Elemental Workshop II

posted by on 31st October 2006, at 4:11pm

This month Jagex graces us with yet another quest, Elemental Workshop II. As part two of the Elemental Workshop series this quest sends its adventurers on a mechanical frenzy of discovery to try and uncover the mysteries of a strange new book the scholars of the Digsite have found and the confusing properties of elemental ore. You begin the quest at the Digsite library and then spend the remainder of the quest below ground, underneath Seers’ Village. Frustrating for the most part with almost the entirety of the quest spent fixing machinery the reward for finishing the quest is somewhat promising. People who have finished the quest can now make Elemental Helmets. Accompanied by the Elemental Shield from the first part of the quest series, could this hint at more parts to come for all the elements? Perhaps a full set of Elemental Armour?

Although entertaining, many players have complained of its simplicity and time consumption. If one wished to make multiple Elemental Helms the process takes a considerable amount of time to complete, not allowing the maker quick production. Others have commented that the quest was too easy and they are frustrated with the amount of time it took to complete for the minimal reward.

Personally I found the quest enjoyable. It was not overly intellectual or difficult but it kept me occupied for an hour or so. Maybe Jagex will give us a another piece of elemental armour for the mysterious “Body Door” next month? We lie in wait.

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