Player Gallery, Extra Bank Space, and More!

posted by on 30th November 2006, at 10:43pm

For the second update for the month of November, Jagex gave itself a bit of a break, and decided to stage a minor update. Though small, the update is nevertheless stock full of many updates to feast your eyes upon. To name a few, this update included new area guides, more wallpapers, and the long-awaited second edition of the Player Gallery!

The area guides I first mentioned include expansive looks at Kandarin, the Karamja dungeon, and the Void Knights Outpost. Worried about the winding tunnels and dead ends of the foreboding dungeon on Karamja? Fear not! A quick look at the Karamja dungeon guide will have you safely headed to slay a mighty dragon, or perhaps to rid the world of a few lesser demons. Did you know that the smith on the Void Knight Outpost can repair numerous objects, such as axes and even the legendary Barrows armor? Did you know that the runes that can be purchased there are a bit cheaper than most other stores? Much useful information such as this is provided in the area guide for the Void Knight Outpost.

The much-anticipated Player Gallery was also included in this update. It contained a multitude of fan pictures, some impressive, some silly, some simply incredible. This art won my admiration.

Dragon Armor

Don’t get me wrong, though; the rest of the art is of equal quality.

Another graphical addition in the update was the display of 4 entirely new wallpapers to grace your desktops. Three of these consisted of several new NPC schematics. Jagex have done three of the same type a few months ago. They are very interesting to look at. The fourth wallpaper is a rather strange one, displaying a dwarf bathing in piping hot lava. This art was inspired by a letter sent in to the Chaos Dwarf by yours truly.

What’s this? Even more updates! Jagex took it upon itself to grace the RuneScape population with 24 new bank spaces! That is one update that no player would think to complain about. Any extra bank space is always welcome among members. A few other smaller updates and bug fixes were also included in this update. Rune pouches do not give you a message when you drop them. Instead, they just empty and fall on the floor. Switching from any other weapon to a staff properly remembers your combat style. Yew and magic trees in farming patches regrow properly when you chop them. You can now take enchanted secateurs to Entrana when you go on a balloon trip there. In the mini-game Trouble Brewing, you now cannot drop torches on the floor. This is to stop players dropping them for members of the opposing team, and spoiling their own team’s fun. Lastly, noted items are now back to having a black outline around the picture of the item, which had been changed in the previous update to look more artistic, but recieved too many complaints about.

Though not as mind-blowing as other updates, the second update of November was certainly a welcome one. The Player Gallery provided everyone with a few moments’ entertainment, and what’s not to love about new wallpapers and extra bank space? Bug fixes and smaller updates are enjoyable also. I hope everyone else enjoyed this update as much as I did. Have a great November!

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