking “Set Tap” on small trees in certain Hunter areas. When a salamander steps in it, up into the trap he goes. You may be right now asking, “What in Guthix’s name would I want with a salamander? An icky, gooey salamander?” Well if you really want to know, you can use as a range weapon, just as long as you have the requirements for it.

Pitfall Trapping


How nice would it be to fall into a pit? Well the next animals you hunt will know from personal experience, so you can ask them, if they’re not angry at you. All you need for this one is a set of logs. Use the logs on a previously dug out hole (Nice isn’t it? Saves you some work and breaking you back over just a hole). Now anyways now you get to tease them with a teasing stick. You just keep teasing it till it’s over the pit and bam, its dead. The rewards from this one are the best in my opinion. You can use them to make nice fur clothes. How delightful is that?



Ah yes. I’ve always wanted a pet falcon of my own. Well technically it’s not a pet. It’s actually pretty much just a tool. You go get a falcon from Matthias for 500 GP. You can only use it in the falconry hunting area. I was disappointed that you didn’t get to keep it; cats do rather get quite boring. Back onto topic, when you have you bird go find a kebbit that you can hunt. Once you found it click on it and your falcon will go get it for you. Such a good erm, tool. The rewards are good from this one too. You can get a Spotted (ier) cape which can reduce you weight or a pair of gloves of silence which help when pick pocketing.

Box Trapping


Box Trapping is the use of a box to trap your animal. You pick up the box from a Hunter store and you set it in one of the many Hunter areas. But then you have to bait it with the special bait for each animal and then for one the final times one of the final times you wait, wait, and wait some more, then some more. Oh, you caught something. You could’ve caught a Ferret or a Chinchompa, which actually are the rewards. Ferrets are used in the Eagles Peak quest and soon to be other things. Chinchompas are used as ranged explosive weapon which can do a fair amount of damage. And that’s pretty much it.

Magical Box Trapping


The final part of Hunter is magical box trapping! Magical box trapping is the simplest. All you need to do is find an area with a fair amount of Imps, set your trap, and bait it with what else, an extraordinary bead. The little blighters be used when caught to take 2 items to the bank, quite useful when PKing.


In conclusion to this article this new skill is not bad. Not bad at all. It straight forward – set some traps, get some rewards even earn a skill level or 2. Maybe you even try out the Eagles Peak quest. This should be another great skill you should look forward to mastering on your long life in RuneScape.

If you have any questions about the article or anything else feel free to PM me on RSBandB or on RuneScape.

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