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posted by on 31st October 2006, at 4:11pm

Okay this is a snappy guide of average prices at the beginning of the month November.

Dragon Items
Item Suggested Buying Price Suggested Selling Price
Dragon skirt 650k 800k
Dragon legs 2350k 2750k
Dragon med 400k 450k
Dragon chain 16M 17M
Dragon squareshield 1100k 1200k
Dragon axe 3100k 3450k
Dragon 2hander 1200k 1500k
Barrows Items
Item Suggested Buying Price Suggested Selling Price
Torag’s body 700k 800k
Torag’s legs 600k 750k
Torag’s helm 200k 300k
Torag’s hammers 100k 150k
Set w/o weapon 1600k 1700k
Set w/ weapon 1800k 1900k
Ahrim’s body 700k 800k
Ahrim’s skirt 600k 700k
Ahrim’s hood 150k 250k
Ahrim’s staff 50k 100k
Set w/o weapon 1700k 1800k
Set w/ weapon 1900k 2000k
Karil’s body 100k 150k
Karil’s skirt 50k 100k
Karil’s coif 20k 50k
Karil’s xbow 200k 270k
Bolt racks 300 400 each
Set w/o weapon 170k 210k
Set w/ weapon 420k 470k
Guthan’s body 1400k 1500k
Guthan’s skirt 800k 900k
Guthan’s helm 1800k 2000k
Guthan’s warspear 4400k 4900k
Set w/o weapon 4400k 4700k
Set w/ weapon 8900k 9200k
Verac’s brassard 1600k 1800k
Verac’s skirt 200k 400k
Verac’s helm 2100k 2200k
Verac’s Flail 600k 750k
Set w/o weapon 4000k 4100k
Set w/ weapon 4600k 4800k
Dharok’s body 950k 1050k
Dharok’s legs 650k 700k
Dharok’s helm 550k 600k
Dharok’s greataxe 1250k 1400k
Set w/o weapon 2200k 2400k
Set w/ weapon 3600k 3700k
Item Suggested Buying Price Suggested Selling Price
Blood runes 500 550
Death runes 250 300
Chaos runes 100 130
Mind runes 50 70
Law runes 250 280
Soul runes 340 400
Fire runes 15 20
Air runes 15 25
Water runes 15 20
Earth runes 10 15
Cosmic runes 80 120
Nature runes 290 310
Pure rune essence 90 120
Item Suggested Buying Price Suggested Selling Price
Abyssal whip 1900k 2000k
Ranger boots 1000k 1150k
Robin Hood hat 3600k 3900k
Ranger Set 4700k 5100k
Cannon 550k 600k
Cannonballs 200 each (stuck)
Fury amulet 4700k 4900k
Beserker ring 2600k 2800k
Warrior ring 800k 1000k
Seers ring 550k 700k
Archer ring 1500k 1700k
Mud staff 2400K 2500K
Seercull 700k 900k
Full rockshell (dagganoth armour) 400k 500k
Full spined (dagganoth armour) 300k 400k
Full skeleton (dagganoth armour) 300k 400k
Rune boots 150k 170k
Obsidian cape 200k 225k
Obsidian shield 400k 450k
Obsidian Set 600k 650k
Dragon bones 2000 2400 each
Feathers 8 14 each
Fish and Logs
Item Suggested Buying Price Suggested Selling Price
Shark 900 1000 each
Lobster 200 220 each
Swordfish 400 500 each
Monkfish 350 400 each
Raw shark 800 900
Raw lobster 230 250
Raw swordfish 350 450
Raw monkfish 280 350
Magic logs 800 1000
Yew logs 230 270
Maple logs 90 100
Teak logs 500 550
Willow logs 25 35
Oak logs 300 350
Rares (Note: Prices of rares can change very rapidly)
Item Suggested Buying Price Suggested Selling Price
Santa hat 34.5M 36M
Easter Egg 13.8M 14.2M
Green H’ween mask 28.5M 30MM
Blue H’ween mask 34.5M 36M
Red H’ween mask 49.5M 52M
Pumpkin 16M 18.5M
Purple P’Hat 170M 180M
Yellow P’Hat 185M 195M
Green P’Hat 205M 210M
Red P’Hat 220M 240M
White P’Hat 280M 300M
Blue P’Hat 455M 480M
P’hat set 1515M 1605M
Item Suggested Buying Price Suggested Selling Price
Ranarr Weed 6k 7k
Prayer Potions(3) 7k 8k
Prayer Potions(4) 8k 9k

Here we have the prices beginning the month of November. There have only been minor changes in armour, weaponry and miscellanious items, if any change at all.

The most noticable changes this month compared to the prices of last month are the prices in rare items. Rare items have recently been gaining in price, especially Santa hats and Easter Eggs.

Prices have seemed to begin their rise again after the release of the construction skill, and if you were to buy items now to keep untill later, it would be best to buy them now.

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