Witchhaven and the Slug Menace

posted by on 1st September 2006, at 12:46am

Since the incident on the Fishing Platform it has been really quiet around the outskirts of Ardougne. It seems that the town of Witchhaven rose out of the depths of the sea and has caused quite a disturbance, and a new quest with a new rank to the famous White Knights of Falador. First were going to go deep into the town of Witchhaven.

The town of Witchhaven is a strange one with many strange people. The Church of Saradomin, in this town, is a marvelous one. It has beautiful streams of colored light going through the stained glass window. The description of Witchhaven said it was a fishing village although the only thing that seems fishy here is the Fishing Store and the green gilled mayor; Mayor Hobb. Little is know about this “fishy” person but he is related to the Slug Menace quest. On the jetty a former Black Knights sits named Col. O’Niall. Little is known about him but he seems fishy too.

Now to the quest. All that have completed the Wanted Quest has received the rank of a White Knight. It seems your character is eager to get the new rank; Proselyte. To get the rank you must find out what’s going on in Witchhaven. I will tell you though; it’s very, very fishy. The cinematics in this quest are great. And it has a lot of them, which is good in my opion. The rewards for the quest are also very nice. You get new armor, better than the old ones, and of course the promotion to Proselyte. These two updates are very nice. The town very… fishy. And the quest rewards very good. You should look forward to doing this great quest and seeing this fishing town called Witchhaven.

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