Halloween 2006 — RuneScape Style

posted by on 31st October 2006, at 4:12pm

Hello, and welcome! Today I will be reporting on my adventures I recently had over in Draynor Village, where our old friend Diango, in his neverending quest to get the Christmas toys done in time, has had a bit of a–well–mishap. You see, as he was beginning on his work for this year, he found his wood was in a bit of short supply from his guilty pleasure of Construction. Knowing he had a deadline, he sought for more wood so the fairies could get to work.

Well, he found some. Unfortunately, it was from Draynor Manor, and was a bit different than most woods. Diango soon found the toys coming to life, and terrorizing the fairies. With nowhere else to turn, he turns to you, brave adventurer.


To make matters workse, an evil tree has sprouted, and is making the fairies even more antsy. Diango kindly asks you take care of that also.

But he does not send you in unarmed, he gives you the state-of-the-art Ghost Buster 500 to kick some ghost butt. So, armed with your new weapon, head over to Diango’s workshop (the place where you did the Christmas Event) and go down the trapdoor. The first thing you should do is load your Ghost Buster 500 with a white Destabaliser and weild it.

Next, find 1 of the possessed items:

  • Floating Table
  • Hand in the Box
  • Wooden Ducks
  • Possessed Puppet
  • Toy Boatman

And choose “Spray”
The item will then be revealed to its true self: a geist. Depending on which item you sprayed, you will need to load your Ghost Buster with a different colored destabaliser:

Item Geist
Floating Table Blue Geist
Hand in the Box Green Geist
Wooden Ducks Yellow Geist
Possessed Puppet Black Geist
Toy Boatman Red Geist

Once the geist is out, an arrow will appear above it, signaling it is yours to dismiss. To dismiss it, simply click “Dismiss” and you will spray the nasty thing
and it will begone forever!

Lather, rinse, and repeat 3 times for each of the 5 different colored fiends, and then go to Diango to claim your reward!


But the fun isn’t over yet!

There’s still the matter of the evil tree. To vanquish it, simply grab your axe from the bank and head back to the workshop. Go down the ladder, and pull up on its roots
and you will be pulled down underneath the tree.

Once below, look for its roots and beging hacking away, until you have 10. Once you do, simply return to Diango and recieve your final reward, a nice juicy pumpkin head!


Thanks for reading 🙂

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