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posted by on 30th November 2006, at 10:43pm

Eagle’s Peak is the newest quest available to RuneScapers. Released on November 28, it opens up more Hunting options for players, along with offering an interesting quest involving Ardougne and the fabled Eagle’s Peak.

The quest begins in the Ardougne zoo, where one of the exhibits (a northern ferret) has escaped, and Charlie has sent a huntsman after another. However…he has not returned. After some snooping, you find a book which leads you to Eagle’s Peak, which is accessed with a metal feather.

You find the lost huntsman, but can’t get his captors (eagles) to let him go. It is decided the only way to get him out is to disguise him as an eagle. To do so, you have to pick up 10 feathers and take them to the Fancy Dress Store owner in Varrock, who will make you a costume.

When you return, you find you’ll need 3 keys to continue. To get them, it requires some quick thinking and puzzle solving, but it is not beyond the powers of the average brave adventurer.

Once you have the feathers, return to the hunstman. Sneak past the eagle with your disguise, and free him. Exit the cave and find him again, and you will be taught how to catch a ferret.

After bringing the ferret back to Charlie, you will be reawrded with 2 Quest Points, 2.5k Hunter Experience, Ability to catch ferrets, and to fly Eagles from Eagle’s Peak.

Congratulations, brave adventurer, another day another quest!

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