An Enlightened Journey

posted by on 30th November 2006, at 10:42pm

Long have men wanted to fly through the skies. Reach out along with birds, dragons and other creatures. First, the gnomes conquered the skies, thus giving us faster travel. Then, humans created the magical carpets. We sped through the desert kicking up dust and sand as we flew, and had a whale of a time while doing so (it’s a pity there are no whales in the desert, really).
Millennia have passed, and finally humans have managed to grasp the technology. Only now have we figured out how to soar like a bird. The monks on Entrana have been busy building a basket and brainstorming the design. Vast is the plan, and the journey along the way. Infamous villagers sent by the Gods however do not like the idea of man being able to feel the skies. Secretly you must build a balloon capable of carrying yourself and a scarily Picard-esque monk through the skies. Great is the task, and only you are capable of helping the monk, or so it seams. Yes, delve into The Jagex Team’s recent quest: An Enlightened Journey!
Brother Auguste needs help to give birth to his brainchild, but he has been having problems. Enter the adventurer. As a trusty adventurer, you of course know everything there is to know in the strange world of RuneScape and can give help to all who need it. If you can solve the puzzles on the way, you can help Brother Auguste create his hot air balloon. During the quest you will encounter hindrance from the locals who seem to have a problem with this seemingly wonderful creation and travel around the landscape gathering materials to test and build this potential method of transport.
After completing this Enlightened Journey, a “nice” reward lays ahead, which, if I am brutally honest, is crap. It is not worth 5 hours of my life, nor yours. A measly few thousand experience in a few skills that are easy enough to get the experience from anyway, and two more items to clutter your bank with.
However, as a better side to the rewards, we gain the ability to use the hot air balloons to our will, assuming of course you have the logs to take for your 2D journey to your destination. After you reach it, it will become accessible from any balloon point at the cost of only 1 log. Also, completing this quest gives you the opportunity to keep your beloved quest point cape.
That just about concludes the summary of this quest, so if you choose to do it, good luck!
And a parting tip: grow your willow trees NOW!

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