NPC Chat Toggle? Err, No.

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*Juliet* Romeo, Romeo, where art though Romeo.

*Man in Backround* Shut up Juliet we don’t care, it’s 3 A.M!

*Romeo* I’m here for you my love!

*Shazarava* *Slap* Shut up Romeo, don’t encourage her!

*Romeo* But i can’t find my Juliet!

*Shazarava* Shes over in that house like 5 feet away stupid! She doesn’t want you though she’ll fake her own death so you’ll leave her alone or some dum stuff like that.Alright?So go too sleep!

*Weeping Romeo* Ok *gets teddy and blanky and cries himself to sleep*

*Man in backround* Shut up the both of you!!

*Shazarava logs out*


~~Next Scene~~

*Shazarava* Fishing is sooooo boring.

*Cat* Meow!

*Shazarava* Sounds like your kittys hungry __Random name__.

*__Random Name__* No he’s overgrown so he just wants to play but im an abusive owner so i wont play with him.

*Cat* Meow!

*Shazarava* Mutter:Stupid cat.

*Cat* Meow!

*Shazarava* That’s it!*Throws cat in ocean, sharks eat it*.


~~Final Scene~~

*Shazarava* *Sigh* What a fin day in Ardougne.

*Market Gaurd* Get your hands off there!

*Shazarava* Ha!Stupid theifs.

*Market Gaurd* Get your hands off there!Get your hands off there!Get your hands off there!Get your hands off there!Get your hands off there!Get your hands off there!Get your hands off there!Get your hands off there!Get your hands off there!Get your hands off there!Get your hands off there!

*Shazarava* *Throws yew longbow at* Shut up!*Teles to Drayanor*

*Wine seller* Your the one stealing from my stall!!!Gaurds Gaurds!

*Shazarava* Not this again.

*Master Farmer* Cor blimey mate why you pickin me pockets!Cor blimey mate why you pickin me pockets!Cor blimey mate why you pickin me pockets!Cor blimey mate why you pickin me pockets!

*Shazarava* Omg

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Shut up everyone! *logs out and goes insane hearing voices*.


“What was that about Shazarava?!?!?” you the player.

Oh you havn’t gotten the gigantic hint?NPC’s need to shut up they annoy the *Bleep* out of me.I can’t descride how all i here in varrock is how romeos social life is. I don’t care Romeo! You know your getting kinda obssesive romeo.

Your stupid cat! No one likes the cats in runescape. First they get in your way then they freakin meow every 10 seconds.Why would i want to no if your cat wants to play or is hungry? Why do they meow so much anyways? There should be a “kick cat” option.

Gaurds gaurds arrest them! Yeah they heard you the first 80 times. Maybe another 50 times and they’ll stop attacking me and start telling you to shut up. Oh and the master farmer, he hits way to much! He doesn’t need to say that line every single freakin time i don’t pick his pocket!!! At least make them have a variety of sayings or make them funny.

Randoms tend to get annoying to.


NPC’s annoying shut then up.


Toggle NPC chat so you can/can’t see what there saying above there head.This will not affect randoms as they use speechin order to identify the targeted player.”

From the entirety of that rant I gathered nothing but bad spelling mistakes, poor grammar, and zero point to reading it whatsoever; not to mention the authors apparent lack of a space bar on their keyboard. Read the whole thing or I won’t get it? I could have read the last line and “got it” without the made up, idiotic dialogue that occupied a majority of the beginning. With that being said, let’s discuss the issue at hand; NPC’s. They’re an unavoidable part of the game and however annoying or unfair they may be, they do in fact do their part in adding to the game environment. Imagine logging in to Runescape with no NPC’s at all. The game would get boring way too quickly. However, according to this brilliant slice of intelligence, they don’t do anything at all and are simply another thing Jagex needs to “fix”.

The NPC’s spend all their time walking around various parts of Runescape chatting, presumably to themselves, about their ailments. This chat appears in the screen when you play. This is what this person seems to have a problem with. I would like to know how exactly text appearing on a screen but which does not appear in the chat box nor hold any significance to anything other than to assist in the purpose of a certain NPC and to enhance gaming quality, can be THAT annoying. If you got pick pocketed by someone I’m sure you wouldn’t just stand there and let the person go about their business. Having the guards call out something when you steal from them makes the game more realistic for the players that enjoy it, and likewise those that don’t have “realistic-ness” as a category on their “Must Have in a Game” list.
Would you prefer if a cat mooed instead of meowed? That would probably confuse a lot of the 8 year old players I’m sure. Why would we want to know if our cat is hungry? Simple answer would be because we want to keep it. Anyone who has a cat knows that they need to be fed and played with or they run away when they’re kittens, the overgrown cats are fat and need to play to loose weight. Players that want to alter the appearance of their cat or keep it from running away from them WANT to know these facts. So therefore, the “Meowing” of the cat NPC is completely necessary.

The matter of adding a NPC toggle chat button, yay or nay? I may be alone in my opinion but I honestly can’t see the need for one. You’re never in a place long enough to get sick of the NPC chat appearing on the screen, and if you do happen to get annoyed by it, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. Runescape is a big game; there are a lot of places to go where the NPC’s don’t talk at all if it really annoys you that much. The amount of effort it would take to create this button could be used for more important things, such as a new quest or even working on some new an exciting skill that we can wait a year for.


This rant was stupid.


Toggle idiocy in the Runescape forums so you can/can’t be annoyed by people’s stupidity and bad spelling. This will not affect the idiots who occupy the forums as they won’t know how to use the button.

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