New Area Sounds

posted by on 1st September 2006, at 12:48am

It seems Jagex’ new strategy for releasing updates is to give us nothing, then all of a sudden spring lots of them on us. At least it adds an element of surprise! Among this large burst of updates this month was the introduction of Area Sounds. These sounds appear during game-play, and enhance the atmosphere of the game. Some examples of these sounds include the sound of hundreds of mosquitos buzzing around your head when you’re on Karamja, the sound of wind blowing past you as you walk, and ranges sizzling away as you pass them. Not only is this sound update for both free players and members, and available in both high and low detail, but it adds a never before seen dimension to the game.

Many feel this certain aspect of the game has been long awaited, and compliment Jagex’ hard efforts in engineering such sounds, however there are still those that enjoy picking flaws. Complaints of the area sounds leaking through their mute button when engaged in combat, not being able to concentrate on their own activities due to the sounds of other peoples battles or activities, some sounds being too high pitched (waterfalls/fountains, teleporting, and magic trees among those sounds), and the wilderness sounds being too scary as a lot of people are getting paranoid when they hear other peoples battles and log out, increased amounts of lag since the update, and an incessant hissing noise caused by the sounds; to name a few.

Nothing short of entertaining, hopefully the new sounds glitches can be worked out and this update can be one that everyone loves.

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