Players Gallery and New Wallpapers!

posted by on 31st October 2006, at 4:12pm

Player Gallery and New Jagex Wallpapers!

This month has been a great month for artists all around. The Jagex Team has released the Players Gallery, which hosts a variety of player-made photographs that Jagex have taken a liking to. Players from the ends of the Earth have put together simple cartoon drawings to beautiful photoshop-edited masterpieces, and have submitted them to the Jagex Team over the last month and a half, when they declared that they were going to start something new that players can, with luck, become famous for.

This gallery can be found here, and it hosts a number of inspiring, hilarious, and … weird pictures. Ever see a lady hugging a shark that would probably heal a bit more then 20 health? How about a mother dragon teaching a baby dragon the proper ethics of “mealtime”? What would Dharok have looked like were he alive? Check out real-life sculptures of dagonnoth, castle wars, a giant frog, and even a glass-etched title that any photoshoping fan-site host would love to use. See wizards, warriors, penguins, flamethrowers, and even Postie Pete in the … erm … bone.

If you have any spectacular pieces of art that you wish to show off to the world, then send your pictures (preferably pngs or jpegs) to Jagex take their time to examine each picture, and if it’s not hosted, then Jagex perhaps missed it and you could try re-sending it. Either way, don’t give up! I’ve had a submission accepted before (Saradomin’s letters number 21), so it’s possible!

The players’ gallery has also inspired a number of Jagex artists to pick up their pencils and create six new wall-papers, some new sprite art for bats, bears, and elementals, and a few other minor changes to make Runescape a more beautiful place.

The wallpapers are found in the downloads section of the site. They include sprite art for some creatures, a picture dedicated to the Trouble Brewing mini-game (maybe they’re desperate), a seat at the gnome restaurant, and even a sneak peak at a new and seemingly dangerous creature in an upcoming 2007 quest!

Here’s a preview of the updated bears, bats, and rats:

Finally, Jagex have increased the brim-size of the wizards’ hat, making it look unbearably ugly. *Sarcastically* Thanks a LOT, Jagex!

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